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Galpin has a large selection of los angeles jaguar accessories in the Los Angeles and San Fernando valley area

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los angeles jaguar

  1. 1. THE NEWXK
  2. 2. gorgeous I S A B O U T TO G E T B E T T E R .88
  3. 3. A L R E A DY T H E H A L L M A R K O F P U R E S P O RT I N G L U X U RY, your Jaguar XKawaits your personal finishing touches. The following pages present such anopportunity — describing XK accessories that exude style, function andelegance.From sporty alloy wheels to seductive body styling elements, exterior XKaccessories demand your immediate attention. Inside your exquisite touringvehicle, premium additions and intelligently designed electronic systemscomplement your XK’s superb driving experience.And these XK accessories are factory-approved — engineered to the sameexacting standards as your premium vehicle.Peruse the following pages and consider your personal additions to an alreadyinspiring car. As always, your retailer stands ready to consult with you andaddress any questions you may have. 1
  4. 4. wheels2
  5. 5. Alloy WheelsW H E T H E R YO U CO N S I D E R YO U R X K A S P O RTS CA R , a grand touringvehicle or both, Jaguar’s gorgeous alloy wheels complement its sculptedappearance. These attractive, yet durable, alloy wheels resist corrosion andmeet the same stringent design and engineering requirements as the XK’sstandard wheels. (Note: Wheels are sold individually and may requiredifferent tires. Consult your retailer for details.) SENTA 20" Front Alloy Wheel (8" x 20") C2P1014 Rear Alloy Wheel (9" x 20") C2P1015 3
  6. 6. PEGASUS 20" Front Alloy Wheel (8" x 20") C2P9301 Rear Alloy Wheel (9" x 20") C2P9302 CARELIA 19" Front Alloy Wheel (8" x 19") C2P1012 Rear Alloy Wheel (9" x 19") C2P1013 VENUS 18" Front Alloy Wheel (8" x 18") C2P1010 Rear Alloy Wheel (9" x 18") C2P10114
  7. 7. LOCKING WHEEL NUTSProtect your exclusive wheels with theseLocking Wheel Nuts, which can only beremoved with a special tool includedwith each kit of four nuts.C2S17485SNOW TRACTION SYSTEMImprove your XK’s grip on snow, iceor mud with this fully adjustable tractionsystem. Quickly and easily attach thesystem without removing your XK’swheels.XR836517 5
  8. 8. exterior Exterior CO M P L E M E N T YO U R X K ’S S E D U C T I V E A P P E A R A N C E with dramatic accents that arouse the senses. Elegant and attractive, they provide a personalized finishing touch to your masterpiece.6
  9. 9. WIND DEFLECTORReduce wind buffeting and noise for a more comfortable open-airdriving experience. The integrated one-piece design affords quick,convenient raising and lowering of the deflector. This see-throughmesh screen with aluminum frame can remain in position evenwith the XK top up.C2P2440 7
  10. 10. Black Upper Mesh Grille MESH GRILLES Add a strong design cue to your XK with a subtle nod to Jaguar’s leg- endary racing mystique. Designed specifically for the XK’s front end, these mesh grilles are available in black or chrome finish. Black Upper Mesh Grille C2P8121 Black Lower Mesh Grille C2P13553 Chrome Upper Mesh Grille C2P9190 Chrome Lower Mesh Grille C2P13554 Black Lower Mesh Grille8
  11. 11. Chrome UpperMesh Grille Chrome Lower Mesh Grille 9
  12. 12. FENDER LOUVRES Add an attractive touch to your XK by selecting polished aluminum fender louvres that accent the vehicle’s aluminum body shell. C2P1212010
  13. 13. EXHAUST TRIMSAdd a sporty touch to your XK’sstunning appearance with thesefinished exhaust trims designed toeasily fit over your car’s tail pipes.C2P12317MIRROR COVERSDesigned to work with the FenderLouvres as part of an overall XKexterior design accent, these mirrorcovers come in your choice of twofinishes: chrome or aluminum.Left-hand Chrome C2C9191Right-hand Chrome C2C9189Left-hand Aluminum C2P9342Right-hand Aluminum C2P9341 11
  14. 14. PAINT PENCIL KITS Treat nicks or scratches to your XK’s exterior with factory-approved Paint Pencils. Choose from three colors. Indigo C2A1051JJX Liquid Silver C2A1051MEE Winter Gold C2A1051GDM CAR CARE ACCESSORIES Help preserve the beauty of your XK with Car Care Accessories designed to maintain its pristine condition. Aerial cleaner LMD4137AA Glass cleaner C2A1023 Alloy wheel cleaner C2S14564 Interior valet kit C2A1028 Alloy wheel touch-up paint C2A1237 Leather cleaner C2A1061 Anti-mist wipe C2A1027 Maintenance spray (200ml) C2A1022 Carpet cleaning kit C2S1632 Screen clean paste C2S1638 Cellulose sponge C2A1026 Screen protector C2A1288 Chamois leather C2A1025 Screenwash C2A1020 Chrome polish C2A1018 Shampoo C2A1016 Convenience kit C2S13842 Soft-top care kit JLM21084 De-icer C2A1024 Sponge C2A1068 Exterior valet kit C2A1029 Wax C2A1017 Fabric cleaner C2A106212
