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Santech - Business Plan


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Santech - Business Plan

  1. 1. Santech  SAS  –  Confiden/el©2013  11/09/13 Confiden'al   2013  -­‐  Mai  16th   1   Business Plan
  2. 2. Santech  SAS  –  Confiden/el©2013  11/09/13 MANAGEMENT  TEAM   Christophe  Lorieux  -­‐  Paris  IX-­‐Dauphine   President   From  1994  to  1999  :  “change  manager”  in  mul'na'onal  companies  (Grace,   Eurotunnel,   BetzDearborn).   Associated   in   french   start   up   :   Jooker,   Streamezzo,  e-­‐sidor,  …   Pierre-­‐Yves  Simonot  -­‐  Polytechnique,  ENSTA,  Harvard  Business  School   CTO   30  years  of  experience  in  ICT  companies  (DGA,  Schlumberger,  Sema,  Atos)   Denis  Bas'ment  –  Master  in  Math  and  IS  (UPMC)   Strategy  &  Development   Serial  entreprenor  (Jooker,  Streamezzo,  Kamayo,,  Betnet,  …)   2  
  4. 4. Santech  SAS  –  Confiden/el©2013  11/09/13 AREA  OF  EXPERTISE  :    ICT   END  MARKET  :        HEALTH  &  PREVENTION     MACROECONOMIC  FACTORS   q  Chronic  diseases  explosion   q  Ageing  of  OCDE  popula'on   q  Economical  states  crisis     MARKET  FACTORS   q  Insurance  companies  strategy,  based  on  differen'a'on  and  loyalty   q  Pharmaceu'cal  labs  focused  on  services  and  chronic  diseases   q  New   policies   toward   elderlies   :   hospitalisa'on   at   home   –   well   being   at   home,  …   q  New  prac'ces  :  food  logging,  quan'fied  self,  …   MARKET  AND  MACROECONOMIC  OPPORTUNITIES   4  
  5. 5. Santech  SAS  –  Confiden/el©2013  11/09/13 ASSUMPTION   The  informa'on  flow  will  be  organized  in  order  to  place  the  beneficiary  in  its   center.   5   INSURANCE   SERVICE  PROVIDERS   TERRITORIES   PHARMACEUTICAL  LABS   PRESCRIPTOR   BENEFICIARY   SERVICES   SOCIAL   NETWORK   ECOSYSTEM   CAPTORS   TERMINALS   INTERMEDIATION  SOFTWARES   SERVORS   MIDDLEWARE  
  6. 6. Santech  SAS  –  Confiden/el©2013  11/09/13 THE  SCENARIO  MANAGER   6   Events   Beneficiaries   Scenario Manager Social Network Family – Friends - Neighbours Services Portal Services at home – Leisure Associations – Medical Staff Telemedecine Interpreta'on   Services  Ac'va'on   Interven'on   This platform operates thanks to a scenario manager, which interprets forecasted or unexpected events and automatically generates services requests.
  7. 7. Santech  SAS  –  Confiden/el©2013  11/09/13 SAMPLE  OF  SCENARIOS   7   No response / Noone in chargeTaking medication as per the doctors’ care sheet request has not been confirmed OK ? SMS sent to the social private network e-mail sent to the medical staff in charge Alert sent to a tele-operator And / or No activity on the plateform (scheduled, confirmed or recorded) Request for a visit automatically sent to a neighbour. + check list (temperature, food, …) Good morning, how are you, is everything fine ? Did you take your breakfast ? Report sent to the relieved familly « loneliness alert » « Observance »
  8. 8. Santech  SAS  –  Confiden/el©2013  11/09/13 CUSTOMERS   We  have  a  BtoBtoC  approach  of  our  market.   So  far  we  have  iden'fied  3  areas  of  commercial  development  :   Chronic  diseases   Customers  :  pharmaceu'cal  labs  willing  to  add  services  to  their  medical  treatments.   Autonomy   Customers  :    territories  willing  to  beler  interact  with  elderlies  and  disabled  persons  in   order  to  maintain  them  at  home.   Preven'on   Customer  :    insurance  companies  willing  to  develop  a  sustainable  rela'on  enabling  the   transfer  of  daily  life  responsability  to  their  insurers  in  order  to  reduce  the   cases  of  diseases  and  incidents.   8  
  9. 9. Santech  SAS  –  Confiden/el©2013  11/09/13 MILESTONES   2013  :  EXPERIMENTATION     Objec'ves  &  Means   q  Determine  the  business  model  and  deployment  strategy  of  each  product  line   q  Offer  :        Prototypes   q  Business  model  :    Invoicing  of  man  days   q  Financial  need  :      300  K€   2014-­‐2015  :  INDUSTRIALISATION  AND  DEPLOYMENT   Objec'ves  and  Means   Deployment  of  industrialized  offers  to  end  users  through  VAR  and  prescriptors   q  Offer  :        Licence   q  Business  Model  :    SubscripIon   q  Financial  Need  :      Undetermined   9  
  10. 10. Santech  SAS  –  Confiden/el©2013  11/09/13 ACTION  PLAN   PROJET REVAD •  Beta : jan 2013 •  V1 : Octobre 2013 R&D PROJET SANTEGOTCHI •  V1 Septembre 2013 LABORATOIRES EXPERIMENTATION SERVICES PROPERTY DEVELOPERS MUTUELLES / IP / ASSURANCE INDUSTRIALISATION E@SYCARE PROJECT •  Offer validation through a customer experimentation •  Customer : T2 2013 •  Experimentation S2 2013 VIVRECHEZMOI.COM •  Launch june 2013 •  Subscription : T4 2013 LOBBYING - IMAGE – FAME Collaborative projects – think tank - radio, newspapers - … SANTECH SOFTWARE EDITOR
  11. 11. Santech  SAS  –  Confiden/el©2013  11/09/13 CONTACT   CHRISTOPHE  LORIEUX    +33  (0)1  53  46  25  71      +33  (0)6  17  02  07  23     VIDÉO  :   Hlp://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=nhxpbc-­‐5eu&list=pl8qe6flwfey4stg-­‐yojxwqairo7ubcbbu&index=2         11