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Across the country events, screenings and            SOCIAL                                              ...
Minority Affairs
In Honor of Quinceaneras everywhere we              teens’ mind. Weight, divorce, and even language      ...
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UPRIGHT MRI’s The New Trend in Radiology
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Lorain County Magazine   October 2008        www.loraincountymagazine.com
Lorain County Magazine   October 2008        www.loraincountymagazine.com
LCM October 15 final
LCM October 15 final
LCM October 15 final
LCM October 15 final
LCM October 15 final
LCM October 15 final
LCM October 15 final
LCM October 15 final
LCM October 15 final
LCM October 15 final
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LCM October 15 final


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LCM October 15 final

  1. 1. “Get a Free Webpage or a Link to Your Site!” October 15 – 31, 2008 Call (440) 365-4366 to Advertise Distributed the First and Third Thursday of the Month Magazine “The Pride of Lorain County” Fashion Issue Flu Shot Schedule Page 7 Voting: Sample Ballot Included 20 Ways to Wear Your Hair Featuring Beyonce & Jessica Alba Events & Happenings Minority Health & Nutrition Fashions from Affairs Ralph Lauren Calvin Klein & Vera Wang Page 11 Doctor Joseph A. Girgis and Doctor Victor J. Trzeciak Lorain County Beautiful Great Lakes Truck Driving School Ohio’s Premier CDL Training Facility Free CDL Temporary Call 1-866-932-3436 Permit CDL Class A & B Training Classes 27740 Royalton Rd. (Rt. 82) Columbia Station, OH 44028 Lic.# 1898 Phone: 440-365-9377 Fax: 440-365-8889 TMCNEWS.NET 440-610-2352 631 South Abbe Road • Elyria tmcnews1@aol.com www.tmcnews.net mmpfirelands@windstream.net www.mmpfirelands.com Elyria’s Home of the Free Pizza™ A Masterpiece of Pizza MASTER PIZZA® (440) 365-7383 • 427 CLEVELAND STREET ESTABLISHED 1955 – THE MONTELEONES 365-7383
  2. 2. A New Location for Leadership in Eye Care. Introducing Cleveland Clinic Ophthalmology at Lakewood Hospital. We work closely with the The best care for your eyes is now available at a convenient location Lakewood Hospital Diabetes Center to right next to Lakewood Hospital. With expert physicians from Lakeland Eye, meet the needs of patients with diabetes. you have access to a range of services including treatment for the most complex conditions. To make an appointment or referral, please call 216.529.5320. Our specialists: Our specialties include: Richard E. Wyszynski, M.D. • Diabetic eye care Lakewood Professional Building Ryan F. Deasy, M.D. • Retinal disorders Next to Lakewood Hospital Randall S. Loudenslager, O.D. • Macular degeneration 14601 Detroit Avenue, Suite 550 clevelandclinic.org/fhc Lorain County Magazine 6916-CCLOR-55.indd 1 October 2008 www.loraincountymagazine.com 10/6/08 12:06:53 PM 2 Approval ok wc/? Date Materials JOB NUMBER Client: Cleveland Clinic Prepared by: 6916-CCLOR-55 Laser Division: FHC Designer PDF
  3. 3. Betty Blair’s Bulletin October 2008 Metropolitan Planning Organization covering this activity affecting Lorain County. He noted the IS THE COMMUTER TRAIN area. Freight trains presently run on this line. proposed 3C Corridor that would travel from COMING? Cleveland to Hopkins Airport, to Grafton and/ In 1997 a Demonstration train was provided. or Wellington and on into Columbus, Dayton & At this writing, the Lorain County Community Both the Nord Family Foundation and the Stock- Cincinnati. There is also the existing line from Alliance, a 12-year old Council of Governments, er Foundation have supported ALL ABOARD Vermilion to Elyria to Hopkins, and the pro- awaits confirmation from the Ohio Department OHIO in their efforts to make known the possi- posed West Shore Corridor line. Ken noted that of Development, of an $80,000 matching grant. bilities of Commuter Rail such as: Station-Area Congress has passed the first-ever passenger This collaborative grant would provide the match Development; quality of life issues including ac- railroad (Amtrak) expansion bill providing $15 to Congresswoman, Betty Sutton’s, $343,000 cess to job opportunities, education, recreation billion over five years, including improvement Earmark secured earlier for the Lorain County and health care; reduction in high transportation to existing routes, signals and stations, which Commissioners to pursue federal funding as part costs; reduction in vehicular pollution emissions would include the Elyria New York Central De- of the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) New pot. Prendergast’s presentation noted 500,000 Starts program, which could provide up to 80 According to Ken Sislak, an ALL ABOARD OHIO driving-age Ohioans who lack cars, with an ag- per cent of the total project costs. The FTA pro- Board Member, also affiliated with AECOM ing population which desires mobility. The 3-C cess requires an Alternatives Analysis (AA). Transportation: “The AA will determine whether Corridor Implementation Plan calls for two daily the project meets the FTA New Starts cost effec- routes from Cleveland to Columbus and from The West Shore Commuter Rail Project includes tiveness index project evaluation criterion. The Dayton to Cincinnati, due for delivery by mid- representation from Cuyahoga, Lorain and Erie project will be costly. If the AA shows the project 2009. The Ohio Rail Development Commission Counties and has developed under the umbrella satisfies the cost effectiveness index criterion, is administering the plan while Amtrak is car- of the Lorain County Community Alliance and then you apply for entry into and start prelimi- rying it out. We trudge onwards in our quest to the leadership of Ken Prendergast, Director of nary engineering and begin the environmental obtain Commuter Rail service for our Northeast Research and Communications for ALL ABOARD impact studies that examine such things as Ohio Region. On Saturday, November 8th, ALL OHIO, a nonprofit statewide association that noise, vibration and grade-crossing impacts. If ABOARD OHIO, is holding their Board Meeting has been in existence since 1973. Since 2006, the project does not satisfy federal thresholds for in Elyria. For further information on the Sum- this group has met bi-monthly to seek informa- cost effectiveness, then you know with certainty mit meeting, all presentations may be viewed on tion, explore options, educate themselves and where you stand with federal funding for the www.lccommunityalliance.com. ALL ABOARD generate support for pursuing Commuter Rail commuter rail project...” OHIO’s website is: www.allaboardohio.org. Betty on the Norfolk & Southern line which could run Blair Lorain County Commissioner 440-329- from Cleveland westward to Lorain’s Black River 5112 (bblair@loraincounty.us) Landing, with stops at Lakewood, Rocky River, Westlake/Bay Village, Avon/Avon Lake, Sheffield Lake and on into Vermilion and Sandusky. As part of a planning process, in the 1990’s, NOACA (Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency) initiated a Study entitled NEORAIL, which found this particular line to be the most feasible of At the October 3rd Lorain County Community all that were studied. NOACA is the five-county Alliance Summit, Prendergast detailed rail traffic Continued on Page 8 HEALTH haber prevenido con un cambio ligero en el com- El ganador final de las elecciones presidenciales, Las muertes por accidentes au- portamiento del conductor. No se justifica una bien fuera demócrata o republicano, no afectó tomovilísticos aumentan el día actitud fatalista”. los índices de mortalidad. de las elecciones Eric Rodgman, analista principal de bases de Sin embargo, un investigador señala que esto Redelmeier aseguró que su trabajo con los datos del Centro de investigación sobre la se- no es una excusa para no salir a votar por el pacientes de trauma atrajo su atención sobre guridad en las autopistas de la Universidad de nuevo presidente el problema de las muertes por accidente au- Carolina del Norte, asegura que la nueva inves- tomovilístico y la falta de atención que reciben tigación es interesante, pero no explica si los Por Randy Dotinga en el mundo. “Si mueren cien personas por el índices de mortalidad aumentan en los días de descarrilamiento