  15. 15. LICENSE PLATE FRAMES(SLIMLINE)These thin, yet durable, frames providean elegant finishing touch for yourXK’s license plate.Black Pearl XR838398Gold C2A1179Black C2A1178Polished C2A1177LICENSE PLATE FRAMES(JAGUAR LOGO)Trumpet your XK ownership with thisstylish nameplate frame, available infour colors.Black Pearl XR838397Gold C2A1176Black C2A1175Polished C2A1173JAGUAR “LEAPER” PLATESThe traditional Leaper, in a two-dimensional silhouette, serves asthe centerpiece of this stainlesssteel plate — a true statement ofJaguar’s rich heritage.Black with polished Leaper C2A1180Polished with gold Leaper C2A1181Polished with polished Leaper C2C20588Polished with black Leaper C2A1182 13
  16. 16. interior Interior J U ST A S YO U R X K D E L I G H TS T H E S E N S ES with its seductive beauty and luxurious, sporty feel, interior accessories offer a sumptuous feast for your eyes and sense of touch. From sporty gear shift knobs to plush carpet mats, XK interior accessories enhance the driving experience.14
  17. 17. Chrome C2A1240GEAR SHIFT KNOBSGrasp the essence of Jaguar performance andluxury before shifting into a superior drivingexperience with these XK gear shift knobs.Choose from two styles. Unique C2P9343 15
  18. 18. PEDAL KIT The driver’s cockpit of your XK will exude Jaguar’s racing heritage. These aluminum pedals contain composite inserts for sure-footed response. C2P9344 COLLAPSIBLE CARGO CARRIER Conveniently store objects — keeping items separate when necessary — with this handy Collapsible Cargo Carrier. C2C28120 LOADSPACE LINER Custom designed for your XK’s luggage compart- ment, this single-piece liner helps protect your trunk carpet from wet or soiled cargo. C2P245716
  19. 19. Caramel C2P2441SEP Flint C2P2441LFNPREMIUM CARPET MATSEnhance and protect your XK’s interior carpetwith a two-piece carpet mat set. Soft, yet madefrom high pile density material, they sport theJaguar logo and include anti-slip backing anda locking device to remain in place. Availablein two colors.CAR TIDY NETKeep items from shifting in your XK’s trunkduring transport with this elasticized net.C2C18546
  20. 20. ownership Ownership Accessories W H E T H E R YO U R X K I S I N U S E O R AT R E ST, these accessories provide assistance or protection to you and your investment. CAR COVER BULB KIT Protect your XK from rain, To address a range of scenarios, dust and the elements with this this selection of bulbs and fuses can double-stitched, four-layer assist your XK when challenges arise. cover. Tailored to fit your XK Comes in a durable case featuring the — including pockets for your Jaguar logo. vehicle’s door mirrors — the cover sports the Jaguar logo C2P8534 and comes with a convenient storage bag. C2S4480 FIRST AID KIT Respond to a variety of minor medical situations with this handy kit that includes bandages, pads, scissors and adhesive tape. The compact case conveniently stores all supplies for quick accessibility. C2A1287 WARNING TRIANGLE Help protect your XK and its occupants by making them more visible in the event you have to stop roadside. This reflective, two-tone marker conveniently stores in your luggage compartment and can be set up in seconds for easy visibility day or night. C2C3301018
  21. 21. Innovative Technology — MP3/USBA U G M E N T YO U R X K D R I V I N G E X P E R I E N C E w i t hJ a g u a r ’ s A u d i o C o n n e c t i v i t y M o d u l e , which providesconvenient playback of any digital audio device via your XK’spremium sound system. AUDIO CONNECTIVITY MODULE Enjoy playback of any digital audio device (MP3 player, CD player, iPod, USB memory stick, etc.) through your XK’s entertainment system while USB memory sticks and iPods specifically can be operated from the head unit or steering wheel- mounted controls. Conveniently located in your XK’s center armrest, the system houses all necessary audio wires/cables while ensuring clear sound quality. Coming soon as a vehicle option from the factory. 19
  22. 22. 20
  23. 23. INDEXAlloy Wheels 3–4 20" Senta Wheels 3 20" Pegasus Wheels 4 19" Carelia Wheels 4 18" Venus Wheels 4Audio Connectivity Module 19Bulb Kit 18Car Care Accessories 12Car Cover 18Car Tidy Net 17Collapsible Cargo Carrier 16Exhaust Trims 11Fender Louvres 10First Aid Kit 18Gear Shift Knobs 15License Plates and Frames 13Loadspace Liner 16Locking Wheel Nuts 5Mesh Grilles 8Mirror Covers 11Paint Pencil Kits 12Pedal Kit 16Premium Carpet Mats 17Snow Traction System 5Warning Triangle 18Wind Deflector 7 21
  24. 24. JAGUAR CARS • Irvine, California, USA JAGUAR CANADA • Bramalea, Ontario, Canada JAGUAR MEXICO • Mexico City, Mexico 1-800-4-JAGUAR • WWW.JAGUARUSA.COMIMPORTANT NOTICE: Accessories shown in this brochure are for current Model YearJaguar XK cars. Jaguar constantly makes additions and deletions to the range of accessoriesoffered to Jaguar owners. Accessory prices and availability are subject to change. For thelatest information, consult with your authorized Jaguar retailer.JAG XK150 Printed in USA 10/2006