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AD on Logistic vehicles and Commercial Vehicle | Truck

LorryZone Provide AD on Logistic vehicles and Commercial Vehicle, Truck Side Advertising, Out of Home Advertising, Outdoor Advertising Agencies.

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AD on Logistic vehicles and Commercial Vehicle | Truck

  1. 1. AD on Logistic vehicles and Commercial Vehicle Cost effective ways to promote your business
  2. 2. Why LorryZone? Innovative Advertisement Platform We offer you the most innovative yet cost effective Advertisement platform, which will help your brand, establish a dynamic identity and image across the people of various classes and communities. We call this campaign innovative and pioneering merely due to its unique approach and method to reach out the crowd through immense proximity and a very high visibility and hence, create a lasting impression in the mind of thousands of people every day, who if impressed, often go on to become your future customers.
  3. 3. Lowest cpi(cost per impression Our exceptional advertising campaign offers you the most assured winning advertisement campaign at the lowest CPI (cost per impression). The most of the conventional advertising mediums, such as, TV ads, Hoarding, Metro and Digital Media etc. today are expensive in terms of CPI, however, not worthy in achieving the desirable results. We shall offer the cost effective advertisement platform for you that guarantees the outstanding ROI (Return on Investment).
  4. 4. high visibility You are being offered a winning product advertisement with a very high visibility across various geographical areas. The most attractive product advertisement being displayed on the huge area of truck sides is not easy to ignore for the crowd of thousands. It forces everyone passing the vehicle to have a good look at it, as compared to easily ignored or avoided TV or internet ads with the click of a remote button or mouse. The advertisement such displayed to your direct and prospective customers, leave a lasting impression on them and remain in their memory for a long time.
  5. 5. Reach from urban to rural The Truck side advertising being offered by us has a wide reach across the nation. The commercial vehicles displaying your product advertisement travel thousands of miles in a day and cover a vast geographical area from rural to urban, such as cities, towns, states and even villages. Your advertisement on a vehicle passes slowly in front of thousands of eyes in a day, which gives your products and services a tremendous publicity and exposure across the country.
  6. 6. Realtime Tracking You can view, access and track the real time location of the vehicle displaying your advertisement. We install a GPS unit in all our vehicles, through which our clients can easily monitor the pointed locations on a map and can find out the area being covered by the vehicle. It helps to calculate the CPI (Cost per Impression) also whenever you want. In a way you can track the live performance of your ad campaign.
  7. 7. Data Recording This is an exceptional feature which helps you to analyze and assess the overall performance of your vehicle ad campaign. We have got a data recording and analytics feature, so that you can review as to which route and geographical area is covered by a vehicle and what is the overall distance covered by all the vehicles involved in the advertisement. So, at the end of the month you can assess the precise number of covered impression during the moving truck ad campaign.