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Pembrokeshire Funding Code of Practice - November 2015


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In January 2014, Welsh Government published a refreshed Third Sector Scheme and Funding Code of Practice. Work has been undertaken by the Pembrokeshire Voluntary Sector Liaison Group to develop a Pembrokeshire Funding Code of Practice, based on the national model, which sets out the funding principles that Pembrokeshire County Council will use when funding third sector organisations, either through grants or contracts. The Funding Code of Practice is subject to a period of consultation prior to being finalised and adopted by the Local Authority.

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Pembrokeshire Funding Code of Practice - November 2015

  1. 1. Pembrokeshire Funding Code of Practice Pembrokeshire Funding Fair Tuesday 17th November 2015 Sue Leonard PAVS Chief Officer
  2. 2. Background • Continuity & Change review • Refreshed Third Sector Scheme • Funding Code of Practice – Key principles underpinning WG funding for the third sector • Monitored by Funding & Compliance sub- committee of the TSPC • Encouraged to develop local Codes of Practice with Local Authorities • Draft agreed by Voluntary Sector Liaison Group for wider consultation
  3. 3. Funding Principles (1) • Delivery of strategic policy objectives • Respect for the sector’s independence • Early and constructive dialogue • Timely decisions • Security of funding • Fair funding levels • Value for money • Full cost recovery • Commissioning principles
  4. 4. Funding Principles (2) • Payments • Fair and reasonable treatment • Joint approach to monitoring, evaluation and audit • Diversity • Innovation • Good governance and due diligence • Monitoring the Funding Code of Practice
  5. 5. Next steps • 12 week consultation to be launched • Revise Funding Code of Practice • Implement Funding Code of Practice • Monitor through Voluntary Sector Liaison Group ANY QUESTIONS?