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EDU624 IP4 Presenting STEM Manual LSmith


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EDU624 IP4 Presenting STEM Manual LSmith

  1. 1. Motivating Students in STEM Lorraine Smith STEM Trainers Manual: Specialization in Adult Education
  2. 2. Motivating Students in STEM • Summary of the project • Adult Education (AE) applied theories • STEM Trainers Manual content • How this project impacts Adult Education • Conclusion & Questions
  3. 3. Summary of the Project multi- disciplinary modeled on real life strategies solves problems technology rich teaches 21st century skills
  4. 4. Adult Education (AE) applied Theories
  5. 5. Contents of STEM Manual • Meeting the Needs of the STEM Learner a) Learning needs assessment • Facilitating Instruction using Ice Breakers a) Evaluating ice breakers within chosen curriculum • Using Action Theory in a STEM Lesson a) Generating learning activities using action theory b) Exercise in defining objectives and goals using Blooms taxonomy • Stimulating the Learner thru UDL Principles a) Engagement b) Presentation c) Demonstration
  6. 6. Contents of STEM Manual • Reinforcing the STEM Learning Sequence a) Comparisons of current learning versus STEM sequence • Evaluating motivation in STEM a) Using motivational techniques b) Application of motivational techniques within a lab, audio visual presentation or off-site scenario • Self-Assessing STEM Lesson Plans a) Generating a self-evaluation report
  7. 7. Impact on Adult Education
  8. 8. Choosing Action Learning within STEM
  9. 9. Next Steps & Questions 21st Century Competence (digital learning) Building Career Paths Support Economic Innovation
  10. 10. References • National Science Foundation. (2011). Women, Minorities, and Persons with Disabilities in Science and Engineering: 2011 NSF 11-309. Arlington, VA: Author. Retrieved from • Peterson, K (2014). UDOT’s STEM Education Initiative. Retrieved from: education-initiative/ •