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Lorryzone Truck Advertising- Taking Outdoor Advertisement to a New Height

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Lorryzone Truck Advertising- Taking Outdoor Advertisement to a New Height

  1. 1. Lorryzone Truck Advertising- Taking Outdoor Advertisement to a New Height Outdoor product advertising is the hot marketing trend these days in India. The conventional means of media advertising i.e. Print ads, TV Commercials, Internet Marketing, etc. have lost their charm a bit and have become somewhat tedious and less impressive. The effectiveness of conventional media might have lost, however, the overall cost or expense of such marketing has not come down by any means. Such circumstances are really making things difficult for the advertisers who always look to earn a handsome ROI on their product marketing. The outdoor media advertising means, i.e. Truck Ads or Truck-side Billboards, has come up as an outstanding alternative for the advertisers looking for handsome ROI. The recent success of prominent outdoor truck advertising agency-Lorryzone has really forced the various ad agencies and business houses to rethink about their marketing campaign and give ample space to the outdoor advertising or moving Truck side Advertising. The Lorryzone Truck Advertising provides the tremendous control and liberty to its clients, i.e. ad agencies and business houses to modify their campaign type and length. The client interested to advertise his product through the huge network of Lorrzone trucks (More than five thousand trucks) gets the liberty to select the location and routes of the trucks that are suppose to carry his product advertisements. Moreover, he also gets freedom to choose the campaign type, as per his budget and needs. The campaign type can be differentiated based on the number of trucks to be used for outdoor media campaign. Hence, by choosing the Transport advertising or Truckside advertising of Lorryzone, a client gets benefited through multiple ways, i.e. gets a cost effective outdoor advertising, triggers winning campaign covering a huge mass of every class and category.