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Pickup your next copy of the LCM MagazineOn the 1st or 15th of the month
                          at any of over 400 of t...
15 Media Advantages
1. Very Affordable – LCM is one of the                         6. Long Shelf Life – A person in a wait...
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Lcm New Media Kit Oct 08


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Media Kit for Lorain County Magazine

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Lcm New Media Kit Oct 08

  1. 1. Pickup your next copy of the LCM MagazineOn the 1st or 15th of the month at any of over 400 of these Fine locations Wellington Art Gallery Subway Avon Lake Pizza Pan Pizza Marcos Pizza R58 Sugar Creek Restaurant Dimitri’s Corner Oberlin Library Geppeto Fairfield Inn Convenient Cleve. St. Januzzi’s Shoes Rt 58 Curves Black River Antiques Ups Store CK Convenient Avon Lake Animal Hos- EMH Human Resources Days Inn rt 58 Weight Watchers All Ohio Toys Union Arts Building Heat Exchange pital WJTB Radio Motel 6 Rt 58 American General Hunans Chinese Acoustik Muzik Just A Bite Coffee Shop Lear Rd Shopping Center Elyria DMV Lorain Check Cash Village Resale ATM Lorain National Bank Avon Martinizing Cleaners LC Administration Bldg Subway Koelbe Rd. Subway Windsong Realty ATM Teachers Ed The Rock Pile 890 Lear Walker Rd. LC Chamber of Com- Golden Crown Koelbe Rd. Progressive Fun Zone Association Rd. Avon Romeos Pizza merce Lorain City Hall Cleveland Clinic Physical King Reality ATM First Merit Red Tail Golf Club Avon Best Cuts LC Commissioners Office Lake Point Center Therapy Burger King Oberlin College Bookstore Avon Commons Shop- Stellas Restaurant LC Growth Partnership Community Health New Life Hospice Ponderosa Oberlin College Buildings ping Center Buffalo Wild Wings LC Justice Center Partner Vermilion Brother’s Chevrolet ATM Farm Credit Services Caribou Coffee Curves Elyria City Hall Cleveland Clinic Lorain Vermilion Farms Krystowski Tractor N.Ridgeville Best Cuts China Chef Elyria Water Dept. Family Center Harbortown Animal Clinic Schramms Center Ridge Retail Stores Martinizing Various Stores Rt.83 Elyria Community Devel- Lakeland Professional Lakeside Plaza Wellington B Martinizing Hot Dog Heaven Retail Outlets & Waiting opment Building Angel Nails Always in Dry Clean USA Subway Rooms Rt.83 Elyria Parks & Rec Lakeland 30 waiting rooms Marcos Pizza Breummers Great Chips Nail LaCquer 20 Landings Businesses Signs N Shop 130 Cleve- City Center Olivia’s Hair Wellington Library Johnny Malloy Mandarin Avon Lake land Elyria IGA Plaza 4th st Pay Day Curves Curves French Creek Square Mr. Hero Jamie's Carpet Laundermat 4th St Cash Advance LCCC Wellington Alexs Deli French Creek Antiques Great Clips Amherst Lorain Public Library Sun Studios Main Street Wellington Smoke Outlet Jelly Bean Boutique Mary's Cycle Mama Jo's Pies 6th St. Best Cuts Bread & Brew N Ridgeville Library Diana’s Deli Best Cuts Sweeps Amherst Plaza East of Chicago Jim's Barber Shop Davis Kitchen Interior All American Sports Avon Library Ups Store Subway Amherst Plaza Good Will Curves Farm & Home Cobblestone Corner SpottedDog BW3 Arabica - Lor Met Bank TNT Tan Inland Seas Maritime Paintball World Ridgeville Animal Hospital Avon Animal Hospital Avon Lake Library Jullianos Pizza Crystal Clear Cleaners Museum Wellington Implement Roll Arena Great Clips Avon Lake Winery Deli Amherst Videos Asian Buffet Rittmnan Library Hemlock Cottage Lorain Rd. Malleys Chocolates John Christ Winery Amherst Motor Vehicles Famous Hair Holiday Inn Express OBERLIN Don Moulds Plantation Matress Warehouse Learwood Shopping Blue Sky Restaurant El Carreton Main Street Stores Oberlin Garden Ctr Chamber of Commerce Quisnos Center Premier Mortgage El Castillo Cheron Chocolates Locke Garden Ctr Super 8 GameStop Convenient 137 lear Rd. Hot Dog Heaven Georges Restaurant Liberty Ave Stores Allen Hospital 200 Motel 6 Portrait Invasions Laundry Dock Angelos Pizza Sheffield Lake Senior Center Facility WIlder Hall Mail Room GoodFella Body Five Guys Ridge Cleaners Main Street Businesses Sheffield Lake Plaza Parmer Screen Printer Oberlin Bookstore Sheetz Ultra Tan Curves Downtown Businesses Rt.611 Vermilion Brake Bead Paradise II Speedway Dry Clean USA Elyria Amherst Hospital Lake Rd. Vermilion YMCA Smiths Furnishings Gourmet Restaurant Jamies Carpet Best Cuts 845 Cleve St. Mary’s Bird World Demonkas Library ...and many more Gibson Candy WOK China Restaurant Burger King Chronic tattoos Rugged Blue Sheffield Village The Velvet Turtle Butternut Corners Cleveland Clinic Avon Precious Pup Dairy Mart Detroit Rd/ Rt. 254 We have many more Carlyle Shop Market EMH Health