de un tren, sería una noticia elecciones simplemente porque la gente está (FUENTES: Donald A. Redelmeier, M.D., profes- de primera plana. Sin embargo, esa es la misma conduciendo y caminando más. “¿Será que los sor, medicine, University of Toronto; Eric Rod- cantidad que muere en las calles y carreteras conductores, en promedio, aumentan la distan- gman, M.P.H., senior database analyst, Univer- estadounidenses todos los días”. cia que conducen en un día de elecciones presi- sity of North Carolina Highway Safety Research denciales? Si es así, ¿cuánto? Esta respuesta Center, Chapel Hill; Oct. 1, 2008, Journal of the Los autores del estudio analizaron datos sobre podría ayudar a explicar por qué el aumento es American Medical Association) accidentes fatales y se concentraron en las elec- tan alto”. ciones presidenciales entre 1976 y 2004. Exam- MARTES, 30 de septiembre (HealthDay News/ inaron específicamente accidentes durante las ¿Qué se puede hacer? Redelmeier aseguró que la Dr. Tango) -- Conducir o caminar hacia las me- horas de las elecciones, entre 8 a. m. y 7:59 p. gente que intenta salir a votar debería estimular sas de votación el día de las elecciones es una m., y luego examinaron las cifras de muertes de conducir con seguridad. “Algunos buenos con- antigua tradición política en los EE. UU., aunque los martes inmediatamente anteriores y posteri- sejos adicionales podrían ser reducir la veloci- una investigación reciente sugiere que podría ser ores a las elecciones. dad, no consumir alcohol y evitar otras distrac- más peligroso de lo que se piensa. ciones”, recomendó. Los hallazgos fueron publicados en una carta en Después de analizar las cifras de muerte por la edición del 1 de octubre de la Journal of the Rodgman tiene una opinión similar. “Planee su accidentes de tráfico, los investigadores des- American Medical Association. viaje a la mesa de votación el día de las elec- cubrieron que era cerca de 18 por ciento más Un total de 3,417 personas murieron en acci- ciones, saque tiempo suficiente, use el cinturón probable que los investigadores murieran en dentes automovilísticos, incluso peatones, du- de seguridad, esté pendiente de los que van y accidentes durante las horas de votación los días rante los ocho días de elecciones y 16 los martes vienen de las mesas de votación, mantenga la en que se votaba para presidente que en otros de comparación. calma y esté alerta”. martes. Más información El riesgo de muerte de los días de elecciones Los investigadores canadienses añadieron que el fue 18 por ciento mayor que en otros días o 158 Para más información sobre la seguridad al con- aumento en el riesgo es mayor que el día de año muertes al día en comparación con 134. Los ducir, visite The Partnership for Safe Driving. nuevo o el domingo del Super Bowl. investigadores calcularon que esto causó 189 Aún así, el Dr. Donald A. Redelmeier, coautor del muertes adicionales durante el período estu- estudio y profesor de medicina de la Universidad diado. Lorain County Magazine Staff: de Toronto, no está recomendando que la gente Lou • Mark • Brent • Sandy • Josh se angustie. Las mayores velocidades podrían explicar el 440.365.4366 aumento en las muertes o las “distracciones, 155 Yorkshire Ct. Suite B “No estamos diciendo que la gente no debería cambios en la rutina, mayor emoción y reduc- Elyria, Ohio 44035 salir a votar”, advirtió. “Al contrario. Ninguna ción de la fuerza policial en las vías”, aseguró de estas muertes era inevitable y se pudieron Redelmeier. loraincountymagazine@windstream.net Lorain County Magazine October 2008 www.loraincountymagazine.com 3
  4. 4. Minority Affairs Across the country events, screenings and SOCIAL “Es importante recalcar que el evento no se trata fun activities are taking place to celebrate En honor a mis quince de cuánto vas a gastar, sino de visualizar el ver- Hispanic Culture. You may find organizations, dadero significado, la responsabilidad de la joven schools, and community centers hosting By Mariam Perez Breban - May 29, 2008 al transformarse en mujercita; pues la fiesta se events that will encourage people of all walks puede realizar a bajo costo. Con un presupuesto Fri, 05/30/2008 - 21:56 — Quincelady1 en mente o envolviendo a familiares a que con- of life to join in the fun. National Hispanic tribuyan con la fiesta se puede realizar todo a Heritage month was started in 1968 by Presi- bajo costo”. • Hispanic Business dent Lyndon Johnson who initially started it Cuando Priscilla Mora comenzó a organizar la for only a week. When Ronald Reagan became fiesta de quince años para su hija Chantel hace Según explicó esta tejana, si se logra la colabo- president in 1988, he extended the celebra- casi una década atrás, se percató de lo compli- ración de la familia, el evento puede fluir mucho tion to cover a 30-day period. Hispanic Heri- cado que se puede tornar el proceso. mejor, ya que si varios parientes se comprom- tage is not only the celebration of the culture Esto debido a la falta de disponibilidad de al- eten a realizar el pastel, el traje o la comida, el but also of those that have made some major guna guía o tienda especializada que le ayudase costo de la fiesta bajaría considerablemente. contributions. Artists, writers, poets, and en- a planificar la ceremonia. Asimismo, la “Madrina de las Quinceañeras”— tertainers are all acknowledged for their work apodo otorgado por la escritora Julia Alvares— and take this opportunity to showcase their “Los únicos recursos que encontraba eran ex- reveló que el festejo ha cobrado gran popularidad hibiciones para novias y fue entonces cuando en distintas denominaciones religiosas, aunque work to the public. se me ocurrió hacer algo al respecto”, comentó todas ellas moldean a su manera el protocolo del Mora, vía telefónica con este semanario. mismo.”Tengo niñas judías que desean hacer su A partir de ese entonces Mora comenzó a ori- bar mitzvah como un quinceañero, ahora todas EDUCATION entarse y a dedicar su tiempo a orientar a más las denominaciones cristianas están aceptando Es Usted Rápido? jovencitas deseosas de celebrar su quinceañero. más esta celebración aunque con sus propios “Lo primero que hice fue un Expo de Quincea- criterios”, comentó. By Juan J Miret ñeras en San Antonio —y fue todo un éxito— con el fin de proveerles al público un concepto claro Mora además posee una página web dedicada a Learn Spanish while you train with a smarter de cuáles son los elementos necesarios a la hora las quinceañeras, para más información accese than average spinning class. de celebrar el evento”, explicó. www.priscillasadvice.com. If you break out in a cold sweat at the thought El deseo de esta creativa mujer no se detuvo ahí, of language lessons, then, here’s an even better sino que inició un programa radial llamado “Real BUSINESS reason to perspire: A company in San Francisco, Quinceañera Advice”, donde ofrece consejos a Hispanic Women and the World California, named Connect 18 is launching spin las niñas, pero sobre todo, explica el verdadero of Business classes that promise to tone your gray matter as significado de la celebración. El programa puede well as your body. While riding a stationary bike, ser escuchado a través del Internet en www. Fri, 03/21/2008 - 08:55 — sainil you’ll take virtual tours of countries like Mexico virtueradionetwork.com. and Spain via big screen, cycle centric travel According to figures compiled by the Center for documentary. “Un quinceañero no significa sólo fiesta, sino el Women’s Business Research, the number of paso de la niña a mujercita. Es tiempo de reflex- businesses owned by Hispanic women in the The first spin and learn studio just opened and ión, de su primera promesa a Dios de manten- United States increased by 64 percent and the others will follow next year in Los Angeles, New erse pura y entender el impacto que esto tendrá income generated by those companies grew by York and Chicago. en su vida”, comentó. more than 62 percent to $44.4 billion. In a recent trial run, about a dozen of spinners Mora, quien lleva años dedicada al tema de las The National Latina Business Women Asso- pedaled down inviting tree lined boulevards in quinceañeras confesó desde su residencia en ciation, is an organization that helps to raise San Angel, an artists’ colony in Mexico City. The San Antonio, Texas, que