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The opening workshop presentation for OLOL Footsteps in Faith Catechists.

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Beg workshop slideshow 11 13

  1. 1. Footsteps in FaithCatechistWorkshop2012-2013
  2. 2. Opening PrayerLiving in Faith
  3. 3. We Pray Together• Let your bodies show God that you are praying.• Feet on the floor, arms resting at your sides.• Breathe deeply with your eyes closed.• We say together the prayer that reflects us back to our baptism and to the God that unites us as a Christian community.
  4. 4. Today’s ReadingsPair with your AssistantSunday - GospelWeds afternoon – First ReadingWeds evening – Second Reading
  5. 5. I am Nothing – Ginny OwensI could travel over oceans, cross the deserts, climb the mountains Just to share your story, bring you glory, and win souls for you. I could sing like an angel, songs so humble and so thankful Full of drama and emotion, so the world would know your truth. I could give away my money and my clothes and my food To restore those people who are poor, lost, and down-and-out.
  6. 6. Oh, I could succeed at all these things, Find favor with peasants and kings, But if I do not love, I am nothing. I could live a flawless life, Never cheat or steal or lie,And always speak so kindly, smile warmly, and go about doing good.
  7. 7. I could dedicate myself to do what everyone else wants me to- Listen to them, compliment them, say the things I should. I could show up every Sunday, lead the choir and Bible study And they all might come to know me as a leader and a friend. Oh, I could achieve success on earth, but success cannot define my worthAnd all these actions, all these words, will not matter in the end-
  8. 8. Songs will fade to silence, Stories, they will cease. The dust will settle,covering all my selfless deeds. So as I strive to serve you,Wont you make it clear to me,If I do not love, I am nothing.
  9. 9. If I cannot live my life loving my brother,Then how can I love the one who lived his life for me? Sent to earth from heaven, Humble servant, holy king, Come to share a story, get no glory, and save my searching soul, You knew that Id deny you, crucify you, but nothing could stop you from Living for me, dying for me, so that I would know-
  10. 10. Songs will fade to silence, Stories will cease, The dust will settle covering these selfless deeds. But your life here has made it clear enough for me to seeThat if I do not love, I am nothing
  11. 11. ReflectionWhat are some of your hopes and dreams about your ministry this year?What are some of your goals for your ministry this year?What ways do you show your learners that you love them?How can you make this one of your goals?
  12. 12. Memory VerseI give you a new commandment: love one another. As I have loved you, so you also should love one another. -John 13:34
  13. 13. Spontaneous PrayerTraditional prayer form:• Address (Who is God to you?• Thank (What are you looking forward to?• Ask (What blessings or guidance do you seek?• Praise (Why do you love God?• Amen!
  14. 14. Lord, help me to prepare my heart and my life for the ministry of catechesis, to organize myself so that there is adequate room in my life for this ministry.Lord, teach me to listen to my heart; teach me to welcome the unknown, instead of fearing it. I give you my anxiety. My restlessness. I give you my doubt. Prepare a place in the heart of my children for the messages they will hear from me. And let others see by my love that while I serve them, I ultimately serve you. Amen.
  15. 15. Evaluating• What in our opening prayer “worked”?• What did not “work”?• What would you have done differently?• What are you taking from our opening prayertime?/How are your eyes newly opened due to our prayer time?
  16. 16. What is Catechesis? "Catechesis leads people to enter the mystery of Christ, to encounter him, and to discover themselves andthe meaning of their lives in him“ -General Directory for Catechesis, 19
  17. 17. Handbook
  18. 18. Group TimeIn pairs, pick one of these five purposes of FaithFormation, and share how this might happen inyour classroom.•Nurture people’s relationship with theirCreator,•Introduce them to Jesus,•Teach them to listen to the Holy Spirit,•Help them to understand and appreciate thepractices and traditions of the Church, and•Transform them for a lifetime of faith.
  19. 19. Footsteps in Faith
  20. 20. Why “Footsteps in Faith”?“The Christian faith is, above all, conversion to Jesus Christ, full and sincere adherence to his person and the decision to walk in his footsteps.” -General Directory for Catechesis, 53
  21. 21. Preparing Self for the Session• Read that Sunday’s readings (Look on• Prayerfully reflect on the scripture, journaling to help the thoughts flow.• Pray! Ask God for inspiration and guidance to lead and share the faith compassionately and accurately. “Holy Spirit, breathe in me…”• Discern about your own life – how does this scripture relate to my own life? How about my life when I was the age of the children I am catechizing?
  22. 22. Preparing Material for the Session• Spend adequate time (at least one hour) in preparation.• Read through the session and supplement book.• Note the goals for the session and add your own goals.• Visit sites such as,, and for ideas to execute in your room.• Make sure we have the supplies you need.• Request copies as needed for your session.
  23. 23. Evaluate• After your session, give yourself an honest review. – Did I meet my goals? – How did I do in managing my time, my students, the questions that come up, and the lesson information? – What would I have done differently?• Jot your thoughts down on the back of your session plan sheet.• Classroom visits from Lori
  24. 24. Parent Program• Held at the same time as the children’s program• Parents are asked to attend at least half of the sessions• Mike Christensen is our Adult Catechist and will be working with the themes of Sacraments and Moral decision-making with parents this year
  25. 25. Family Faith Events• Family Faith events give us the opportunity for community within Footsteps families• Some may be open to the entire parish• Five required for families as part of the Footsteps program.• One parent asked to attend from their family.• Some will be all-together, sometimes we will break up into age-related groups.• We will need Catechists to help with some of these.
  26. 26. Student Session• Go thru envelope of materials• First session – Material to cover – Meet with parents• Snack• Cleaning up