Center Avon PCMed Zehel Guitar N. Abbe Rd.Businesses distribution points at Feves Restaurant Center Ridge rd. Kaiser Permanente Avon Convenient Don Tequila Arabica schools and Lagrange, Java Zone Best Cuts Avon Crossing Signs & Ships Glamour Nails National City Bank Grafton, S. Amherst, Oberlin Inn A&C Tires El Matete Best in Pots Dominoes Pizza Money Stop Eaton and Columbia Apollo Theatre Fast Cash Hungry Howies Money Mart Damon’s Nails Mike Bass Ford Station. These are most Campus Video Teskas Mootown Creamery East of Chicago Burger King Detroit Rd. of our distribution loca- Edward Jones Senior Center Light Salon & Spa Circle K Amherst Library Cash Stop tions. Some may change Workshop Framing Paws & Claws The Wine Luchitas Famous Hair Dairy Mart without notice. If you Watson Hardware Animal Clinic Fujiyama SteakHouse Retailers Broad Street Damons Hair Convenient Foods would like to be a dis- Ginkos Gallery Corner Store Catanza's Barber Shop Retailers South Abbe Subways Superior Medical Care tribution location for Campus Cleaners Techno Nails The Chef & Mr's Cook Retailers North Abbe Jackson Hewitt Ohio Business College the Lorain County Matrix Games Curves Let's Get Physical Therapy LCCC Buildings Geils Guitar Center Cobblestone Cinema Magazine please Call us: Dave Army/Navy Arabica Neon Beach Tanning Masters Pizza J Taylor Salon Plaza The Copy Shoppe Barking Barbers Enyos Salon & Spa Capiros Pizza Studio 8 Sam's Club Plaza 440-365-4366
  2. 2. 15 Media Advantages 1. Very Affordable – LCM is one of the 6. Long Shelf Life – A person in a waiting 11. Free Web Pages and Site links – All most affordable print and or advertising room usually waits at least 45 minutes for advertisers can have their websites linked to medium in the Tri-County area and the best an appointment in the office of a: us or receive a free web page for as long as prices in town (Doctor, Dentist, Hospital, Hair Salon, they are advertisers. Tanning Salon, Nail salons). These people 2. Exclusivity for Advertisers - We don’t usually read all of our publications and take 12. Higher Readership Rate - In a typical bombard readers with similar advertisers a copy home. waiting room 30 to 40 people read one of from the same cities. our magazines. We leave an average of 5 to 7. Community Interest and Involvement - 20 in a waiting room. An average of over 3. Professional Look - Whether it’s glossy We receive, accept, and print information 500 people visit a waiting room in a month; or premium bond our graphics and images from various community organizations. Foot Doctor, Eye Doctor, Physical Therapist, stand out. Hair Salon, Dentist, Nail Tech, Medical 8. Gift Giveaway - Every issue that goes out Doctor, Dentist, Pet Clinic or Hospital. 4. Hard to reach readership - Busy is given away freely as a gift. employees, em¬ployers and students don’t 13. Wider Readership Concentration - We usually get to read past page 5 of the daily 9. Shares Spaces with National Magazines reach more and different people throughout papers due to lack of time, work schedule - In wait¬ing rooms, retail outlets, hair the county in every issue. etc. That means that if you’re ad is not in the salons, Doctors offices, libraries and various first 5 pages of your daily paper your ad stores we share shelf space with national 14. Only Positive Information - We publish may not get the best views. magazines. informa¬tion that enhances the quality of Life to those that participate. 5. Higher Visibility - We are the sole 10. Repetition of Readership - Many magazines allowed in many waiting rooms, readers call and go out looking for recent 15. No Direct Mail Loss – We don’t worry government offices, schools, and retail outlets. and future issues about our readers throwing away our publication because we don’t mail it to them. They pick it up because they want to read it, be informed and take advantage of the contents. Clients Lorain National Bank – Grange Insurance - Masters Insurance – Cleveland Clinic – Community Health Partners - Certified Auto – Gyro House – El Carreton Mexican Restaurant – Nesco Staffing -Valvoline Instant Oil Change– Premier Toyota Scion - Certified Auto Sales - Arch Abraham Nissan – Elyria Hyundai - Amherst Animal Hospital – A Barking Boutique – Certified Cash Payday Loans – Silva Image Salon PetLand – Blue Sky Restaurant – Capiro’s Pizza - Jillianos Pizza – Premier Mortgage – Stan’s Roofing – Vermilion Brake Service – Ohio Business College - Abbe Rd. Lumber – Pet Depot – Dunking Doggie’s – Dogs on the Go - Raul’s Dog Training – Shaklee Rep – Lorain County Community Development – Lorain County Dog Kennel – Lorain County Commissioners – Lorain County Growth Partnership - Jonathans