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December 2nd Issue ofr the Lorain County Magazine for advertising purposes

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  1. 1. “Get a Free Webpage or a Link to Your Site!” December – 2nd Issue Call (440) 242-0835 to Advertise Distributed the First and Third Thursday of the Month Magazine “The Pride of Lorain County” Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Great Lakes Truck Driving School Ohio’s Premier CDL Training Facility Free CDL Temporary Call 1-866-932-3436 Permit CDL Class A & B Training Classes 27740 Royalton Rd. (Rt. 82) Columbia Station, OH 44028 Lic.# 1898 Phone: 440-365-9377 Fax: 440-365-8889 TMCNEWS.NET 440-610-2352 631 South Abbe Road • Elyria A Masterpiece of Pizza MASTER PIZZA® (440) 365-7383 • 427 CLEVELAND STREET ESTABLISHED 1955 – THE MONTELEONES 365-7383
  2. 2. Dermatology/Skin Care Endocrinology General Surgery Geriatrics Internal Medicine Nutrition Ophthalmology Orthopaedics Pediatric Care Podiatry State-of-the-Art Radiology Services: CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Mammography and X-Ray Vascular Surgery Cleveland Clinic Elyria at Chestnut Commons Cleveland Clinic Elyria at Chestnut Commons 303 Chestnut Commons Drive Elyria, Ohio 44035 Cleveland Clinic Elyria at Chestnut Commons brings the highest level of care right to your neighborhood. With over 20 physicians, including primary care and a variety of specialties, you can meet all your family’s needs at one convenient location. For an appointment to see any of our doctors, please call 440.366.9444. When you call, mention this ad to receive a free first aid kit. To meet our doctors, please visit Lorain County Magazine December 2008 – 2nd Issue 2
  3. 3. Betty Blair’s Bulletin December 2008 In the 1990’s, NOACA, our five-County Met- my Nephew and Niece to their vacationing an elderly gentleman who cleaned hats as Historic ropolitan Planning Organization initiated a Parents at Cedar Point. (I was a good baby- part of their all-type service. When I needed Study entitled NEORAIL, which cost about sitter!) to get my red hat cleaned in the early 1990’s, $90,00, and was chaired by Calvin Waite, at I found a shop close to NOACA’s then- Building that time an Oberlin City Councilman, and Ken Prendergast has previously noted that headquarters in Cleveland, as by that time, coincidentally, my alternate to NOACA. The Lorain County has great potential for train this service was no longer available at the Study produced a great deal of information, traffic. We do have two stations just waiting American Shoe Shoppe. I’m glad a part of Rolls Into including the fact that the Norfolk & South- for the trains. the American Shoe Shoppe History, which ern line which could run from Cleveland is also a part of Elyria’s History will be dis- westward to Lorain’s Black River Landing, (During their lunch break, many of the All played at the Transportation Center. 21st Century with stops at Lakewood, Rocky River, West- Aboard Ohio Members, took the opportunity Betty Blair, Lorain County Commissioner lake/Bay Village, Avon/Avon Lake, Sheffield to visit Elyria’s East Falls.) I concluded my Lake, and perhaps on into Vermilion, was the comments by noting that this was another CHRISTMAS most feasible of all that were studied. There co-operative effort of the City of Elyria and Not only was the Lorain County Transporta- was even a Demonstration Run in 1997. the Lorain County Commissioners. Easily Each of us carries special memories of tion Center chosen as a winner in the Lorain accessible. A site you won’t forget. Not only Christmas! One of my favorite scenes was County Beautiful Awards Historical Reha- There was a certain Congressman from the was this the Tale of Two Trains, we are also the live Poinsettia Christmas tree decorat- bilitation Category, it is scheduled for Phase Cleveland area who was concerned with a Two Falls City.” ing Fort Meyers Beach, Florida. It was 2 of $3.1 Million of restoration, with $2.6 Agreements that he had fostered and nego- very different from our usual pine tree, but Million being federal dollars. Anticipated tiated with the Rail lines and the respective While touring the Transportation Center, beautiful, nonetheless. This scene was completion is in the Fall of 2009. communities, limiting FREIGHT traffic we viewed passenger seats from the waiting viewed one Christmas as we joined the to 13.9 trains per day. My reading of these area of a former Pennsylvania Train Station. Krettler Family in Florida. Christmas mu- Formerly known as the New York Central agreements mentions NOTHING about For many years, these seats were used by the sic, both commercial and religious, should Train Station and built in 1926, it is Commuter Rail. “Shoe Shine Boys” at the former American be enjoyed more than just in December, for located in Downtown Elyria on Depot Street Shoe Shoppe on Elyria’s Broad St. When I I believe it presents the best there is to of- and is listed on the National Register of His- During the past two plus years, Ken Prender- first looked at them, I knew they were famil- fer. There are four things you can’t recover. toric Places. Phase I provided a totally re- gast has initiated and hosted meetings with iar. The stone after the throw, the word after it’s stored and stabilized exterior roof and facade the Stakeholders along this line to alleviate said, the occasion after it’s lost, the time with an interior space primed to be renovated this Congressman’s fears about any poten- Karen Davis explained that the Boyson Fam- after it’s gone. “The Precious Present” by for new life, with a total cost of $1.6 Million. tial damage to those agreements. Support for ily had donated them because of their histor- best-selling author Spencer Johnson is the Nearly 81 per cent was from Federal Funds this project has been gained from a host of ic significance. To me, they were just years story of a man who spends his life seeking provided through the co-operative efforts of communities across a three-county region. and years of happy