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Classifying with non standard schemes for slideshare


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Classification theory, information management, information organisation

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Classifying with non standard schemes for slideshare

  1. 1. Charlotte Smith, Modern and Medieval Languages Faculty Library University of Cambridge
  2. 2. G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 G6 G7 G8 G9 Bibliography Periodicals (no longer used) Grammar and language Thought Literary criticism Anthologies Individual literary authors History Culture, media, communications
  3. 3. G1.A History of printing G1.B Descriptive bibliography; librarianship G1.C Style-books and cataloguing manuals G1.K Illustration G1.P History of printing presses (specific aspects) G1.W History of reading
  4. 4. G3.A General studies G3.B History of language G3.C Historical grammar G3.D. Historical grammar and history (specific periods) G3.E Grammars G3.F Phonetics, phonology, pronunciation G3.G Syntax (specific topics) G3.H Semantics, lexicon (including morphology) G3.J Stylistics G3.K Orthography and punctuation G3.L Linguistic geography G3.M Dialectology G3.MM Yiddish G3.N Readers and text books G3.P Grammarians G3.R Schweiz : general studies G3.T Translation G3.V Vocabulary (German into other languages)
  5. 5. G4.A General G4.B Philosophy G4.C Psychology G4.D Religion G4.E Scriptural and liturgical texts and commentary G4.F Social thought G4.G Political theory and movements G4Z Individual thinkers: designated by four letters, E.g. G4Z.NIET.1 [works by Nietzsche] G4Z.NIET.200- [criticism of Nietzsche’s thought and work]
  6. 6. G5A General, all periods G5B To 1500 (Middle Ages) G5C 1500-1720 (Renaissance, Baroque) G5D 1720-1775 (Rococo, Sturm und Drang) G5E 1775-1830 (Weimar Classicism, early Romantic movement) G5F 1830-1890 (later Romanticism) G5G 1890- (Expressionism, 20th century) G5H 1990-
  7. 7. A G H J K P T V X Aesthetics, literary theory General critical works Histories of literature (chronological) Journalism Works on criticism Prose Theatre Verse Folk literature
  8. 8. G6.G             General critical works  G6.H             Histories of literature (chronological  treatment)  G6.J               Journalism  G6.P              Prose  G6.S              Speeches  G6.T              Theatre                                                              G6.V              Verse 
  9. 9. G7  + First four letters of author’s name + Running number: 1-199 = Primary text 200-  = Secondary criticism E.g. G7.GOET.201 for secondary criticism of Goethe’s Faust
  10. 10. G8.A.                           General histories of Germany   G8.B                            Earliest times – 16th century    G8.C                            17 th century  G8.D.                           18th century  G8.E.                           Early 19 th century  G8.F                            Later 19 th century G8.G                            1918-1945  G8.GH                  Holocaust only                 G8.H                           1945-1989    G8.J                            1989-1999    G8.K                            2000-   G8.R                            History of Austria  G8.S                            History of Switzerland    G8.T                            History of the DDR   G8.Y                 Memoirs and correspondence of historical figures G8.Z                            Biography, Autobiography
  11. 11. G9.D                             Social history    G9.E                            Education  G9.F                            Folklore, ethnography  G9.G                             Travels G9.H                           Handbooks and general reference  G9.J                             Economics, statistics  G9.K                            Natural history, agriculture    G9.L                            Science, technology, industry  G9.M                            Politics, economic and social conditions since 1990  G9.N                             Archaeology, anthropology   G9.P                            Berlin (History, literature, culture)   G9.R                             Austria  G9.S                            Switzerland  G9.T                            DDR   G9.U                             Lichtenstein  G9.W                          Holocaust (national socialism)  G9.X                            National identity  G9.Z                             General history of art, culture, media, communications 
  12. 12. Art Medieval primary literature (MG7, MF7, ML7) DVD section (VID then language letter)
  13. 13. ?