son miles las cartas que the business knowledge level of its members film (shot at handlebar level to create the illu- recibe de adolescentes con diversas dudas. or of women who are planning to start their sion of moving) featured Spanish vocabulary on “He sabido aconsejar a niñas de familias separa- own business, the NLBWA offers two business screen and opportunities for riders to brush up das que no saben cómo lograr que ambas partes training programs: Emerging Latina and Latin on conversational skills with locals. vayan a la fiesta”, relató. Financial. The company plans to offer a range of classes Dado a las incesantes cartas que recibía, ésta The first is an intensive program for those who (hour long) that vary in both physical difficulty tomó la decisión de publicar una agenda llamada want to learn how to start a new business or and language proficiency. “My Party Planner”, un orgaizador sumamente how to achieve growth in an existing company. completo donde le explica paso a paso los mate- It consists of four-hour classes once a week for According with the National Academy of Scienc- riales que necesita para la fiesta, la ceremonia eight weeks and an eight-hour session devoted es, moderate aerobic training yields a big mental religiosa, y consejos de decoración. También to providing instruction in how to carry out boost. And a recent report of the University of incluye un listado de productos de emergencia a strategic business plan. The content of the Georgia, found improvements in reaction time, que se debe de tener a la mano, el registro de courses, which are taught by experts, includes decision making and cognition during and after regalos, una lista para la elección de las damas instruction on how to craft a business plan, aerobic activities. y la corte de honor y mucho más. Sobre todo, lo identifying and differentiating oneself from the más que resalta en el libro es la descripción y el competition, marketing and sales strategies, So what are you waiting for? Run… I mean: significado de la palabra quinceañero. licenses and permits, and personal and busi- Pedal!!! ness finances. Professional Advertisement Page PLEASE SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS 631 South Abbe Road • Elyria B&W Copies ~ Color Copies ~ Fax Diagnostics & Printing & Much More! Auto Repair Phone: 440-365-9377 Fax: 440-365-8889 mmpfirelands@windstream.net www.mmpfirelands.com Lorain County Magazine October 2008 www.loraincountymagazine.com 4
  5. 5. Minority Affairs In Honor of Quinceaneras everywhere we teens’ mind. Weight, divorce, and even language As the Hispanic population continues to grow invite young people to send us photos of their barriers cause concerns: and prosper, the demand for information on “Quinces” Quinceañeras will increase. Priscilla Mora is It dosen’t matter whether it was last year Dear Priscilla: We’re searching for our dress but prepared. She has written a planner available for or last week. If you have digital photos send my daughter is heavyset and I don’t want to see Quinceañeras, , developing more Quinceañera them to us me at Northcoastpublications@ her get upset when we go looking. events, and producing her weekly Internet radio Dear Priscilla: My parents are divorced and my show, Real Quinceañera Advice. The program gmail.com mom is remarried. I want my parents’ name on features advice, interviews, and commentary. my invitations and also my stepfather’s name. Real Quinceañera Advice can be heard weekly How would I be able to work it out to have all the on www.VirtueRadioNetwork.com. A new show is Priscilla Mora Brings Real names on the invitation? added every Tuesday. Advice For Planning A Memorable Quinceanera To Dear Priscilla: Half of my family only speaks For more information about Priscilla Mora and The Radio Spanish and half of my family speak only Eng- lish. I have to order a minimum of 100 cards in the Real Quinceañera Advice Internet radio show or to interview Priscilla Mora, please contact Ju- Fri, 05/30/2008 - 21:47 — Quincelady1 either Spanish or English and can’t buy more dith Norman at (310) 386-7936 or invitations. What should I do? jnorman@virtueradionetwork.com. • Hispanic Business SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS (May 5, 2008) -- Priscilla Priscilla Mora’s passion for Quinceañeras began in 2000 when she was planning her daughter’s EMPLOYMENT Mora’s inbox is full again. She receives as many celebration. “We went from store to store to find Hispanic Workforce Will Reach as 200 to 250 emails each week from anxious the right dress. My daughter was petite, so our 30% by 2016, says BLS Hispanic parents planning their daughter’s Quinceañera. Known as the “Fairy Godmother search seemed endless. We looked at catalogs and tried on gowns until it became depress- Wed, 01/09/2008 - 17:19 — rknight of All Quinceañeras,” Priscilla Mora’s website, www.PriscillasAdvice.com, gets over 50,000 ing. It took us weeks of searching, but we found the perfect gown with the right sparkle and the The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ latest workforce visitors each month. Now, Priscilla Mora’s new projections and predictions through 2016 antici- Internet radio show, Real Quinceañera Advice, is perfect fit.” The event was so successful Priscilla Mora created a Quinceañera Expo in San Anto- pates that the Hispanic workforce will climb by available to help parents and teens navigate the 30 percent by that year, while nurses make up multi-million dollar Quinceañera industry which nio, Texas. She also spearheaded the introduc- tion of Quinceañera apparel and gift products the largest increase of any occupational group includes: churches, dressmakers, jewelers, DJs, tracked by the BLS. reception halls, videographers, florists, Hummer into the Dallas Market Center. According to limousines, and waltz instructors. Priscilla Mora, “One of the most important parts of the celebration is the Quinceañera dress.” Overall, the civilian labor force will increase by Quinceañeras are not without controversy. Many 12.8 million, bringing the number of workers Every day around the world a Hispanic female to 164.2 million by the middle of the next de- turns fifteen. For the young girl, 15, represents churches are hesitant to participate in Quincea- ñeras or refuse outright to perform the event. cade. While the figure appears to be a healthy her transition from child to young woman. For increase, longtime HR executives may recall that her parents, it’s time to open their wallets for Quinceañera is not a sacrament. Also, many priests find the Quinceañera’s commercializa- 17.5 million workers entered the labor force be- the Quinceañera, the traditional coming of age tween 1996 and 2006. celebration. “Seventy-five percent of the fami- tion, the traditional white Quinceañera dress, lies that contact me are on a budget and need and teen pregnancy disturbing. Priscilla Mora disagrees, “This is the time to look closely into The number of workers 55 and older is expected help planning their events,” says Priscilla Mora. to reach about 23 million in less than a decade. “These parties can cost anywhere from a couple the young girls’ lives and give them encourage- ment and values. In today’s society, they need This represents a growth rate of 46.7 percent, of hundred to several thousands of dollars.” which is almost 5.5 times the projections for the Budgeting is not the only issue on parents’ and a sense of leadership to guide them in the right direction of life” overall labor force. Lorain County Magazine October 2008 www.loraincountymagazine.com 5