memories of a friend and a treasure, the Precious Present. One day, Lorain County and Federal elected officials. Congresswoman Betty Sutton has secured growing up in the Elyria area. Our friendship the man discovers that, in fact, the Precious When completed, the Transportation center a $343,000 Earmark for the Lorain County spanned 64 years, as we were both grade and Present is just that - the Present. Some- is slated to house Lorain County Transit, Commissioners to do an Alternatives Analy- high school classmates. His Dad was awfully times we are so busy worrying or planning Greyhound Bus terminal, Amtrak Station sis Study which will determine whether this patient with the ‘’kids” who hung around the for tomorrow or reflecting on yesterday that and taxicab services. project meets the FTA (Federal Transit Ad- Shoe Shoppe. I used to often stop to just say we forget the wonderful gift of “The Pres- ministration) New Starts cost effectiveness hello to Joe Boyson when being in Down- ent.” Merry Christmas! ALL ABOARD OHIO, a non-profit group index project evaluation criterion. If it does, town Elyria. He was a very special Man. that promotes rail interests throughout the we can then apply for entry into and start Betty Blair, Lorain County Commis Commissioner state of Ohio, held their Fall Membership preliminary engineering and begin the envi- Besides the “Shoe Shine Boys” they also had 440-329-5112 Meeting in Elyria. ronmental impact studies that examine such things as noise, vibration and grade-crossing Following are some of my remarks to their impacts. membership: The Community Alliance had applied to “Most people enjoy a good story. What I the Ohio Department of Development for a would like to tell you this morning is the collaborative grant match for this project; however, ODOD chose a different Alliance ‘Tale of Two Trains.’ project to fund. So, we are still seeking our match dollars. The first is about the West Shore Corridor Project. The Tale of the Other Train is the former New York Central Train Station or Depot In 2006, while I was running for re-election which is scheduled as part of your Tour later to my fifth term as a Lorain County Commis- today, and which Karen Davis, our Special sioner, I visited the Sun Newspaper for an Projects Manager, has worked on for a very- interview. In the lobby, I ran into Ken Pren- long time. The Commissioners recently au- dergast. We visited there. Ken then said to thorized the beginning of Phase 2 of the res- me: ‘Aren’t you...?’ toration of the Station in Downtown Elyria. Estimated project cost is $3.1M, with $2.6 And, he further said that he had a new Power being federal dollars. Anticipated comple- Point on this West Shore Train. I immedi- tion is for the Fall of 2009. That is informa- ately suggested that he come to visit the Lo- tion prior to an e-mail from Stu Nicholson rain County Community Alliance, our now of the Ohio Rail Development Commission, 13-year old Council of Governments, which letting us know of the possibility of addition- has long supported the concept of Commuter al federal dollars. Rail. I was on the West Shore Commuter Rail It was love at first site - at least through my Demonstration train in 1997 that traveled eyes. And since that time, I have been a big from Lorain as far as the tracks provided fan of both Ken Prendergast and All Aboard into Cuyahoga County. And, in 1953 I rode Ohio. the train from this New York Train Station in Downtown Elyria to Cedar Point, delivering Lorain County Magazine December 2008 – 2nd Issue 3
  4. 4. Pet Lover’s Corner Dog Training Tips use a happy and friendly voice. While on the other hand, you’ll want a lower firmer voice for sit, down, and stay will do on your obedience training. However, if your dog is uncontrollable with undesirable and distracting 7. Be Positive It is necessary to use positive reinforcement when by: Andrei Smith commands. behaviors, you should use a training collar. You don’t training your dog by offering some dog treats and a 2. Praise & Reward have to worry about the size as most electronic training lot of praise if he performs correctly and learn new One of the reasons for doing an obedience dog training Always praise your dog or offer him when he learned collar now clearly indicate what size of dog the training commands. is to establish a foundation between you and your dog. new commands. collar is intended for. 8. Play with your dog Many dog owners believe that dog training is only for 3. Be Patient 5. No Distractions Dogs which are trained are a pleasure to take for a those who wish to compete in obedience trials, but they Patience is the key when you are training your dog. Fo- Try to pick a quiet area when training your dog to do walk and a pleasure to own. are wrong. cus on a single command a session and end it on a posi- tricks or commands. A secluded back yard works best Dog training requires only a simple persistence to be tive note. Dog’s are incredibly smart and will pick up all if you want to train your dog for basic obedience com- About The Author successful and can be useful to help fulfill some of your your commands. After each session, spend some time mands only. Andrei Smith is a pet lover and web copywriter con- dog’s basic and social interaction needs. Here are some playing. He will associate the time with you as positive 6. Reprimand nected to, a dog training tips to guide you along the way. and anticipate his training again. Do not hit your dog! Any time your dog has undesir- company that specializes in dog training collar at a low 4. Use the correct dog training equipments able behavior, be firm and friendly. Remember, dogs cost. Visit 1. Firm and Friendly If you have a well-behaved dog, a lead and a buckle are man’s best friend. for more dog training collar tips and other popular dog When you give commands such as come, you want to training collar products. AFFORDABLE PET SERVICES 111 S. Center St. LaGrange, Ohio 44050 (440) 355-5982 • Obedience Training Canine/Feline Grooming. • Grooming Basic/Advanced Obedience Training. Personal. Protection/Guard Dog Training. • Boarding Aggression Rehabilitation. Special Programs. • Rescue & Adoption Your Groomer, Trainer & Behaviorist Training by Raul. 25 years Peggy Horvath experience retired Lorain Police 30 yrs. Groomer – 22 yrs. Trainer & Behaviorist Peggy Horvath Owner trainer/handler. Aggression and behavioral issues addressed. SPECIALS 3700 Broadway * Nail Trims $8 (only $6 on Mondays) * Anal Gland Expressed $5 233-5009 • * (No Appointment needed just for these) Mon. 9 am – 8 pm * You are welcome to stay during your pets Grooming. POOCH PARTY Tues – Sat 9 am – 5 pm Every 2nd Tuesday of Each Month! Closed Sundays A $5 donation to attend but covers you, your family and your Dog/Dogs to attend! Free Beverages & Snacks – Socialization for your dog/dogs – Games and lots of activities! Lorain County Magazine December 2008 – 2nd Issue 4
