Responsible service of alcohol course in various Australian states


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Responsible service of alcohol (RSA) course is mandatory in Australia for people who work in bars and other places where liquor is sold.

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Responsible service of alcohol course in various Australian states

  1. 1. Service Of AlcoholCourse In Various Australian StatesResponsible service of alcohol (RSA) course is mandatory inAustralia for people who work in bars and other places whereliquor is sold. However, requirements for these lessons andthe certificate that follows training vary from state toanother. Each of the states has its own liquor authority.Those who live in Queensland, they get their RSA lessons andcertificates from RTO, or the Registered TrainingOrganization. This organization gets its accreditation fromOffice of Alcohol Racing and Gaming in the state. If not, RTOis unable to offer QLD RSA certificate, meaning that the RSAtraining obtained is invalid in this state.Foe people living in the New South Wales, they obtain theirlessons via RTO which is approved by the authority that is incontrol of liquor gaming. Here, bar managers, staffs andsecurity guards should posses the RSA certificate. Thisincludes virtually all the people who work in venues licensedto sell and serve liquor.Anybody involved in the sale or service of alcohol in theAustralian Capital Territory should also possess thiscertificate. A nationally accredited body offers the RSA unitthat all people in the liquor sale and service industry shouldcomplete. The lessons have to be offered by an organizationthat has been authorized by RTO to offer the classes in theAct of the territory by Fair Trading Commissioner.There is a in person course which is approved by Liquorlicensing director for people living in Victoria. One can aswell complete the online version of this course through RTOwhich is authorized in any Australian state or territory.These units are both acceptable RSA requirements in Victoria.In Tasmania, one has to complete this course through a TROthat is approved by the licensing commissioner, licensingboard and Tasmania Gaming commission. South Australia onlyrequires supervisors and managers to be Approved ResponsiblePeople. There is an application portion that requires RSA unit
  2. 2. completion, which is done in any state. The other applicationpart requires one to give personal information and applicationdone through license.This unit is also mandatory for bar workers in WesternAustralia. Once one completes the RSA course, they get astatement of attainment and these acts as qualification forthe unit. It should be noted that this is in regard to thestates Liquor Control Act. This certificate is also requiredfor liquor strategy and licensing regulation in the NorthernTerritory. Everyone selling or serving liquor has to undergoresponsible service of alcohol course. Qualification obtainedfrom any Australian state is applicable in the NorthernTerritory.