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Evaluation question 3

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  1. 1. Evaluation Question 3 Audience feedback
  2. 2. In order to receive audience feedback for my media products, I uploaded all of them ontothe popular social networking site Facebook, as this was the easiest and quickest way inorder to gain feedback. I asked a wide range of questions for my audience to answer on each of my products and a majority of feedback I received stated that they all liked the documentary.
  3. 3. For the print advert, I asked the questions:Do you think the image on the print advert is eye catching?Do you think it matches the genre of the documentary?Does the print advert influence your decision to watch the rest of the documentary?Is there anything you would change about the print advert?The main reason we decided to use this certain picture for our print advert was to gainthe shock factor for our documentary. We wanted it to be eye catching and to attract lotsof attention. When looking at the feedback I can see that the picture we used was in factvery eye catching and attracted a lot of attention from our audience.We really wanted to make sure that our picture matched the genre and the audiencefeedback I received showed me that people did believe that it matched the genre well.I than asked if it would influenced their decision to watch the programme as I wanted tosee if the print advert worked well at making the audience intrigued to watch theprogramme. One person said it did work well and made them very interested to watch ithowever a different person said that it didn’t influence their decision as they would havewatched the programme anyway.My final question was to see if anything could be changed on the print advert to make itbetter. The feedback I received showed that maybe if we had brightened the colour up alittle bit than it would have stood out more than it does. If we had brightened it up somemore, the image would be more striking.
  4. 4. For the radio trailer, I asked these questions:After listening to the radio trailer, would you like to see the 30 minute programme?Is the content in the radio trailer relevant to the documentary genre?Does the music and voiceover go with the rest of the content?Does the radio trailer go well along side of the 5 minute documentary?What are the strengths and weaknesses of the radio trailer?I received good audience feedback for the radio trailer however I did receive someconstructive criticism. I asked that after listening to the trailer, would they like to seethe whole programme. For this question positive feedback was given and showed thatthe trailer did help to attract people to want to watch the programme.I than asked if the content in the trailer was relevant to the documentary and this alsoreceived positive feedback with people replying saying it was very relevant.Unfortunately for the next question when I asked if they believed that the music andvoice over go with the trailer, I received feedback saying that the voice over differentreally match with the content. If I could do the documentary again I would make surethat we found a suitable voice over that will go with the genre.I asked if the spectator thought that the radio trailer went well along side of thedocumentary and they agreed that it did.I than asked what they thought the strengths and weaknesses were of the piece andagain I received some positive feedback about the content in the documentaryhowever they felt that the music was too quiet in some places and that the audio clipswere hard to understand.
  5. 5. Here are the questions I asked about the five minute documentary clip:After watching the first five minutes, would you want to watch the rest of the 30 minuteprogramme?Do you think the programme shows similarities to professional documentaries?Do you think the voice over matches the genre of the documentary?Do you think the music matches the documentary?What do you think are the strengths and weaknesses of the documentary?I was very happy with the feedback I received for the documentary as it was mostly positive feedbackwhich boosted my confidence. After asking the question whether the spectator would want to watch therest of the 30 minute programme, I received feedback stating that they all would like to watch the rest asthey found it very interesting and found themselves engrossed into the documentary.I asked whether or not the spectator believed that the documentary showed similarities to professionaldocumentaries. The main reason I asked this was to see if we as a group had stuck well to the codes andconventions of the documentary genre. The spectators replied with that they thought it was veryprofessionally made and that it would be hard to tell the two documentaries apart. However when I askedwhether they thought the voice over matched the documentary, I had a lot of responses saying that theybelieved the voice over didn’t match the documentary at all so if I had the chance to change it next time, Iwould choice a voice over that connected more to the documentary.I than asked if the music matched the documentary and this received positive feedback as the audiencesaid that the music matched very well with the theme of the documentary and that it matches the targetaudience well.When asked about the strengths and weakness, the spectators all said that the documentary itself lookedvery professional and was well made however again the voice over did not match the documentary andthat was the only weakness.