  5. 5. The Old Guard The Cleveland Entertainment Coalition’s 2008 Board Two (2) For The Coalition, a 501c3 non profit organiza- tion, so why do they feel in some way that it’s going to take a lot of work to get the organization back to where it belongs. We master of ceremonies and other activities for most of the 12 Charity events that we Cleveland their job will be similar to the Obama’s have also looked at every law, mission and help sponsor”. Lou Acosta new Administration? Maybe it’s because policy that pertains to the CEC and we the last CEC administration didn’t reach have decided to change a few things to get “ We need to connect with the members on Entertainment all of their goals? Or even some of their goals? “We don’t want to bash anybody, some momentum going” says Acosta. Eventhough they have only been in their the Eastside, the Westside, and the South- side into Akron and Canton” Lou Acosta Coalition it’s just not that easy when people have to volunteer their time to get a job done”. perspective positions for barely two months, they have manage to accomplish “We are looking for writers and photo Says Acosta, CEC’s new V.P. of Planning, more than some of the board members journalist to send in stories about their Will Napoli and Lou Acosta are the New Promotion and Production. “Will Napoli from the last CEC administration. bands and events” Lou Acosta Guard at the Cleveland Entertainment and myself have been meeting every week since the elections and we both agree that “Everyone wants to get paid, but they don’t “We are looking for folks to sell advertis- want to put in the work”. Lou acosta ing, at a huge commission of 25%” Lou Acosta A ing Graffix 440 “The only organizations that have full-time volunteers are the ones whose members have “We are looking for folks to distribute this 371.3177 money, are making money, or are retired on publication in their school, office or place Mar k A lber t Z uber n y money”. Lou Acosta of business.” Lou Acosta “All successful Non-Profits have an office, “ For those of you who know Dee Adams a Telephone and some paid staffers”. Lou please support her new book: Confessions Acosta of a Not-So-Good Catholic Girl”. Lou your business Acosta PS If you read this before Tuesday your image “I believe we can help, promote, and spon- Dec 16th she’ll be at the Brother Lounge your identity sor 12 charities a year, one per month”. Lou Acosta from 5:30pm-8pm “We can probably supply the entertainment,
  6. 6. NORTH COAST HAPPENINGS Will Napoli Cleveland, Ohio President CEC Bio Educator, artist, entertainer in various chan- recently, Napoli completed a tour of the will depend on the membership. If the CEC says in describing his axe work. “It can be nels, Will Napoli serves as the President Cuyahoga County Public Libraries demon- grows to accommodate plans for events they very melodious and harmonious and it can of the Cleveland Entertainment Coalition strating tabletop robotics and teaching after can be undertaken. Lending a hand with also really rock.” Napoli says that he first (CEC), while also President of Earthman’s school robotics, concrete and visual poetry, events at this time may be sufficient. taught himself the technique in contemplat- Enterprises (E2). Known to some as Earth- and astronomy in Parma, and coaching a ro- ing the thought of a river, much in the way man, Napoli has taught astronomy for botics team in the FIRST LEGO League, the As the CEC looks to membership drives he invented a form of concrete poetry con- NASA to students K-college for seven years E3 Earthlings, and the Junior FIRST LEGO and member promotions to grow its people templating a painting of a river, but then a and robotics for five. Meanwhile, he has au- League, as the E3 Young Earthlings. Napoli resources in the new year, the shape of the branch of the Cuyahoga taught him a new thored and edited numerous titles including looks to release music for the first time in future of the CEC will start to take form. lesson in the River Song and the technique Splendid!, a magazine of urban culture, City 2009, but has been recording since the mid- New members have an opportunity to help began to blossom. Napoli hopes that staffing under the Lake, a Cleveland entertainment 80s, most recently at Tri-C Metro. shape that future. With staffing a priority for the CEC can provide the steady operations newsletter, The Protext Primer, a glossary the coalition to maintain operations, volun- necessary to see the plans of past and present of concrete and visual poetry, Opus Soup, a Napoli has served as a volunteer and direc- teers can help develop opportunities at the coalition members come to fruition and to magazine of concrete and visual poetry, Co- tor of a local educational non-profit for years CEC and through the CEC. Grants are being nurture new talent and serve new members. vert Science, a magazine of science fiction, and looks to maintain educational compo- sought, but self-sufficiency is the long-term Earthman’s Almanac, an almanac for the so- nents in CEC operations, but also to expand goal. Photos by DKTurnipseed © 2008 by E2/E3, lar system and beyond, which feature inter- on them. While the CEC promotes local en- Cleveland, Ohio. Opus