Food handler certification


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An online food handling course will allow the student to learn at their own pace. Some courses do not require payment until one passes the course.

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Food handler certification

  1. 1. Handler CertificationIf a person would like to work in the food industry in Australia, by law they willhave to earn a certificate by taking a specified training course in the properand safe way to handle food. This certificate can be earned online. Noteveryone will learn at the same level or speed. An online food handling coursewill allow the student to learn at their own pace. Some courses do not requirepayment until one passes the course. One will want to make sure that theonline course that is chosen is a nationally accredited course.There are many positives about taking an online course. One can save wearand tear on their car with no traveling back and forth to classes. With the highprice of gas these days, one can save a great deal on the cost of gas. If you donot feel like getting dressed, who cares? If you are ill you may still be able to dothe course online. If you are traveling or out of town take your laptop alongand continue your studies.Online courses in the food industry will teach one food safety, and theresponsibility of serving alcohol to the public which is a required course by lawacross Australia. Workplace hygiene procedures are taught to assure that non-contamination of food and consumable items are not contaminated. Withinthe course one will learn how to identify and control hazards of handling andpreparation of food for the public. The food safety online course gives thestudent purpose and direction. It will teach one how to improve attitude andhow to get along with co-workers through improved communication skills.
  2. 2. The student will learn how to improve their on the job productivity and bemore motivated to give all they can to their job. It will teach the student howto criticize in a positive manner and praise others as a situation arises.The student will then be able to get a job and go to work. The student will haveto learn leadership skills, how to earn respect from their bosses and co-workers, and how to work together as a team. The student will learn how toaccomplish jobs to perfection in a timely manner.When the student completes their online course they will have earned aspecialized food handler certification that will be nationally recognized. Theycan then start to work.