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Second Life and Information


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Information provision in Second Life

Published in: Technology
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Second Life and Information

  1. 1. IBM IBM DELL SJSU DREXEL DREXEL REUTERS NOAA DELL Second Life: An Overview Dr. Lorri Mon, FSU College of Information
  2. 2. IBM Islands on Second Life Map; inset has auditorium detail
  3. 3. Information in Second Life: Video/Audio/RSS Screen is playing video & audio news from Iraq while Reuters RSS Feed text reads “Linden begins age verification rollout..”
  4. 4. Information in Second Life: Experiential Learning Spaces Roma: Notecard gives the history of Trajan’s Column in ancient Rome Inset: Clickable Latin graffiti
  5. 5. Information in Second Life: Scholarly Communication Reading a book published in SL Walking through a poster session in SL Teaching a live class in Second Life
  6. 6. Information in Second Life: Sloodle (Internet/Courseware and SL) Avatar in Second Life drops a notecard or types a chat message relayed to blog