Soup, Splendid!, planetary calendars, which Napoli invented tertainers, it also seeks to continue to provide “I often play my guitar in what I call the Covert Science, Earthman’s Almanac are ™ as a teenager and has since refined and sys- educational services and to work with other River Song technique, which is to use a 2008 by E2, Cleveland, Ohio. tematized. area and national service providers. Events steady drone and play on top of that,” Napoli Lou Acosta AKA Brother Lew: V.P. C.E.C. Businessman, artist, author, educator, pub- lions of people download his songs for free. penings, and so on…. Through North Coast Fanatics lisher and event coordinator, are only a few His Publications, Lou also publishes, the Lorain • 2000 Metamorphase - BrotherLew/ of the past and present positions of CEC Vice shows over 55,000 plays for the 6 songs on County Magazine, The North Coast Spanish RadicalFanatics President Lou Acosta, aka Brother Lew. For that page but over 1,000,000 views for all of Pages Telephone Directory, The North Coast • 2003 Caught in the Cross Fire - Brother the past 20 years Lou has been using hip hop the songs that have been on that same page. Health & Medical Directory, and the North Lew & Grip and other styles of music to communicate As Vice President of the Cleveland Enter- Coast Barter News. Lou say’s “I believe • 2004 Spanish Hip Hop Comp CD Various positive choices to the at-risk population tainment Coalition, Lou is taking on the mar- that the chemistry between Will Napoli and Artist nationwide, as well as Canada, Mexico and keting roles of the Planning, Promotion and myself will benefit the CEC because we are • 2005 Brother Lew 4 Mature Audiences Puerto Rico. Lou has had over two million Production Division, which will be responsi- willing to go where no one in the CEC has Lampara MG downloads on over fifty websites including: ble for the products, services and events that gone before”. • 2007/08 Kingdom Reps Compilation Al- Myspace, Famecast, Facebook, Shoutlife the CEC will put out this year. Lou believes bum DPS Records and others. He has given away more than that the CEC can do something unique and BrotherLew’s Discography: • 2007/08 On Da Block - Reggaeton EP - twenty-five thousand free CD’s to the less different every month, and therefore is he’s DPS Records fortunate and has never made a penny on his using himself as the example. Last month • 1988 Indie Tape Brother Lew • 2007/08 Thug Life RIP - DPS Records recordings. He believes that you can reach he became Vice President and designed the • 1992 Brother Lew & Da Krew - Gospel Rap Videos: 2002 winner of national Telly more people by giving away your music than new website at www.ClevelandEntertain- • 1994 Check It Out Yall EP - with The Awards Stop Da Violence 2003: by waiting for people to buy it. Lou says that , this month he started Dynamic Twins Mental Pictures 2007 Caught Up In Da 90% of musicians never sell over 1,000 CD’s publishing the CEC in the North Coast Hap- • 1997 Time is Running Out - with Radical CrossFire, CD and DVD. but he has had the opportunity to have mil-
  7. 7. NORTH COAST HAPPENINGS Oscar Wilde- “Life is too important to be Life taken seriously” Featured speaker will be Ruralia Hungarica – Exhibit of Paintings Tuesday Dec 16th 2008 The Cleve- Michael Carr, Clinical Service Coordinator Tuba Christmas Dec 20th of Hungarian Country Life Dec 6, 2008 – land Foundation at the Nord Center. Mike will discuss Ways Free Tuba Christmas show. This will be the March 28, 2009 Exhibition of charming oil Securing Corporate Partnerships: Tues- to Manage Stress During the Holiday Season, 13th Annual Tube paintings offers a nostalgic glimpse into a day, December 16, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. lessions we all could use this year. Accord- Christmas program. Last year 135 tuba play- simpler and gentler bygone era, idyllic vil- For grantseekers who want to explore vari- ing to Mr. Carr “Our expectations often help ers attended the preformance. lage life and romanticized rural scenes of ous corporate/nonprofit partnership models. or hinder our ability to manage stress. Per- This is a free concert. Lorain Palace Theatre the Hungarian countryside of the past, by Today, corporations are taking an increas- sonal flexibility to handle when things don’t 617 Broadway artists in styles ranging from romantic to ingly active role in supporting nonprofit or- go the way we expect, hope or want them Lorain, OH 44052 impressionistic. Opening Reception – Satur- ganizations. This course will help you under- to and the ability to see this as normal are day, December 6, 2008 at 2 p.m. Everyone stand the unique characteristics of corporate some of the skills that enable some people to Ohio Dance Theatre Presents ... welcome! Hungarian Heritage Museum In funders, how their giving differs from that of manage stress more effectively than others.” the Galleria at Erieview 1309 E. 9th Street, “Pressure is an opportunity to do well. Treat The Nutcracker Dec 20th 2008 Cleveland 216-523-3900 Open to the Pub- U.S. foundations, and where to make inroads Usher in the holidays with this hallmark tra- to gain their support. BONUSES Applica- it as an opportunity to fail and you will.”- lic: Wed, Thurs, Sat 11-3, Fri 11-5 HOLI- Carlton Fisk Everyone is welcome to attend dition. With a tree that grows, battling mice ble for six continuing education points for DAY HOURS: also open Mon, Tues 11-3 in Lorain Growth Breakfast Meetings! Please and extraordinary dancers, Ohio Dance The- CFRE International initial or recertification December Visit the Gift Shop – stocked with come support a local business and network atre’s fully staged production provides a vi- Complimentary one-month subscription to hundreds of unique gifts - something for ev- with community leaders! sual delight for children of all ages. From the Corporate Giving Online (a $59.95 value) eryone on your list! For more information lavish grace of the Sugar Plum Fairy to the Workbook outlining all course topics Tem- about the Exhibit and the Hungarian Muse- frantic footwork of the mischievous mice, plates for worksheets used in the course Karaoke Contest um, Gift Shop and Library, visit our website this “NUTCRACKER” is filled with wonder The Cleveland Foundation Steven A. Minter Karaoke singers wanted for karaoke contest! at and surprises. Stocker Center, Lorain County Conference Center 1422 Euclid Avenue You may be the lucky winner of a brand new Community College 1005 North Abbe Road Cleveland , OH 44115 REGISTRATION karaoke machine with two mics. This ma- Elyria, OH 44035 Become a Character The M.A.D.