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Digital Libraries & Collaboration


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for iConference 2010 "No More Lone Rangers" - digital libraries and collaboration by Lorri Mon, Florida State University, College of Communication & Information

Published in: Education, Business
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Digital Libraries & Collaboration

  1. 1. Designs that Support Collaborative Answering <ul><li>How can question-answering systems support collaborative answering? </li></ul><ul><li>Can question-answering systems better involve collaboration with questioners? </li></ul><ul><li>How does LIS education support or undermine collaborative answering approaches? </li></ul>Lorri Mon, Assistant Professor, Florida State University College of Communication & Information iConference, February 2010 email: [email_address]
  2. 2. Ownership Do question-handling systems, policies, and procedures promote one answerer’s “ownership” of the question? Can questioners see their own question throughout the answering process?
  3. 3. Releasing Ownership If ownership exists in the question-handling system, can it be “released” to another answerer? Does release of ownership have to be ‘directed’ toward another answerer (e.g., referrals)? Are there other ways of “partially releasing” ownership to allow other answerers to assist?
  4. 4. Collaboration Does the system allow answerers to ask for help, give suggestions and receive feedback? Can all answerers see and work on all questions?
  5. 5. Discussion Is there a “collaborative learning space” where discussions about answering can occur? Internet Public Library LC Blogging Community
  6. 6. Mentoring ( Feedback, Answerboard, Archive )