  6. 6. Health Trends UPRIGHT MRI’s The New Trend in Radiology By Lou Acosta Doctor Joseph A. Girgis and Doctor Victor J. Trzeciak As an MRI recipient I’ve had the opportunity to go into the cave-like coffen tunnel to pose for MRI images three times. The first time I was stuck at shoulder length, the second and third time I was drugged. I tolded myself that I would probably skip MRI’s from now on since it caused so much anxi- ety in my life, then I heard about an upright MRI machine used in New Jersey and Philadelphia. Athena D. Merrit wrote in the Philadelhia Business Journal that patients were climbing into the new upright magnetic resonance imaging machine at University Dynamic MRI at a turnstile-like rate of 150 scans per month between April and June. Those who are claustrophobic or overweight are drawn to the machine because of its design, which has a larger and less confining “tunnel” than traditional MRIs, said Dr. George Rodriguez, director of Philadelphia-based University Dynamic. The rehab center paid between $1.5 million and $2 million and waited eight weeks to buy and install what Rodriguez refers to as one of the best MRI machines available. Patients will soon have access to another upright MRI, which allows them to have images done in positions that induce their pain, such as kneeling and standing, at a second location at Grant Avenue and Roosevelt Boulevard. Those offices are just some of the many freestanding sites that are popping up across the country, fulfilling an increasing demand for MRI scans. The images can detect such problems as cancer, strokes, joint pain and muscle tears. With millions of scans and X-Rays done annually, how many of the traditional machines have actually failed or given faulty diagnosis for patients. A National Cancer Institute (NCI) Report shows a 70% higher risk of breast cancer for women with scoliosis due to abnormal curvature of the spine, who were exposed to multiple diagnostic X-rays during childhood and adolescence. These women may be at increased risk of dying of breast cancer.” The report goes on to say that “although radiation exposures to breast tissue are much lower today than during the time period covered by this study, they are not insignificant.” Scoliosis affects 2-3% of the population or an estimated 6 million people in the United States, according to the National Sco- liosis Foundation (www.scoliosis.org) Raymond Damadian, M.D., president and founder of FONAR, a company that manufactures Upright MRI’s said, “I’m delighted to announce our inven- tion for the radiation-free evaluation of scoliosis with the FONAR Dynamic™ UPRIGHT® MRI. An accurate evaluation of scoliosis requires the patient to be upright. A conventional recumbent-only static MRI cannot meet this need. Of critical importance, our radiation-free application can be performed in the same amount of time and at the same cost as diagnosis and monitoring by X-ray.” Even former Miami Dolphins field goal kicker Garo Yepremian, has been pushing Upright MRI’s. “As a retired athlete,” said Mr. Yepremian, “I am very familiar with MRI scanners and never liked being placed into the MRI ‘tube’. Even the so-called ‘Open’ MRI where the magnet is just inches from your face is only a little better. When FONAR invited me to New York to be scanned in their new Upright™ MRI scanner, I was not only surprised but ex- cited. I sat down and watched TV while being scanned. It was quiet and comfortable and the pictures were clear and precise. I am very appreciative of Dr. Raymond Damadian and all at FONAR who designed and developed this amazing MRI scanner. I have been touting it all over ever since!” David Terry, Sr. Vice President, and coordinator of FONAR’s Sports program says “We have an opportunity to introduce our product to a special group of peo- ple, the sports celebrity, and the people who attend these events with the celebrities. “Football was an obvious area to start since there are a lot of big men in the NFL and 500 pound patients have been scanned in the Upright™ MRI,” continued Mr. Terry. “Ath- letes from all sports are encour- aged to try our scanner when they need an MRI. If at 200 lbs., I can get stuck in a regular MRI machine and feel suf- focated, what about a person over 250lbs. I say this because most of my 15 year old son’s friends that play football weigh at least 200lbs. or more. In researching our immediate area I’ve found that Cleveland Clinic has put in a new MRI machine in the Fam- ily Health Center in Lorain, and they have an open MRI in West- lake, but Superior Medical Care in Sheffield Village has one of the new FONAR’s Upright™ MRI. Many insurance programs have to get approvals before they consent to, so make sure that you check with them before you make any arrangements. LA LCM. Continued on Page 15 Lorain County Magazine October 2008 www.loraincountymagazine.com 6
  7. 7. Health & Wellness Flu Shot Schedule Elyria City Health Department October 4, 2008 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at LCCC (fieldhouse) 1005 N. Abbe Rd. Both Drive-Thru and Walk-in clinics will be available. Adults only please if us- ing the drive thru option. October 18, 2008 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at St. Jude Church (Carrabine Hall) 590 Poplar St. November 4, 2008 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at South Park Recreation Center 101 South Park Dr. November 13, 2008 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Midway Mall Community Corner (across from JC Penney's)Cost of flu vac- cine is $15.00, Medicare & Medicaid are accept- ed. All clinics are subject to change or cancel- lation due to availability of vaccine. For further information, please call (440) 323-7595. Lorain City Health Department Friday, Oc- tober 17, 2008 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at Southview High School, 2270 E 42nd St, Lorain (Inside and Drive-thru options) Tuesday, October 21, 2008 from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the Lo- rain Fire Department – Station # 7, 2111 W Park Av, Lorain (Drive-Thru Option only) AVON LAKE Saturday, October 18, 2008 from 10:00 a.m. to Great Lakes Truck Driving School 2:00 p.m. at Avon Lake High School, 175 Avon Ohio’s Premier CDL Training Facility Beldon Rd, Avon Lake, OH (Inside and Drive Thru Options) Flu vaccines are $15.00 cash or Medicare part B. CLASSES STARTING SOON Please bring your Drivers License/State ID for quicker registration. All clinics are subject to change based on vaccine availability. For ad- Free CDL ditional information, call the Lorain City Health Temporary Department at (440) 204-2300 or visit the web- Permit Classes site at Lorain Health Department. Lorain County General Health District Thurs- Call 1-866-932-3436 day, October 30, 2008 from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 CDL Class A & B Training p.m.: LaGrange— United Methodist Church, 105 27740 Royalton Rd (Rt. 82) Columbia Station, OH 44028 Lic. #1898 West Main St. Oberlin— New Russia Township Hall, 46268 Butternut Ridge Rd. Sheffield Vil- lage— UAW Hall Local 2000, 3151 Abbe Rd. Wel- lington— Camden Baptist Church, 17901 State Rt. 511 Wellington— Lorain County Fairground, 23000 Fairgrounds Dr. (Drive-thru service avail- able for persons mobility-challenged) Saturday, November 1, 2008 from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.: Amherst— Amherst High School, 450 Washing- ton St. Avon— Avon High School, 37545 Detroit Rd. Grafton— Midview Middle School, 37999 W. Capel Rd. North Ridgeville— Wilcox Elementary School, 34580 Bainbridge Rd. Oberlin— Lorain County JVS, 15181 State Rt. 58 (Drive-thru service available for persons mobility-challenged) The fee is $10.00 per shot. Medicare and Medic- aid will be accepted and no one is refused due to an inability to pay. Individuals with any special medical conditions or concerns should talk with their doctor before getting a flu shot. For additional information, call the flu hotline at (440) 329-7926, or visit www.LorainCountyHealth.com. Lorain County Magazine October 2008 www.loraincountymagazine.com 7