* Factory Players FEE $195.00 per person customerservice@ chine can be plugged into your tv & stereo Sponsor for The Nutcracker Prince, Clara, proudly present First Friday Im- system for a dynamic karaoke experience. the Mouse King, the Sugar Plum Fairy, or an prov at the First Church in Oberlin Also included are 5 brand new very desire- Angel. Sponsor our Give the Gift Program to The MAD* Factory Players Proudly An- Project GRAD Lorain Family Fun able karaoke disc., and other misc. prizes. “give back” so underserved members of our nounce First Friday Improv at the First Night at Applebee’s We also are giving prizes for funniest, crazi- community can enjoy The Nutcracker. Church Fellowship Hall Where: 106 North Project GRAD Lorain would like to invite est, and most danced to songs sung. Main St., corner of Main St.(Route 58) and everyone to attend Family Fun Night at Ap- To enter on Wednesday nights now - Decem- Lorain St.(Route 511) in Oberlin. When: ber 17th 2008. Pick a song from the karaoke Get Tickets to “The Nutcracker” plebee’s Neighborhood Grill in Lorain. The Usher in the holidays with this hallmark tra- The First Friday of Every Month at 7:00pm event will take place Monday, December 15, book fill out a karaoke ticket, Give it to Fran, Our next performance is January 2nd, Febru- sing your song and you are entered. Drawing dition. With a tree that grows, battling mice 2008, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Fifteen percent and extraordinary dancers, Ohio Dance The- ary 6th, March 6th, April 3rd, and May 1st of the proceeds will benefit the participants will be done from the karaoke tickets col- !!! If you like to laugh, bring the whole fam- lected weekly that will be kept in a jar and atre’s fully staged production provides a vi- of Project GRAD Lorain. The program pro- sual delight for children of all ages. From the ily to be entertained by our talented improvi- vides college scholarship support, tutoring, drawn at the show on Dec.17th 2008. Good sational troupe. Performances are free with Luck see you at the show! LaPorte Inn 2092 lavish grace of the Dew Drop Fairy to the mentoring and field trips. For further infor- frantic footwork of the mischievous mice, generous donations accepted. Seating is first mation, contact (440) 233-2326. Grafton Rd Elyria Ohio, 44035 come first served, doors open ½ hour before this Nutcracker is filled with wonder and surprises. It’s the 100th Anniversary of The the show. For more information, please call The MAD* Factory at 440-774-7062 or visit Waltz and Cha Cha Group Class Border’s Gift Wrapping Nutcracker Ballet. Tickets are only $26-$10. Every seat in the house is a GREAT seat! THE MAD* FAC- The Ballroom Dance Place will host a Waltz Borders Gift Wrapping Tickets available at Stocker Arts Center, TORY IS A THEATRE ARTS ORGANIZA- and Cha Cha group class from 7:30 p.m. - Friendship APL will be wrapping gifts at Lorain County Community College – De- TION IN LORAIN COUNTY THAT 8:10 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 15th. Cost is Borders, of Elyria to gain publicity and do- cember 19 & 20th 7:30PM, December 21st PROVIDES YOUNG PEOPLE WITH ED- $7.00 per person at the door. Singles and nations. Thursday, December 11, 4 p.m. to 9 2PM. For Tickets Call 440-366-4040 of UCATION AND PERFORMANCE EXPE- couples are welcome! For more informa- p.m. Friday, December 19, 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. 1-800-995-5222 or online at https://tickets. RIENCE IN tion, call the studio at 440-522-5153 or visit Friendship APL 8303 Murray Ridge Road *MUSIC, ART, AND DRAMA. Elyria, OH 44035 THE MAD* FACTORY IS COMMITTED Jason Lawhead Appearing In Lorain TO: Holiday Lights On Friday, Dec. 19, 2008, Dimacchia’s On Train Like an Olympian • Building self esteem and mutual respect Lorain County Metro Parks will help bright- the Corner in Lorain presents a hilarious Advance EXTRA will be providing a com- • Developing the creative process en the cold nights with thousands and thou- night of comedy headlined by Lorain’s own bination of PlyoCity and core strength work- • Serving under-served populations sands of lights as the Carlisle Visitor Center Jason Lawhead. It’s a one night, one show outs at Lorain County Community College • Focusing on cultural diversity hosts its 7th annual Holiday Lights display. event starting at 9:30 p.m., doors opening and Elyria Recreation South Facility for vol- • Developing excellence in the arts and Take break and warm up inside afterwards at 9 p.m. He will be performing with other leyball players and other athletes. The two • Collaborating with other community orga- with hot drinks and sweet snacks for a small guest comedians. Tickets can be purchased hour training sessions will be held on the nizations fee. Admission for this event is one non- in advance for $7 at Dimacchia’s On the following dates: 14, 21, and 28 at Lorain The MAD* Factory offers year-round theatre perishable food item per visitor that will Corner.Tickets are $10 the night of the show. Community College – 12:00 p.m. until 2:00 arts education programming that includes be donated to Second Harvest Food Bank. Get your tickets early. Limited seating is p.m. and November 18, 20 and December fall and spring semesters of age appropriate through December 30 Closed Christmas available. 