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Open Scotland and OER16


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A short talk presented at the launch of in February 2016.

Published in: Education
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Open Scotland and OER16

  1. 1. Open Scotland and
  2. 2. Open Scotland Open Scotland is a cross sector initiative that aims to raise awareness of open education, encourage the sharing of open educational resources, and explore the potential of open policy and practice to benefit all sectors of Scottish education.
  3. 3. Original Open Scotland Partners
  4. 4. Now funded by With support from
  5. 5. Open Scotland Blog
  6. 6. Scottish Open Education Declaration
  7. 7. Response from Scottish Government “The Open Education Declaration and its aim at implementing wider and more equitable access to education and to lead the way in Europe is a noble initiative with potential to enhance diversity as well as many of our key aims, including widening access to education through free access to high quality education and to redraw traditional boundaries between informal and formal learning.” - Jamie McIntyre Higher Education and Learner Support Division
  8. 8. Response from Scottish Government “…SFC also funds Jisc which supports the development and use of Open Educational Resources through platforms, repositories, and projects…Scottish Government’s funding represents a demonstration of our commitment to helping support Open Education going forward.” - Jamie McIntyre Higher Education and Learner Support Division
  9. 9. Open Culture 19th & 20th April 2016 University of Edinburgh
  10. 10. The conference will focus on the value proposition of embedding open culture in the context of institutional strategies. The conference will be chaired by Melissa Highton & Lorna M. Campbell
  11. 11. OER16: Open Culture Conference themes: • The strategic advantage of open, creating a culture of openness, and the reputational challenges of openwashing. • Converging and competing cultures of open knowledge, open source, open content, open practice, open data and open access. • Hacking, making and sharing. • Openness and public engagement. • Innovative approaches to opening up cultural heritage collections for education.
  12. 12. Keynotes Catherine Cronin Jim Groom Emma Smith Melissa Highton John Scally
  13. 13. Registration #OER16
  14. 14. Open Culture 19th & 20th April 2016 University of Edinburgh