  8. 8. Elections & Issues ELECTION UPDATE: (http://www.senate.gov/legislative/ LIS/roll_call_lists/roll_call_vote_ main2369157.shtml) and (http://www.humanevents.com/ OHIO BUSINESS COLLEGE Attention Voters there are a cfm.cfm? article.php?id=18647) ANNOUNCES NEW PRESIDENT congress=109&session=2&vote=00 Business Freedom few observations that may 002) and (http://a4.g.akamai.net/ Sandusky, OH: Ohio Business Colleges has appointed be helpful when you head to (http://www.senate.gov/legislative/ f/4/19675/0/newmill.download. LIS/roll_call_lists/roll_call_vote_ akamai.com/19677/anon. Dennis Hirsh as President. Hirsh will be overseeing opera- the polls this November 4th cfm.cfm? newmediamill/pdfs/Questionnaire_ tions of OBC campuses in Sheffield Lake, Sandusky and 2008. congress=109&session=1&vote=0 ReportCard.pdf) Columbus, Ohio. Hirsh, who has over 20 years experience 0245) Opposes Gay Pride in proprietary education, most recently served as School 1. Make sure you go on Homosexual Education (www.barackobama. (www.govtrack.us/con- com/2007/06/01/obama_state- Director of ITT Technical Institute in Strongsville, Ohio. TUESDAY, November 4, gress/amendment. ment_on_pride_month.php) He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Business 2008 unless you’re voting xpd?session=103&amdt=s2434) Iraq War from The Ohio State University. Mr. Hirsh is excited about absentee AHEAD of time. Energy (www.barackobama.com/issues/ the future of Ohio Business College and his goals include (Some places had the wrong (http://www.senate.gov/legislative/ iraq) LIS/roll_call_lists/roll_call_vote_ Youth & Abortion “continuing to provide the best education possible for our date last year and people cfm.cfm? (http://www.senate.gov/legislative/ students and stable work environment for our staff.” For missed out on their votes.) congress=109&session=2&vote=0 LIS/roll_call_lists/roll_call_vote_ more information about OBC, please visit their website at 0219) cfm.cfm? www.OhioBusinessCollege.edu 2. Make sure that you have Human Life congress=109&session=2&vote=0 (http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/ 0216) valid id and your voter’s reg- bdquery/z?d107:HR02175:@@@R) Gun Rights istration card with you. and (http://edition1.cnn.com/ (http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/ ELECTION/2008/issues/issues. 3. Make sure you go to your bdquery/z?d107:HR02175:@@@ gun.html) L&summ2=m&) Partial Birth Abortions correct voting location. Business Freedom (http://www.ontheissues.org/Ba- Confirm your poll location (www.govtrack.us/congress/vote. rack_Obama.htm) AHEAD of time with your xpd?vote=s1996-281) Traditional Marriage in States main office. Gas is too high Opposes Gay Pride (http://miamiherald.typepad.com/ There is no public record of can- gaysouthflorida/2008/06/obamao- to be riding around. didate ever supporting “Gay Pride pposes- Day” as a private a.html) and (http://www.latimes. 4. Go early, read all of the citizen or as an elected official. com/news/politics/la-na-ban2- issues and the information, Iraq War 2008jul02,0,6600669.story) and (www.senate.gov/legislative/LIS/ (http://www.sacbee.com/111/ then make your decision. roll_call_lists/roll_call_vote_cfm. story/1051404.html) cfm?congress=110& Parental Rights in Education 5. Some folks complain session=1&vote=00116) (http://www.nysun.com/new-york/ about gas prices, food Youth & Abortion (http://www.senate.gov/legislative/ obama-tells-teachers-union-he- opposesvouchers/ PRESIDENTIAL FASHIONS prices, utilities, taxes etc…, LIS/roll_call_lists/roll_call_vote_ 81801/) and (http:// On Nov.4th they can vote to cfm.cfm? my.barackobama.com/page/com- make a difference. congress=109&session=2&vote=0 munity/post/stateupdates/gGxTZR) 0216) Gun Rights The following is the informa- (http://edition1.cnn.com/ tion that you will see when ELECTION/2008/issues/issues. you go to vote in a sample gun.html) OFFICIAL GENERAL ballot: Partial Birth Abortions (http://www.ontheissues.org/ ELECTION STATE- John_McCain.htm#Abortion) Traditional Marriage in States WIDE SAMPLE This SAMPLE ballot provides the correct ballot format for various (http://www.latimes.com/news/ BALLOT questions or issues that may ap- politics/la-na-ban2-2008jul02,0, pear on your local ballot. 6600669.story Lorain County General Election and http://www.advocate.com/ex- November 4, 2008 Issue 1........................................... clusive_detail_ektid56917.asp) and Instructions to Voter Proposed Constitutional Amend- (http:// 1. To vote, you must completely ment To provide for earlier filing miamiherald.typepad.com/ darken the oval ( ) to the left deadlines for statewide ballot is- gaysouthflorida/2008/06/obama- of the candidate or answer of sues. opposes-a.html) and your choice. If you vote for Issue 2........................................... (http://www.latimes.com/ more choices than permitted, Proposed Constitutional Amend- news/politics/la-na-ban2-2008- your vote for that race will not ment To authorize the state to issue jul02,0,6600669.story) be counted. bonds to continue the Clean Ohio Parental Rights in Education 2. To cast a write-in vote, darken program for environmental (http://www.johnmccain.com/ the oval ( ) to the left of revitalization and conservation. Informing/Issues/19ce50b5-daa8- the line provided and write in Issue 3........................................... 4795-b92d- the candidate’s name. Only a Left to right: Proposed Constitutional Amend- 92bd0d985bca.htm) candidate who has timely fi led a ment To amend the constitution valid notice of intent to become to protect private property rights To View Barrack Obama’s Record a write-in candidate may have a 1. Barack Obama in ground water, lakes and other go to sites under each category vote counted in his or her favor. watercourses. 3. If you make an error, please Issue 4........................................... Traditional Marriage in Federal Law return your ballot to an election 2. Michelle Obama Proposed Law Initiated legislation (http://www.windycitymediagroup. offi cial and obtain a new ballot. requiring paid sick leave for employ- com/gay/lesbian/news/ARTICLE. Please do not attempt to erase ees in Ohio. php?AID=4018) or cross out any marks made in 3. Cindy McCain Withdrawn by Petitioners’ Commit- and (http://blogs.abcnews.com/ error. tee on September 4, 2008. politicalradar/2007/08/would- Issue 5........................................... obama-pos.html) 4. John McCain Referendum Referendum on leg- Cloning islation making changes to check ( cashing lending, sometimes known tion/votehistory/srollcalls91/ as “payday lending,” fees, interest pdf/910SB0649.html) rates and practices. Opposes Judicial Activism Community Alliance Announces tribution, Steve Hambley presented. Issue 6........................................... (http://www.senate.gov/legislative/ Recipient of Mike Whitmore Award Added to the Agenda was Ken Prendergast, Proposed Constitutional Amend- LIS/roll_call_lists/roll_call_vote_ Director of Research and Communications for ment To amend the constitution by cfm.cfm? The Lorain County Community Alliance (LCCA), All Aboard Ohio. He elaborated on the earmark initiative petition for a casino near congress=109&session=2&vote=00 announced State Representative Matt Lundy as secured by Congresswoman Sutton that was Wilmington in Southwest Ohio and 002) and the 2008 recipient of the Mike Whitmore Award initiated by the Alliance for Commuter Rail. He distribute to all Ohio counties a tax (http://www.senate.gov/legislative/ for Vision In Government at their 9th Annual further went on to say that determinations for on the casino. LIS/roll_call_lists/roll_call_vote_ Summit on Friday, October 3rd, 2008 at the Lo- the local Government Collaboration Grant, will -------------------------------------------- cfm.cfm? rain County Administration Buildingin Elyria. be finalized by October 10th per a member of Presidential position citations: congress=109&session=1&vote=0 the deciding committee. The LCCA has spon- 0245) Local Campaign Manager, Erin Synk accepted sored two applications one for Storm Water To View John McCain’s Record go to Homosexual Education the award on behalf of Representative Lundy. Management and one for Commuter Rail. The sites under each category (www.lifesite.net/ldn/2007/ oct/07100205.html) article, and expressed that he is deeply grateful to Meeting concluded with lunch sponsored by Traditional Marriage in Federal Law Lorain County Engineer Ken Carney. The Lorain (http://www.cfr.org/ be honored by the Alliance, a Northeast Ohio (http://www.senate.gov/legislative/ LIS/roll_call_lists/roll_call_vote_ publication/14313/) transcript of forerunner in the movement towards collabora- County Community Alliance is a council of debate tive regionalism. Over 90 people were in atten- Governments, formed under the Ohio Revised cfm.cfm? congress=104&session=2&vote=0 Energy dance with the focus of the Summit being JOB Code and made up of political jurisdictions and 0280) (http://www.senate.gov/legislative/ CREATION and RETENTION. Due to the crisis organizations working together for the benefit Cloning LIS/roll_call_lists/roll_call_vote_ in Washington, invited keynote speakers, 9th of the citizens of Lorain County and the entire (http://www.senate.gov/legislative/ cfm.cfm? District U.S. Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, region. The Alliance seeks to explore more effec- LIS/roll_call_lists/roll_call_vote_ congress=109&session=2&vote=0 and 13TH District U.S. Congresswoman Betty tive levels of public service, develop mechanisms cfm.cfm? 0219) Sutton, were unable to present as the House to save money for the communities involved and congress=105&session=2&vote=0 Human Life is still in session. .CEO and President of Team benefit the member communities and the region 0010) (http://www.cbsnews.com/ Lorain County, Steve Morey and Medina County in ways that could not be achieved separately. Opposes Judicial Activism stories/2007/01/17/politics/ Commissioner and Recipient of 2008 Wally F. The next Alliance meeting is Friday, December Ehrnfeldt Award for Outstanding Regional Con- 5 th 2008. Lorain County Magazine October 2008 www.loraincountymagazine.com 8