16, 18, 23, 30 at Elyria South Recreation classes and four summer camps. Addition- Eve and Christmas Day Sunday through Facility from 7:00 p.m. – 9 p.m. The cost ally, each year MAD* produces two full- Thursday 6-9 p.m. Friday and Saturday 6-10 will be $125.00 per athlete. Fee is due on Holiday Texas Holdem Tourna- the first night of participation. Please make length, admission-free shows that are appro- p.m.Carlisle Visitor Center 12882 Diagonal priate for all ages. All performers over the ment check payable to: Advance EXTRA. Train- Rd. LaGrange, OH 44050 age of 13 are welcome at auditions. 1st annual Xmas holiday Texas Holdem ing begins on November 18, 2008 and fol- Tournament presented by Seven Seas. On For more information or to be place on our lows schedule above. Please arrive 30 min- Ohio Business College Open House Fri Dec 19 at North Park Community Room utes early to first session for registration and mailing list, December 17, 2008Ohio Business off Novak Road in Grafton. Tourney starts at please call the MAD* Factory at (440)774- testing. For more information: visit www. 7062. College 6pm, $65buyin with 1 rebuy for $30. Doors and www.plyoc- Waterford Drive Sheffield Village, OH open at 2pm for cash games Limit and No-, email 44035 Limit are available. Pre-Register by Decem- or call Coach Armstrong at (440) 244-4475. A Master Plan for the City of North OBC will be holding its second annual ber 16th to receive an extra 500 chips. To LCCC and Elyria Recreation South Facility Ridgeville January 6, 2009 holiday open house at its new location in reserve your seat contact Jason by email at Dec 21 st 2008 I will be presenting my alternate master plan Sheffield Village. While the kids are visit- or call 440-667- for the City of North Ridgeville. I have been ing Santa, feel free to tour our new facility 1246. Grafton Township Hall developing it for the past few months as a 18789 Avon Wooster Rd. Grafton, OH Christmas Eve at NECC student of economics at the University of and speak to an Admissions Representative 44044 Christmas Eve Services at North Eaton about the programs offered here at OBC. See Toledo. If you have an interest in the direc- Christian Church will be held Wednesday, you there!!! tion of our city, please attend! The presenta- December 24, 2008 at 7 p.m. The service will Amherst author signing books at include Christmas carols sung by the congre- tion is non-political and will be followed by Lorain Growth Breakfast Mtg & Midway Mall a question and answer period. Doors open at gation, the reading of scriptural accounts of 7 and the presentation will begin at 7:30. Of Guest Speaker Debbie Alferio will appear at Borders Ex- the first Christmas, and special music by a press, Midway Mall Elyria, Saturday, De- course, this event is free to the general pub- Networking and breakfast starts at 8:00 a.m. variety of vocal ensembles and musicians, cember 20 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. to sign cop- lic. North Ridgeville Public Library 35700 Enjoy a variety of breakfast sandwiches on including solos by children, youth and adult ies of her works. Borders Express Midway Bainbridge Road North Ridgeville, OH a variety of breads or wraps at City Cafe, singers. The service will last approximately Mall Elyria, Alferio donates a portion of all 44039 Anthony N. Russo located in Lorain City Hall. City cafe has 1 hour regular coffee with a large variety of “flavor- profits to the American Cancer Society. For shots”, cappuccino , latte, and expressos. additional information, visit www.freewebs. 3-C (Clev., Col., Cin.) Stakeholders Ruralia Hungarica – Exhibit of Dec 16th 2008 8am com/debsbooks. Meeting Jan 7th 2008 Paintings of Hungarian Country
  8. 8. NORTHCOAST HAPPENINGS News about the proposed rail line linking 29th Annual Members’ Holiday and lasting social impact. Cleveland, Columbus & Cincinnati. Includes Barnes & Noble has teamed up with Ak- Show The three perspectives are: a breakfast buffet (scrambled eggs, sausage, ron Children’s Hospital and Akron Schools’ FAVA Gallery, 39 S. Main St., Oberlin, OH Science: In this section of the exhibit, visi- pastries, cereal, fruit, coffee, juice, etc.) Project Rise to receive donated books during 440.774.7158 tors will discover that human beings are Conveniently located on the Euclid Corridor the holiday season to be donated to children Opening Reception, Sunday, November 23rd more alike than any other living species, and HealthLine bus rapid transit and a short walk in the area. The Barnes & Noble at 4015 2-4 p.m. no one gene or set of genes can support the from the Red, Blue and Green rail lines serv- Medina Road, Bath Township, has set a goal ARTIST SUNDAY 2-4 p.m., November idea of race. ing Tower City Center. There is also parking of 3,000 books for children as holiday gifts. 23rd, Qi Gong Chinese Calligraphy, demon- History: Ideas about race have been around in the nearby parking decks at 515 Euclid, Customers purchase a new book and desig- stration with Jing Jing Luo in FAVA’s South for hundreds of years, and they have changed and the 200 Public Square (former BP Build- nate it to the book drive at the register. 330- Gallery. over time. This section of RACE demon- ing). 665-5199 or . Gallery hours: Tues.-Sat. 11a.m. to 5 p.m. strates that, throughout American history, Cost is $25 for All Aboard Ohio members Sunday 1pm. to 5 p.m. Closed Mondays economic interests, popular culture, science, and $40 for non-members (includes dis- Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland politics and the struggle for power have counted 2009 membership in All Aboard and East Central Ohio have teamed up with played a role in shaping our understanding Ohio). Kindly mail your check payable to Learning Curve Brands Caring Corners to Downtown Vermilion Holiday Art of race. “All Aboard Ohio” 12029 Clifton Blvd, Suite help children learn that it is better to give Show Everyday experience: Though race may not 505, Cleveland, 44107 or RSVP by Jan. 5 to than to receive with the ‘’Carton of Caring’’ The Arts Guild of Vermilion, a committee be a real biological concept, it certainly is Ken Prendergast at (216) donation program. Parents who purchase of Main Street Vermilion, hosts this don’t- real both socially