Furniture Warehouse – Crazy Jim ’ s Computer- Dance Time Studios – 28th Street Auto – The Ultimutt Inn & Pet Resort – Elbert Construction - Sophisticut Hair Salon - Realty One (Anthony Morales)–Morningside at Martins Run – LCCC – Country Skate Land – Acoustik Music – Waymakers Gifts and Books - The Rock – ifaith Mall - The Lorain County Mission – Parmer Screen Printing – Lorain Port Authority – Ohio Institute of Health Careers – Oberlin Choristers – Elyria Animal Hospital – Superior Medical – Master’s Pizza – Lorain County Transit and others, for information on advertisers write us at: 155 Yorkshire Ct Elyria, Oh 44035. New Media Information: Fall/Winter 2008-2009 Ad Information: Street Dates are 1st & 3rd Thursdays Education: A monthly focus on local, regional and Car Care and Auto is the section where we share our of every month. Deadlines are the 20th of the prior month national educational news and information. national car care information with our local readers and for the 1st Thursday issue and the 5th of the month for the refer them to auto related shops or dealers that sell, repair, 3rd Thursday. Sports, Recreation and Leisure: Highlight of rent or lease, auto or auto related products and services. area Sports, Recreation and Leisure events and activities. The 1st Thursday issues will focus on Business, Govern- Travel & Vacation will also fall under Leisure activities. Home Improvement is a how-to section with articles ment, Community, Real Estate, Car Care, and more. that help improve the home. Pet Lovers Corner: A popular readers page that The 3rd Thursday issues will focus more on Health, Edu- highlight articles and information on Pets, Pet Owners, Pet New Gadgets is a section that educate readers on new cation, Recreation, Leisure, Sports, Fitness, Nutrition, and Facilities, Clinics, Hospitals, Adoptions, Shelters, Kennels, electronics, products, or services with a technological more. etc. focus. Examples: iPods, Blackberry Phones, USB Recordings, High Definition Recorders, Home Video Both Issues can include: Pet Lovers Corner, City, Community Focus is a section that highlights various Equipment etc.... Village or Town, People Places and Things, Arts, Enter- events, happenings or economic situations that impact a tainment, Music, Theatre, Events & Happenings, Food, community. Real Estate is the section for home sellers, renters, Fashion, Culture and Style. buyers, and anyone who is interested in real estate infor- Minority Affairs Is the section highlight the events and mation. City, Village or Town: Every issue will focus on a happenings in the Hispanic or African American Commu- city, village, or township with welcomed nity through information from local, regional and national Computers & Services is the section for Internet, comments from city leadership, business, community or organizations. Ecommerce, Websites, Hosting and any other computer non-profit organizations. related information that can help readers enhance their Business and Finance: this section focuses on area knowledge or improve their business dealings through People Places and Things: Highlights from mem- businesses and the trends that are affecting our economy. computers. bers of various communities as well We accept articles and information from the business, as places, objects, and things that are unique to our area banking, government and finance communities, that help Church Directory: Businesses or individuals can and others around us. our readers make informed decisions. sponsor a church by including their name and the church that they sponsored. Health section: Monthly articles and information from Lorain County Government will highlight information the health and medical community on new and rare find- about the county, it’s departments and it’s workers. Directories: Restaurants, Pet Facilities, Used Cars, ings. Professional Advertising Page, Events & Happenings, Community Leaders: Individuals in Business, Edu- Employment, Homes, Auto, Church Directory. Dental Health: Message from local and national dental cation, Professional, Non-Profit, or Clergy. authorities. Lorain County Magazine Page 2