  9. 9. Health & Nutrition The Basics • When you eat Flu Season is Here: Learn How • What you eat Am I Eating a Healthy Diet? • How much you eat to Protect Yourself and Your • Where you eat Loved Ones Your body needs the right vitamins, minerals, • How you’re feeling when you eat and other nutrients to stay healthy. A healthy For example: The flu is a contagious respiratory illness diet means that you are eating: Tuesday 3:30 pm, 2 chocolate chip cookies, at caused by influenza viruses. It can cause mild • Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat work, feeling stressed milk products to severe illness, and at times can lead to When you know what your eating habits are, you death. The best way to prevent the flu is by • Fish, poultry, lean meats, eggs, beans, and can make plans to change them. nuts getting a flu vaccination each year. Influenza, Take Action! also called flu, is a contagious respiratory illness Stay away from: Shop Smart at the Grocery Store • Cholesterol, sodium (salt), and added sugars caused by influenza viruses. It can cause mild Here are some tips for the next time you go • Trans fats – trans fats may be in foods like to severe illness, and at times can lead to death. shopping: cakes, cookies, stick margarines, and other fried • Never go to the grocery store hungry! The best way to prevent the flu is by getting a flu foods • Always use a shopping list. vaccination each year. Every year in the United • Saturated fats – these fats come from animal • Buy a variety of fruits and vegetables in differ- States, on average: 5% to 20% of the population products like cheese, fatty meats, whole milk, ent colors. get the flu; More than 200,000 people are hospi- and butter. • Look for the low-sodium or “no salt added” talized from flu complications, including 20,000 There are tools on the Internet that can help you brands of canned soup, vegetables, and beans. children; and About 36,000 people die from flu. find out if you are eating a healthy diet. • Try the low-fat or non-fat brand of your favorite The Benefits milk products like yogurt or cheese. Preventing Flu: Get Vaccinated: The single Eating a healthy diet can help keep your body • Choose 100% whole wheat or whole grain best way to protect against the flu is to get vac- strong and fit. It feels good to know you are mak- bread and crackers. cinated each year. October through December is ing healthy choices that can change your life. Buy foods when they are on sale or in season to A healthy diet can help protect you from: the best time to get vaccinated, but getting vacci- save money. nated later in the flu season still provides protec- • Heart disease • Bone loss tion, as flu season normally peaks in January or Read the Label later. • Type 2 diabetes Don’t forget to read the Nutrition Facts label. Be • High blood pressure sure to look at the serving size and the number • Some cancers such as colorectal cancer Who Should Get Vaccinated: In general, any- of servings per package. Then look at the percent What if I am Overweight? Daily Value (%DV) column. one who wants to reduce their chances of getting If you eat foods high in calories, sugar, and fat • Try to keep saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, the flu can and should get vaccinated every year. and don’t get enough exercise, you could become and sodium at 5% or less. Annual vaccination is especially important for overweight or obese. That means you have too • Look for foods that have 20% or more of fiber, people at high risk of having serious flu-related much body fat. To stay a healthy weight, you iron, calcium, potassium, and vitamins A and C. complications, or people who live with or care need to balance the calories you eat with the Eat Healthy When you are Away From Home for high-risk individuals. People who should get calories you use up. It’s important to make smart food choices wher- vaccinated each year are: Children 6 months If you are overweight or obese, losing just 10 ever you are – at work, in your favorite restau- through 18 years of age, Pregnant women, pounds may lower your risk of: rant, or running errands. Try these tips: People 50 years of age and older, People of any • Heart disease • At lunch, have a sandwich on whole-grain age with certain chronic medical conditions, • Type 2 diabetes bread. • High blood pressure and People who live in nursing homes and other • Choose fat-free or low-fat milk, water, or diet long-term care facilities. People who live with Take Action! drinks. Making small changes in your eating habits can or care for those at high risk for complications • In a restaurant, choose steamed, broiled, or from flu, including:Household contacts of per- make a big difference in your life. Here are some grilled dishes instead of fried foods. tips and tools to get you started. sons at high risk for complications from the • On a long drive or shopping trip, pack some Keep a Food Diary flu (see above), Household contacts and out-of- fresh fruit, unsalted nuts, or low-fat string Starting today, write down: cheese sticks to snack on. home caregivers of children less than 6 months of age (these children are too young to be vac- Recipes fat, cholesterol, and sodium for all recipes. Since cinated), and Healthcare workers. Symptoms of you can see the ingredients, you know EXACTLY Flu: Symptoms of flu can include: Fever (usually Introduction what is in each serving you eat—a great advan- high) - Headache tage to cooking your own food—nothing is HID- Extreme tiredness - Dry cough - Sore throat - An essential part of becoming a Healthier You DEN. We hope you will enjoy the recipes and experiment a little! Make them your own. But be Runny or stuffy nose - Muscle aches Nausea, is making healthy choices. This part of the book vomiting, and diarrhea (more common in chil- will give you some of the tools to stay on track. aware of what ingredients you are adding in the process (that means no adding saturated fat and dren than adults) Complications of Flu: Compli- One of the simplest and most effective healthy choices you can make is to know what you are salt!). cations of flu can include bacterial pneumonia, eating. Cooking at home is one sure-fire way to ear infections, sinus infections, dehydration, and plan and keep track of calories, portion sizes, Becoming a Healthier You doesn’t stop here! worsening of chronic medical conditions, such as nutrients, and all of that other good stuff. Un- Check out the list of government Web resources congestive heart failure, asthma, or diabetes. fortunately, many people avoid cooking at home that you can use to access up-to-date infor- either because they feel that their cooking skills mation, advice, and tips for maintaining your progress. You’ll find resources for just about How Flu Spreads: Flu viruses spread from aren’t up to par, don’t have the time, or prefer person to person mainly when infected individu- the taste and quality of meals eaten out. This every aspect of being healthy. Plus, there are re- doesn’t have to be the case! If you are one of sources for kids (including some really cool teen als cough or sneeze. Sometimes people might those people, don’t worry—we can help! and tween sites) and older Americans. You’ll also become infected by touching an object with flu Here are almost 100 easy-to-make, fun, and deli- find: cultural-specific suggestions, physical ac- viruses on it and then