and culturally. In this sec- 288-4883 or kenprendergast@allaboardohio. the Caring Corners Mrs. Goodbee Talking miss Holiday Art Show each year on the tion of the exhibit, visitors will explore the org and pay at the door. Corner Alley Ban- Dollhouse for their child are asked to fill the weekends through December 21. Local art- personal experience of race in our schools, quet Room 402 Euclid Avenue Cleveland, empty box that the dollhouse comes in with ists offer a variety of mediums at the Main neighborhoods, health care systems, sports All Abroad Ohio gently used clothing and toys to donate to Street building in downtown Vermilion just and entertainment industries, and more. Goodwill. Dollhouses are available at Tar- in time for holiday shopping. Located at 685 “Race is an important part of the American get, Wal-Mart and Toys R Us. Main Street, Vermilion, OH 44089.Refresh- story,” said Robert Garfinkle, the Science ments and music by the artists themselves. Museum of Minnesota’s program director From Akron Beacon Journal The Make-A-Wish Foundation will benefit Discover unique and original gift giving at for special projects and a guiding force in the Vermilion’s annual Holiday Art Show. Fea- Scene from Macy’s Department Stores ‘’Believe’’ creation of the RACE exhibit. “This exhibi- campaign to run through the Christmas turing new work by Local Artists & Fine tion gives visitors the opportunity to look at holiday. Santa mailboxes will be placed in Craftsmen.Regular Show Hours through De- the way race touches our lives and the lives Macy’s stores where children can mail their cember 21, Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays, of the generations that came before us. Race Published on Monday, Dec 15, 2008 letters to Santa. Macy’s will donate $1 for 10 am to 6 pm, Sundays, 12 to 4 pm. Call is a part of virtually every aspect of Ameri- every letter received (up to $1 million). Spe- (440) 963-0772 for more information. can society and culture, and affects each of This Week cial Santa letterhead is available at http:// us in both small and profound ways.” Friday-Saturday The Science Museum exhibit developers, Celebration Church will present A Christmas Exhibition Explores Race and the Wealth designers and fabricators have worked to Carol musical at 7 p.m. at North High School, Buehler’s locations will be offering the Gap make RACE an approachable exhibit that 985 Gorge Blvd., Akron. Tickets $5, or 5 for ‘’Electronic Red Kettle’’ through Dec. 28 for Cleveland . . . The Cleveland Museum of promotes discovery, discussion and reflec- $20 at the door. Proceeds will benefit Royal customers to donate to the Salvation Army at Natural History will open an exhibition that tion. Family Kids Camp for abused and neglected the checkout in each store. Customers pay- confronts the issue of race and racism in the RACE premiered Jan. 10, 2007 at the Science children. For advance tickets call 330-762- ing by check, debit, credit or gift card can United States. “RACE: Are We So Differ- Museum of Minnesota. After closing there 7458 or visit add an additional amount to be donated to ent?” encourages Museum visitors to explore in May of that year, the exhibit embarked the Salvation Army. the science, history and everyday impact of on a tour of museums and science centers Through Friday Results race. The exhibition opens Sept. 27 and runs across the country. The Cleveland Museum Akron Children’s Hospital’s Bone Mar- St. Vincent-St. Mary High School raised through Jan. 4, 2009. of Natural History is the sixth venue to host row Transplant Unit will benefit from the $280,000 at the 23rd annual Showcase Auc- Developed by the American Anthropological the exhibition. ‘’Links for Life’’ fundraiser being held by tion held recently at the school. The funds Association in collaboration with the Sci- “RACE: Are We So Different?” is included Stow Fishcreek Elementary School second- will be used for the school’s programs and ence Museum of Minnesota, the exhibition in the Museum’s admission fee: $9 adults; graders. Students cut, decorate and person- activities. tells the stories of race from biological, cul- $7 ages 7-18, college students with IDs and alize paper chain links that sell for amounts tural and historical points of view. seniors 60 years of age or older; $6 children of 5 cents to $20. Since 1993 the program Send information about social and char- “This is an amazing exhibition that tackles 3-6. Special Wednesday evening admis- has raised more than $37,000 for Children’s ity events to The Scene, c/o Lynne Sher- an issue that’s important to our community sion is $5 after 5 p.m. Group rates for 12 or Hospital. To purchase a link, contact Tracy win, Features Department, Akron Beacon and our country,” said Bruce Latimer, Ph.D., more are also available. Shafran Planetarium Piatt at Fishcreek Elementary School at 330- Journal, P.O. Box 640, Akron, OH 44309. the Museum’s executive director. “It offers a shows are $4 per person with admission. 689-5460 or e-mail at Or e-mail lsherwin@thebeaconjournal. powerful look at race and racism, and chal- Museum members receive free admission to com with ‘’The Scene’’ in the subject line. lenges visitors to talk about the issue and the Museum and planetarium. Saturday Event notices should be sent at least two their own experiences. Our Museum is using The Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Archbishop Hoban High School’s Irish Celt- weeks in advance. this exhibit to create a broader platform to incorporated in 1920, is one of the finest ic Band Brigid’s Cross will play a benefit Merits of all organizations have not been in- engage our community. We want to open up institutions of its kind in North America. It concert at 8 p.m. at the North Akron Irish vestigated by the Beacon Journal, so poten- dialogue and create thought-provoking pro- is noted for its collections, research, educa- Club, St. Brendan Hall, 753 N. Main St. in tial donors should verify the worthiness of a gramming that extends beyond the exhibit.” tional programs and exhibits. The