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European Funding for the third sector


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Presentation delivered by Jessica Williams about European Funding Opportunities for third sector groups in Wales

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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European Funding for the third sector

  1. 1. European funding opportunities for the third sector Jessica Williams   0800 2888 329 
  2. 2. Brexit
  3. 3. ESIFs
  4. 4. Other European programmes €195,639,000,000 Ireland WalesErasmus+ Horizon 2020 LIFE DEAR EaSI Interreg Europe
  5. 5. Routes of access for EU Structural Funds •Direct applications to WEFO (‘lead/joint’ beneficiary) •Partnership approach with third party lead body •Contracting/delivery opportunities
  6. 6. Active Inclusion Fund Strand 1 What is it? A ‘first step’ programme to help people furthest from the job market Job market
  7. 7. Active Inclusion Fund Strand 2 Supported employment – What is it? Paid employment Paid National Minimum Wage Up to 26 weeks and 35 hours p/w Real work experience
  8. 8. Active Inclusion at Work Fund Opportunities to support individuals and employers The aim of the fund is to keep people in work and improve people’s position in the workplace.
  9. 9. Erasmus+ The European programme for education, training, youth and sport
  10. 10. Erasmus+ Key Action 3 - Not the Usual Suspects Boys and Girls Clubs of Wales
  11. 11. Ireland Wales The maritime programme connecting organisations, businesses and communities on the West coast of Wales with the south-east coast of Ireland • Cross border innovation • Adaptation of the Irish sea and coastal communities to climate change • Cultural and natural resources and heritage
  12. 12. How can 3-SET help? Information and advice Events and networking Training Representation
  13. 13. Any questions?