touching their mouth or cious recipes. They are “heart healthy.”We know tivity ideas, nutritional information, menu plan- nose. Most healthy adults can infect others be- that because they were developed by research- ning, and shopping tips. There is even a resource ginning 1 day before symptoms develop and up ers and nutritionists with the HHS National for finding recreation areas and parks near you to get out there, be active, and enjoy the scenery! to 5 days after becoming sick. That means you Institutes of Health. No advanced cooking skills might be able to pass on the flu to someone else required, and they taste great. We also have some great cost-savings tips, tips for using spices to add new flavor and use less before you know you are sick, as well as while The recipes are for appetizers, soups, breads, salt, food shopping lists, and information on you are sick. Content source: National Center for beef, poultry, fish, vegetables, pasta, rice, sauc- keeping food safe—all tools that will keep you Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, es, desserts, great vegetarian dishes, and more! being a Healthier You. Influenza Division On the next page, they are categorized by the amount of time they take to prepare AND cook— A Nutritious Meal Beef Casserole from start to finish, all less than 90 minutes total. Since many of us want to save money by Drain fat from cooked beef to lower the amount 2. Add the rest of the ingredients. Mix well. Cook preparing our own meals, we’ve provided some of fat and calories. over medium heat and cover skillet until boiling. healthy recipes that will be satisfying for the Reduce to low heat and simmer for 35 minutes. cost-conscious. If you have children that want to 1 cup celery, chopped 1 cup green pep- Serve hot. help make healthy meals, we have kid-friendly per, cubed, 1 cup onion, chopped, ½ lb lean 3. Yield: 8 servings recipes as well. ground beef - 3½ cups tomatoes, diced, ¼ Serving size: 1-1/3 cups tsp salt - ½ tsp black pepper - ¼ tsp paprika There are multi-cultural dishes for a variety -1 cup frozen peas - 2 small carrots, diced - 1 Each serving provides: of tastes, and the best part is that each one is cup brown rice, uncooked - 1½ cups water Calories: 201 Calcium: 33 mg Carbohydrate: 31 g healthy. And you will know that because nutri- Total fat: 5 g Iron: 2 mg Cholesterol: 16 mg tion information is provided for each recipe. This 1. In a skillet, brown the ground beef and drain Saturated fat: 2 g Fiber: 3 g information includes calories, total fat, saturated off the fat. Sodium: 164 mg Protein: 9 g Lorain County Magazine October 2008 www.loraincountymagazine.com 9
  10. 10. Education JVS STUDENTS HONORED FOR Myra Hill, Cosmetology student, interned at Trendsetters; Paul Shinsky, Industrial Equip- Studio 8 Salon & Spa; Brittany Jones, Office ment Mechanics student, interned at Dorlon SUMMER INTERNSHIP SUCCESS & Administrative Assistant student, interned Golf Course; Peter Walko, Industrial Equipment at The Workforce Institutute/The Employment Mechanics student, interned at First Choice Ninety-one Lorain County JVS students were netWork; Angelica Rivera, Computerized Design Concrete; Thomas West, Engineering Technology recognized for their participation in the JVS and Drafting student, interned at Invacare Cor- student, interned at Ridge Tool Company Summer Youth Internship Program on Tuesday, poration; Twylla Stone, Office & Administrative September 23rd at the JVS. Assistant student, interned at Mike Bass Ford; MIDVIEW Robert Wallace, Engineering Technology student, Nicholas Clement, Network Communications JVS Superintendent William Aubuchon pre- interned at Flaming River Industries Technology student, interned at Lorain County sented each student with an Achievement Award JVS; Michael House, Collision Repair student, and a small gift of appreciation for their suc- COLUMBIA STATION interned at Akin & Akin; Steven Johnson, Col- cessful completion of the program. The students Emily Donovan, Bakery and Pastry Arts student, lision Repair student, interned at Red’s Paint & were commended for being hard working and interned at Angelina’s Pizza; Brandon Dostal, Auto Body; Kevin Rak, Network Communications motivated individuals who utilized the Intern- Collision Repair student, interned at Smitty’s Technology student, interned with the Lorain ship as a direct pathway to additional education Car Craft; Ethan Ridgeway, Carpentry student, County Commissioners; Thomas Swortchek, and training for future employment. Engineering interned at Architectural Interior Restorations Industrial Electricity student, interned at First Technology student, Thomas West, who interned Energy; Danielle Wise, Engineering Technol- at the Ridge Tool Company in Elyria, highlighted ELYRIA ogy student, interned at Inservco, Inc.; Allyson his internship work experience for the capacity Brittany Blakely, Cosmetology student, interned Young, Early Childhood Education student, crowd of over 300 parents, students, employ- at Studio 2000; Adam Bogle, Carpentry student, interned at The Child Garden ers and staff. West is a college-tech prep stu- interned at Tim Stucco LLC; Sarah Bradish, dent from Keystone High School. The Ridge Tool Landscape & Greenhouse Management student, NORTH RIDGEVILLE Company was honored for being an outstanding interned at Locke’s Garden Center; Rhayven Joseph Anderson, Industrial Electricity student, JVS business partner for providing educational Coats, Web & Graphic Design student, interned interned at Bay Mechanical & Electrical Corp.; and employment experiences for JVS students. at NASA CORE; Staci Culligan, Marketing & Ryan Hahn, Industrial Electricity student, in- Steve Kovach, Human Resources Manager for Management student, interned at West Roof- terned at Star, Inc.; Jessica Reed, Marketing & Ridge Tool, accepted the company’s award. In ing Systems; Nicholas Edreff, Plumbing and Management student, interned at CiCi’s Pizza; addition, Noel Zurcher, retired Personnel Man- Pipefitting student, interned at Lucas Plumbing; Donald Regula III, Industrial Electricity student, ager from Ridge Tool, was given an honorary Joshua Ferrell, Industrial Electricity student, interned at First Energy; Kaylajoy Schupp, Bak- award for his long-standing relationship with the interned at Electrical Accents; Alexis Hau, Cos- ery and Pastry Arts student, interned at Hyde JVS and his dedication to promoting careers in metology student, interned at Fandangle Hair Park Restaurant; Gregg Wenz, Heating and Air manufacturing. Design; Dale Haynes, Auto Technology student, Conditioning student, interned at Climate Tech Representatives from over 70 companies/orga- interned at the City of Elyria Wastewater Control nizations were recognized for their commitment Division; Naeem Kilgore, Bakery and Pastry Arts OBERLIN to helping students apply technical skills in a student, interned at Wesleyan Village; Neil Kor- Alicia Bosma, Cosmetology student, interned at work-based learning environment. “One of the zan, Auto Technology student, interned at Mike Aries Style Salon; Scott Fridenstine, Collision principles behind the Summer Internship Pro- Bass Ford; Kristopher Mahlich, Auto Technology Repair student, interned at Gary’s Body Shop gram is to extend the classroom into the world student, interned at Jack Matia Honda; Zachary of work,” affirmed JVS Career Services Special- Mitchell, Industrial Electricity student, interned WELLINGTON ist Bob Pogorelc. “Another important objective at First Energy; Gregory Thompson, Commercial Rebecca Campbell, Web & Graphic Design is to enhance a student’s prospects for careers Truck Technology student, interned at Sylvester student, interned at Plum Creek & Associates; in high-skill, competitive-wage jobs, as well as Truck & Tire; Chad Tremaine, Industrial Elec- Emily Dammeyer, Culinary Arts student, in- guide students down a path that provides signifi- tricity student, interned at First Energy; Peter terned at Pizza Hut; Erika DeArmon, Office & cant opportunity for continued education.” The Zbasnik, Landscape & Greenhouse Management Administrative Assistant student, interned at JVS Summer Interns for the graduating class of student, interned at Pandy’s Garden Center Geyer’s Grocery Store; Andrew Fahler, Industrial 2009 are listed below by home high school: Equipment