collections Akron. Doors open at 6 p.m., donations and cause before committing. Museum staff is planning a variety of pro- encompass more than 5 million artifacts and drawings including 50/50 and holiday bas- gramming, including a series of town hall specimens, and research of global signifi- kets. Proceeds will go to purchase bagpipes Winter Fine Art and Craft Exhibit meetings, lectures, a professional develop- cance focuses on 11 natural science disci- for all members. ment series, teacher workshops, networking plines. The Museum is a valuable resource and Sale Til December 21, 2008 for scientists and students from kindergarten Regional artists present fine arts and crafts events, a health fair, as well as corporate and Holiday Events nonprofit programs. to university. on sale for the holiday gift giving season. The Cleveland Museum of Natural History is Heaven Can Wait — Rescue & Adoptions Stocker Arts Center http://www.lorainccc. The RACE exhibit is part of a larger public will partner with area merchants to offer gift education project from American Anthropo- located at 1 Wade Oval Drive in University edu/stocker Circle, 15 minutes east of downtown Cleve- wrapping for a donation at the following logical Association funded by the Ford Foun- times and places: Borders Books & Music, dation and the National Science Foundation. land. Museum hours are: Monday through 335 Howe Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, 5 to 9 p.m. The project is intended to inform and shape Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Sunday, noon to today through Thursday and 6 to 10 p.m. Fri- Modern and Contemporary Art 5 p.m.; and Wednesday, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. the national dialogue about race. In addition day through Sunday; Barnes & Noble book- Important American and European paintings, Paid parking is available in the Museum’s to the exhibit, the initiative includes a Web store, 4015 Medina Road in Montrose, from sculpture, and works on paper - ranging from lot for $2 per hour or $15 per day maximum site, educational materials, and conferences 7 to 10 p.m. today and Tuesday and from 9 Claude Monet’s Wisteria to a newly acquired when purchasing general admission. designed to share research and information a.m. to sculpture, The Fin Within, by the inventive For more information, call (216) 231-4600 with the public. noon Sunday. For more information, call and provocative sculptor Tim Hawkinson - or 800-317-9155. Visit the Museum’s Web The national tour of “RACE: Are We So Heather Nagel at 330-328-8699 or visit will be on view in the Ellen Johnson Gallery site at Different?” is presented by the Best Buy during the 2008-09 academic year. Other Children’s Foundation. The local presenting highlights from the Allen Memorial Art sponsor is the Dominion Foundation. Spon- Gingerbread Lane, a benefit for Welcome Museum’s strong modern and contempo- sors are American Greetings Corp., Forest House Inc., will feature more than a dozen rary holdings include works by John Bock, “How I Make $100,000/year in the Music City Enterprises Charitable Foundation, stunningly decorated gingerbread houses on Chakaia Booker, Sam Gilliam, Elizabeth Business The Nord Family Foundation, Saint Luke’s display for visitors at Tower City Center, 130 Murray, Gerhard Ritcher, Cindy Sherman, (Without a Record Label, Manager, or Book- Foundation of Cleveland, Ohio, and the W. Huron Road in Cleveland. The event runs and Richard Serra. ing Agent)” United Black Fund. The promotional spon- through Thursday on the second floor above The Museum is free and open to the public. is available right now! sor is WVIZ/WCPN ideastream. the grand staircase from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday - Saturday 10-5 p.m., Sunday 1-5 The RACE exhibit addresses the topics of Monday through Saturday and from 10 a.m. p.m. Closed Mondays. Allen Memorial Art race and racism from three different perspec- to 6 p.m. on Sundays. The houses will be Museum Visit to get it now! tives. The three ections are interwoven and auctioned off at 7 p.m. Thursday. tell a compelling story of science with deep You can download this book now, read it tonight, and start making more money
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  11. 11. New for 2009 North Coast North Coast Health & Barter News Medical 20,000 Copies Distributed Throughout N. Directory E. Ohio Six Times A Year 50,000 Copies Distributed Twice Yearly Barter Bucks, Barter Bank, Barter Credit April & October 2009 Cards...The New Money for 2009 Distributed throughout Lorain, Cuyahoga and Lake Counties North Coast Barter News is an 8.5 x 11 inch Advertising Deadline March 5th, Street publication with a 7 x 9.5 inch printable Date April 1st North Coast Health & Medical Directory is margin. an 8.5 x 11 inch publication with a 7 x 9.5 inch printable margin. For more information please call 440 242-0835 For more information please call 440 242-0835 North Coast Health North Coast North Coast & Medical Directory Spanishand informational Pages Happenings March 2009 • Quarterly Edition The business listings guide for the North Coast Spanish-speaking community. A bi-annual publication. North Coast Happenings is an 11” x 17” 30,000 Copies Full-Color Tabloid Featuring Information, MARCH & SEPTEMBER Events and Happenings From Port Clinton Ad deadlines: Feb. 5 2009 & Aug. 5, 2009. to Lorain County...and Beyond. North Coast Spanish Pages is an 8.5” x 11” Publication with a 7” x 9.5” Printable Inside Ads Information & Listings for the Following: For more information please call Margin Physicians • Health Spas • Chiropractors • Dentists • Orthodontists • Optometrists • Eye Doctors • Clinics • Sports Medicine • Orthopedics • 440 242-0835 Dermatologists • Rehab & Treatment Centers • Pharmacies • Pediatritions • Urgent Care Centers • Ambulatory Services • Cosmetic Surgeons • For more information please call Medical Insurance Agencies • Fitness Centers • Laser Surgery Centers • Specialized Care • Jobs • Medical Training Centers, Schools & Colleges 440 242-0835