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Social Issues

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Social Issues

  2. 2. SEXUAL DISCRIMINATION●In the world, generally there issexual discrimination. The ideais that men are better thanwomen. For example, at work,women have to fight more thanmen tohave the same rigths. I think that there isn’t solution, because the men always will believe a men superior to woman, and woman always fight for sexual equality and the world will become more alike.
  3. 3. TEENAGE PREGNANCIESThe problem is that the teenage are very inconscients asconsequently there are many pregnant teens, and there are twotypes of guys: those who are responsible and they forget all. Theproblem is that they can not forget everything.The solution is made aware of condom use.
  4. 4. GAY RIGHTS●The problem is that there is very peoplewith retrograde and homophobic thoughts.The real problem is that not only is thethoughts, also annoy, insult, discriminateand they even use violence. And worst of allthis
  5. 5. HOMELESSNESSThe state of wandering from place to place; havingno permanent home or means of livelihoodAffordable Housing Assistance Reduces FamilyHomelessness
  6. 6. DRUG ABUSEHabitual use of drugs to alter ones mood, emotion,or state of consciousness.Prevention is better than cure. This adage holdsgood in fighting drug abuse too.
  7. 7. ANIMAL RIGHTSIs the idea that the most basic interestsof non-human animals should beafforded the same consideration as thesimilar interests of human beings.My solution is to enforce more strictand specific guidelines for the use ofanimals in labs.
  8. 8. RACISMIs discrimination or prejudice based on race.The solution is education. The more educated aperson is the more aware they are of others, themore aware they are of others the more they seethemselves and the more respect they have forothers.
  9. 9. CLASSA division based on quality, rank, or grade.Believe not better than anyone, although I think itwill not ever get, there will always be classdistinctions.

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