Mechanics student, interned at Polen FIRELANDS Implement; Jason Lemke, Industrial Equipment AMHERST James Edward Alexander, Commercial Truck Mechanics student, interned at Bedebe Farms; Alex Barnes, Auto Technology student, interned Technology student, interned at Born Imple- Sarah Norman, Culinary Arts student, interned at Sharpnack Chevrolet; Jeffrey Brown, Bak- ment; Mark Balduff, Commercial Truck Tech- at Elyria Country Club; Jacob Willbond, Indus- ery and Pastry Arts student, interned at Brad nology student, interned at Willoway Nurseries; trial Electricity student, interned at First Energy Friedel’s Premier Soccer Academies; Benjamin Nicholas Barker, Culinary Arts student, interned Case, Industrial Electricity student, interned at Elyria Country Club; Nicholas Gremba, Com- Lakeshore Educational & Counseling Services at Butchko Electric; Kerstin Cecil, Marketing mercial Truck Technology student, interned at www.lakeshoresupport.com & Management student, interned at HMS Host Wellington Implement; Jake Hambly, Collision Over 50 topics with motivational and profes- (Starbucks); Alyssa Chambers, Bakery and Repair student, interned at Harbourtown Auto sional speakers. Pastry Arts student, interned at Taco Bell; Matt Body; Cody Johnson, Heating and Air Condition- Compassionate and caring clinical counseling Sklarek, Auto Technology student, interned at ing student, interned at Bay Mechanical & Elec- for children, adolescents, adults, couples and Advance Auto; William Sowders, Auto Technol- trical Corp.; Neil Kamph, Plumbing and Pipefit- families. ogy student, interned at Mike Bass Ford; Joshua ting student, interned at DeLuca Plumbing; Joe Offices in Vermilion and Seven Hills Thomas, Landscape & Greenhouse Management Knoble, Industrial Equipment Mechanics stu- Call 440-963-0402 or 800-600-5327 student, interned at Willoway Nurseries; John dent, interned at R.E. Rice Inc.; Kyron Lawson, Todhunter, Culinary Arts student, interned at Precision Machine Technology student, Ziftech; Lakeshore Connection Wesleyan Village; Jordan White, Industrial Elec- Jake Lewis, Industrial Equipment Mechanics www.lakeshoresupport.com tricity student, interned at First Energy student, interned at Born Implement; Saman- Networking opportunity tha Milks, Early Childhood Education student, Meet other professionals, business owners, po- AVON interned at Park Place Learning Center; Devon tential customers and friends! Joseph Cash, Industrial Electricity student, Mosley, Auto Technology student, interned at 1st Friday each month: Towne Center Commu- interned at Neuschaefer Electric; Eric Demaline, Sharpnack Chevrolet; Anthony Scott, Auto Tech- nity Campus, Avon Lake Industrial Equipment Mechanics student, in- nology student, interned at Bates Auto & Truck; 3rd Friday each month: Lakeshore Professional terned at Willoway Nurseries; Megan Wiegand, Cody Ward, Network Communications Technol- Offices, Vermilion Landscape & Greenhouse Management student, ogy student, interned at Lorain County JVS; 8:30-10:00 a.m. interned at Willoway Nurseries Ethan Zurcher, Industrial Electricity student, Call 440-963-0402 or 800-600-5327 interned at First Energy A service provided by Lakeshore Educational & AVON LAKE Counseling Services. Joseph Strippoli, Culinary Arts student, interned KEYSTONE at Parallax Restaurant & Lounge Melissa Bruton, Cosmetology student, interned Lakeshore Professional Offices at Just Teasen Salon; Stephanie Casper, Bakery www.lakeshoresupport.com BROOKSIDE and Pastry Arts student, interned at Bread-N- Training room and office space available. Tim Hambly, Heating and Air Conditioning Brew; Christopher Connard, Precision Machine Located downtown Vermilion. student, interned at Westland Heating & Air Technology student, interned at General Plug & Call for a reasonable rates, 440-963-0402 or Conditioning; Laura Love, Cosmetology student, Mfg.; Jacob Johnson, Heating and Air Condition- 800-600-5327. interned at Best Cuts; Calvin Russo, Heating ing student, interned at Famous Supply; Antho- and Air Conditioning student, interned at Gar- ny Kannenberg, Precision Machine Technology diner Trane student, interned at SAE Mfg.; Roman Kling- shirn, Culinary Arts student, interned at Elyria CLEARVIEW Country Club; Matt Lottman, Web & Graphic Adam Bill, Heating and Air Conditioning stu- Design student, interned at NASA CORE; Chel- dent, interned at Gundlach Sheet Metal Works; sea Parks, Cosmetology student, interned at Lorain County Magazine October 2008 www.loraincountymagazine.com 10
  11. 11. Style & Fashioin Vera Wang Calvin Klein Ralph Lauren Lorain County Magazine LORAIN COUNTY MAGAZINE October 16th 2008 20 Ways to Wear Your Hair – Featuring: Jessica Alba & Beyonce October 2008 11 ...find a salon near you that will do these hairstyles with our Salon Directory Articles: Choosing the Right Purse for Your Personality Fashion Celebrity Trends? Basic Guide to Choosing Fashion Stores Hot Trend...Gray Hair, Young Men www.loraincountymagazine.com
  12. 12. Style & Fashion 20 Ways to Wear Your Hair Beyonce Jessica Alba Should Your Teenage Child Become a Fashion Model Next Month: Are the parent of a teenager? If you are, have you ever been asked by your teen to be a fashion model? While a large number of teens who • Dry Skin Lotions, Do Any of them Really want to be fashion models are girls, there are some boys who also Work? wish to do so. Although your teen may wish to become a teen fashion • Celebrities with Learning Disabilities model, the question is should you let them? When it comes to de- • The Superfood Facial termining whether or not you should let your teen be a teen fashion model, there are a number of important factors that you may want • Articles: Fresh Food for the Skin & The to take into consideration. One of those factors is where they would Vein Doctor Medical Group model. Is your teen only interested in participating in local fashion • Directory of Local Salons shows, like ones that may be run by local fashion designers or local fashion store owners? Or, are they interested in making it big? These are important questions that you may want to get answers to be- cause it may actually mean the difference between a yes and a no an- swer. Teens who aim high as fashion models likely have a lot of drive and ambition; unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to make it as a professional teen fashion model. That is just something that you may want to keep in mind. Another factor that you may want to take into consideration is the type of fashions that your teen would be mod- eling. This may be a little bit hard to determine if they haven’t yet lined up any appearances, but it still something that you will want to take into consideration. Teen fashions include a wide range of clothing pieces. There are swimwear pieces that are often modeled, as well as summer clothes, and so forth. If they want to go further than a local show then they need to get professional photographs of them taken, as well as the hiring of an agent. The only thing that you need to do is be careful with who you choose to work with. With the recent interest in teen and child models, many parents are getting scammed by unsavory individuals. Do the proper research first and you shouldn’t have any troubles trying to get your teen into model- ing. The above mentioned factors are just a few of the many that you may want to take into consideration, should your teenager ask about becoming a teen model. As previously mentioned, working as a teen model is a great way to prepare your child for working in the real world, but it is a decision that should be made by the whole family Attention Retailers The Lorain County Magazine will be featuring local Fashions & Products. So if you’re in the business of selling Clothing, Acces- sories household products, appliances, electronics, Beauty Sup- plies or other, contact us and let our models display your prod- ucts: Nov.1st, Nov. 15th, Dec 1st, Dec.15th, Jan.1st & Jan 15th. Call 440-365-4366 or visit us at one of our two locations in our Elyria/N.Ridgeville office or our Lorain/Amherst Office. Lorain County Magazine October 2008 www.loraincountymagazine.com 12
  13. 13. Lorain County Magazine October 2008 www.loraincountymagazine.com 13
  14. 14. Lorain County Magazine October 2008 www.loraincountymagazine.com 14