  4. 4. The Only Print Media Covering all of Lorain County Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for Distribution locations will include: Curves - Best Free – Free – Free – Free – Free – our readers and those around them. We accept Cuts – Libraries - Drug Marts – Motor Vehicles articles, press releases and positive information Offices – Lorain City Schools - Lorain County We will set up a webpage for those busi- that does not violate copyright information. Community College - Ohio Business College – nesses that don't have a website or we can Apartment Complexes - Senior Centers - Check Cash link businesses that do websites. A partnership has been formed with Lorain County Outlets - Cleveland Clinic Sites - Kaiser Permanente- Remember : Magazine and various; distributors, school districts, Community Health Partners - EMH Sites – Lorain quot;A WEBSITE IS ONLY AS GOOD AS THE government officials, health facilities, educational County Dentistry – City buildings Government TRAFFIC THAT IT RECEIVES.quot; Many facilities and retail executives to allow the Lorain facilities - Lorain County Administration Building – businesses spend thousands of dollars County Magazine into new strategic locations Lorain County JVS - Lorain County Justice Center – setting up a website that does not draw throughout Lorain County. Midway Mall – French Creek Shopping Center – Avon traffic. That is why we are offering pages Commons Shopping Center – The Landings – that will be marketed daily to our local and Due to the increasing cost of print, paper and Learwood Shopping Center – Vermilion Shopping regional community. The Webpage can distribution we have decided to maintain an average Center – Mainstreets Organizations – Chamber include the entire inventory, menu, schedule, level of distribution without adding more to the cost Offices – Avon Town Center – Amherst Shopping or just the design of the business. of advertising. Our goal is to distribute 15,000 copies Center – Grace Hospital – llen Memorial Hospi- every weekly in Lorain County and beyond. Presently tal – Lorain Shopping Center – Oberlin Ave. Dental In addition to the Client being placed our focus remains on Lorain County as our main Offices – Oberlin Ave Medical Offices – Oberlin Ave on the site will be entitled to our full objective in print, advertising, audio and video. We Shops - Liberty Ave Shops – Main Street Oberlin promotional package including infomercial are one of the very few organizations that will Shops – Main Street Wellington Shops – Main Street oriented promotion on video, audio, radio promote our advertisers through cross media to Grafton Shops – Main Street LaGrange Shops – internet and print. include: print, audio, video, and internet. See our Center Ridge Rd. Shops - Giant Eagles – Apples– We will work directly with the client's website at and get IGA’s - and various retail outlets and shopping budget and give the ultimate promotion for your free Web Page or a link to your website today. centers throughout Lorain County. the maximum results. The two programs are: 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. Topics Include: Employment & Education - Small For a full updated distribution list see our Website: Business Finance - Real Estate - Car Care - Mortgages We will no longer design ads for one time & Loans - Community – Events & Happenings - insertions unless the client has a minimum Leisure & Recreation - Shopping - Health Care – Betty of a 3 month contract or pays for the design Blair’s Bulletin - Insurance Focus - Nutrition- Pet charges. We accept designs from agencies Lovers Corner - Doctors & Dentist - Home and other media. Improvement - New Gadgets – Fashion – Art – If you need to download a copy of our Entertainment – Music – Economic Development - media kit or see the latest copy of the Computers and Services - Internet & E-Commerce - Lorain County Magazine online go to Web Sites & Hosting - Government - People Places and Things and more. Lorain County Magazine Rates HALF 1/4 Call us... 440-365-4366 Half Page Quarter Page 10 1/4” x 7 7/8” 5 1/16” x 7 7/8” Full Page – $ 600 B&W – Back $750 – Half Page 10 ¼ x 7 7/8 - $350 B&W Quarter Page 5 1/16 x 7 7/8 - $225 B&W Eight Page 5 1/16 x 3 7/8 - $125 B&W Sixteenth Page 5 1/16 x 1 7/8 $75 B&W 1/8 1/16 Ad 25% to B&W prices for color ads Eighth Page One Sixteenth Page 5 1/16” x 3 7/8” 5 1/16” x 1 7/8” Biz Card 1 of 21 Biz Cards in a page $25- Front Page Strips - Color only RESERVE YOUR SPACE NOW! All artwork or photo images must (Full Strip $195) – ( ½ $100) – (Biz Card $65) be 300 dpi, CMYK for color and grayscale for B&W. We accept ads created in Photoshop, Quark Free Job Classifieds: All of Our regular advertising customers Express, and In-design exported as PDF’s. We reserve the right to can place free classified ads for jobs. accept or deny any ad according to Classifieds: This Section is divided up in 5 areas for Employment, our print policies. We do not accept ads that relate to; alcohol, tobacco, Homes, Business, Auto and Other. Our Minimum advertising sexually oriented ads, or negative advertising, which include cost in the Classifieds section is $20 for the first 40 words. materials, products or services. .50 per word after the first 40.