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Fashion 2.0 + Chinese Social Network


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Fashion 2.0 + Chinese Social Network

  1. 1. China Social Network Jessie Qi Xie
  2. 2. The Leading Social Media China ● Renren ● Kaixin001 ● Weibo ● QQ ● Tudou
  3. 3. Renren www.renren.comRenren,  is a Chinese real-name SNS, a faithful copy of Facebook. It wasChinese social media leader and has done the IPO on NYSE on May,2011. This is the first Chinese SNS on the stock exchange market.User Demographics: 16~24years old high school and universitystudents with low-medium purchasing power.User Quantities: 170millionsregistered, 95million active
  4. 4. Kaixin001 www.kaixin001.comKaixin is a Chinese SNS targeted at general public, and a majorcompetitor of Renren.User Demographics: 22~35years old white collars, office workers andgeneral public with medium to high purchasing power.User Quantities:95millions registered40million active
  5. 5. Weibo is a Chinese microblogging site, is the most popular socialmedia site in China. It is like a hybrid of Twitter and Facebook, with90% of the market.User Demographics: Wide range of different social classes of Chinamainland and Hongkong, Macau, Taiwan also Malaysia. Consisting offashion bloggers, celebrities, sports stars and other VIPs.User Quantities: 140 millions
  6. 6. QQQQ is the most popular free instant messagingcomputer program in Mainland China. Since itsentrance into Chinese households, QQ quicklyemerged as a modern cultural phenomenon, nowbeing portrayed in popular culture. Aside from thechat program, QQ has also developed manysubfeatures including games, virtual pets, blogs,social network site etc.User Demographics: Wide range of differentsocial classes of China mainland and Hongkong,Macau, Taiwan. Now it has expanded the serviceto world wide such as USA, India. The Italianversion has released at the beginning of 2011.
  7. 7. QzoneQzone is a social networking website, which was created by Tencent QQin 2005. It permits users to write blogs, keep diaries, send photos, andlisten to music. Users can set their Qzone background and selectaccessories based on their preferences so that every Qzone is customizedto the individual members taste. However, most Qzone services are notfree; only after buying the "Canary Diamond" can users access everyservice without paying extra. A mobile version is available at extra cost.User Quantities: 480 millions
  8. 8. Brand Info CollectionsMessage Board Feed back Video Latest News Comments
  9. 9. QQ Fashion Channel
  10. 10. Brand story & history Brand info Official site link Store locationLatestnews
  11. 11. Tudou www.tudou.comTudou is one of the largest Chinese video websites, where users canupload, view and share video clips. Tudou served over 520 millionvideos with an additional 20,000 new videos uploaded every 24 hours.Tudou has over 50% of the Chinese online video market.• Video Blogging• Original Videos• Movie & TV Clips• Music Videos
  12. 12. Conclusionl Renren and Kaixin001 is dying, stuck between the decline of its social games and rise of Weibol Focus on Weibo and Qzone ● Big user number base (include fashion bloggers, fashion magazine editors, celebrities, movie stars and singers etc.) ● Brief information and Simplified way of reading is more acceptable to Chinese ● Information can be spread widely and rapidly
  13. 13. Thanks! Jessie Qi
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