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Proyecto de navidad


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Proyecto de navidad

  1. 1. 5-12-2012ENGLISH CHRISTMAS PROJECT Sonia Mínguez Cortés | Lorena Cebrián García 0
  2. 2. ÍNDICE1. Poems2. Song3. Crafts4. Games 1
  3. 3.  POEMSTHE NICEST PRESENTUnder the tree the gifts enthrall,but the nicest present of them allis filling our thoughts with those whocare,wanting our Christmas joy to share.To you, whom we’re often thinking of,we send our holiday joy and love.CHRISTMAS NEW YEAR WISHI made a Christmas wish for you,for a holiday full of pleasure,friends and family all around,and memories to treasure.I wish for you a Christmas filledwith joyous holiday cheer;I wish you a Merry Christmas,and a very Happy New Year!SANTAS Santa Claus will come out tonightA And deliver presents.N Near theT Time of midnight you can hear himA And what you will here are the words ho ho ho! 2
  4. 4.  SONGTHE DANCING CHRISTMAS TREE SONG  (open hyperlink)I am dancing Christmas tree Everybody dancing with me!(x3) Shake your headEverybody dancing with me! Kick your legsShake your head Wave your armsKick your legs Jump up and downWave your arms Turn aroundJump up and down Jump up and downTurn around Turn aroundJump up and down I am dancing Christmas treeTurn around (x3)I am dancing Christmas tree Everybody dancing with me!(x3) 3
  5. 5.  CRAFTSAdvent Calendar Christmas Tree Paper Craft Materials: o printer o paper o scissors o glue o something to color with Instructions: o Print out the template of choice. o Colour pieces, as necessary. o Cut out the Christmas Tree (template 1). This step may require adult assistance and can be done prior to making the craft with the children. o Cut out the ornaments (numbered 1 thru 24) and the Merry Christmas Star. o Each day of December, have the child glue one of the ornaments onto the tree (from 24 down to 1) with the star added on Christmas morning. Templates: o Close the template window after youve finished printing to return to this screen. o Set page margins to zero if you have trouble fitting the template on one page (FILE, PAGE SETUP or FILE, PRINTER SETUP in most browsers). 1
  6. 6. Puzzle Piece Picture Frame Materials: o Old cereal box. o Puzzle pieces. o Red, green and brown paint (we use tempra as I have young children, but you can use acrylic if you trust your kids not to get it on their clothes). o Photo. o Scrap of red felt (and green for a holly leaf - optional) or small red pom pom. o 2 wiggly eyes (or you can make paint or paper ones) Instructions: o Place the photo onto the cereal box to determine the size and shape you want (you can make it circular, square, oval, triangular, etc). o Cut out a shape from the cereal box at least 1 inch bigger than the photo (this is going to be your frame). 2
  7. 7. o Cut a shape out of the center of your "frame" (without cutting through - this is a job for an adult). Again, you should end up with at least a 1 inch frame. o Paint your puzzle pieces (some red and some green) and let dry. o Glue them onto your frame, overlapping the pieces. o Glue the photo to the back of the frame.MAKE YOUR REINDEER: o Take 3 puzzle pieces (preferably one should be a bit bigger than the other two). o Paint the 3 puzzle pieces brown/ Let dry. o Next take the two smaller puzzle pieces and glue them to the larger one in the corners only. o Then attached the wiggly eyes. o Cut-out a small red circle for the nose and glue. . o Then in the corner of one of Rudolphs antler make a small holly leaf from green felt. o Glue the reindeer into the corner of the frame. 3
  8. 8.  GAMESSANTA SAYSHow to Play: Played similar to Simon Says.The player up is "Santa". Player will say"Santa says hop on one foot". The childrenwill hop on one foot. Player will say "Stop".The children are to keep hopping on one footuntil player says "Santa says stop". Repeatfor additional activities such as take onebaby step forward, step backwards, turnaround, sit down. Sometimes Santa will say"Santa says" and sometimes he wont.Its a fun game to play with young children.FREEZESupplies: Christmas musicHow to Play: Begin playing music. Everyone moves and dancesuntil the music stops then they must "freeze" in whateverposition they happen to be in. 4