Reservation Training


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This presentation is a complete outline from taking a call to close for hotel reservations training.

Some examples of types of callers to a flow chart of the sales process.

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Reservation Training

  1. 1. Reservation Management Training<br />Loren Stone<br /><br />303-800-6161 ~<br /><br />
  2. 2. A Successful Sales Culture starts with a Great FRONT LINES Staff<br />Concierge<br />Front Desk<br />Sales Reservations<br />
  3. 3. We only have shots at making a great impression.<br />When we take the reservation call<br />When the guest checks-in<br />We seldom get a SECOND CHANCE. <br />Doing it right the first time is ESSENTIAL<br />
  4. 4. A Great Sales Consultant...<br />...knows his or her product, inside and out<br />...treats every call as though it is THE most important call he or she will ever handle<br />...treats every call with respect and importance<br /> enthusiastic and conveys that enthusiasm to the caller<br />...enjoys solving problems and meeting customer needs<br />...enjoys building (and maintaining) relationships<br />...recognizes that objections are a normal part of the sales process<br /> able to accept rejection<br /> self-reliant<br />...knows who the competition is and what they’re doing<br />...strives to meet sales objectives<br />...strives to be great, not just good! <br />
  5. 5. Reinforcement of Key Selling Skills<br />...from good to GREAT!!!<br />
  6. 6. The Reservation Sales Process<br />-Actively Listening<br />-Identifying Needs<br />-Building the Relationship<br />-Controlling the Call<br />-Creating Value<br />-Overcoming Objections<br />-Asking for the Sale<br />-Closing the Call<br />Guest Enjoys Stay<br />
  7. 7. Who Are Your Callers?<br />Rita the Rate Shopper<br />Irma the Information Collector<br />Sarah the Serious Buyer<br />Lola the Loyal Customer<br />
  8. 8. Rita the Rate Shopper<br />How much for <br />a mountain view suite? <br />Rita’s Objective: She’ll say that she wants to know what rates are available-<br />Strategy: Ask key qualifying questions. Sell based on value for price BEFORE quoting a rate. Ask her who else she is considering and outsell them on value.<br />Closing Technique: Offer the option with the most value added through the benefits of amenities, then check to see if it’s on track. Then, sell one with lower rate with scaled-down amenities, offer to reserve, but respect her desire to shop around. Create a sense of urgency based on RATE. If all else fails, offer to hold for 24 hours.<br />How much?<br />That’s too much...<br />can’t you do any better?<br />I called the Cheaper Hotel <br />and they’re $175/night...<br />
  9. 9. Irma the Information Collector<br />I’m just checking and then<br /> I have to call my friends<br /> with this information.<br />Irma’s Objective: As the designated dialer, she needs as much information as possible to aid in the decision making process for her and/or her party.<br />Strategy: Ask permission to obtain qualifying information from her and give her information about the destination, company and division. Since she will take the time, spend the time to carefully understand the party’s needs. Ask her who else she is considering and outsell them on benefits. <br />Closing Technique: Ask to make a reservation for one or two options, selling them as the ones that most everyone in the group would want. Create urgency based on the option with the most services and facilities that appeal to everyone.<br />We don’t all plan to ski.<br />I’m coming with <br />a group of people...<br />What would you have available<br /> for a family of six?<br />
  10. 10. Sarah the Serious Buyer<br />Sarah’s Objective: To make a reservation TODAY!<br />Strategy: Ask her what would help her make a decision today and sell to those hot buttons. Based on the information she volunteers, suggestively sell other services that she might not know about (air, lift tickets, etc.) to strengthen your value to her compared to competitors. <br />Closing Technique: Create urgency based on availability of her top option today. <br />Are you more<br /> expensive <br />than …?<br />I need to book my <br />flight by tomorrow.<br />My husband<br />needs to request<br />vacation days...<br />I narrowed it down to <br />you and the <br />Other Guy…<br />
  11. 11. Lola the Loyal Customer<br />Lola’s objective: Wants her loyalty to be recognized.<br />Strategy: Welcome her back. Ask how her last visit was and use it to uncover opportunities to up sell and provide her with benefits that would exceed her expectations. Give her an update of the hotel, property changes and accommodations. <br />Closing Technique: Presumptive sell her former accommodation and one option with greater benefits. Let her know that we can’t guarantee her first pick will be available if she waits.<br />I stayed in a Mountain<br />King there last time...<br />I’m coming up again...<br />I want the same thing as<br />last time<br />
  12. 12. Identifying Needs<br />Active listening may not uncover all of the Caller’s needs and wants. Asking the right questions will help identify what may still be missing. Effective open-ended questions include:<br /><ul><li>When will you be arriving and departing?”
  13. 13. “How many are in your party?”
  14. 14. “Are you familiar with our hotel?”
  15. 15. “Have you stayed here before?”
  16. 16. “Have you stayed in Anywhere before?”
  17. 17. “Is there a certain location or quality level you are looking for?”
  18. 18. “Are you coming with your family or as part of a group?”
  19. 19. “What are the ages of your children?”</li></li></ul><li>End<br />Call<br />Loss<br />Of Interest<br />The Qualification Process<br />Complete<br />Reservation and<br />Close Call<br />Yes<br />“Want to stay<br />in same<br />accommodations?” Describe<br />any property changes.<br />“What hotel room<br />did you <br />stay in last time?”<br />“Number in Party?<br />All Adults?<br />Children?<br />What ages?”<br />“When did you<br />last stay with us?”<br />No<br />Yes<br />What did you like<br />Best about your last<br />accommodations?<br />“Standard or<br />Mountain View?”<br />Sell The Hotel<br />(And Compare<br />the things they<br />to what The Hotel <br />has to offer<br />“Stayed <br />with us <br />before?”<br />Yes<br />“Standard size room<br />Or need more room?”<br />“Been <br />to Anywhere<br /> Before?”<br />Yes<br />No<br />“Decided on<br />This<br />Destination?”<br />Sell as<br />Company<br />“King or Queen Beds?”<br />No<br />“Private Home<br />Hot tub?”<br />Sell Destination<br />No<br />Sell Spa appointments <br />and shuttle service<br />“Other Interests?”<br />When a Property is Selected, Compliment <br />the Caller. “The __________ is an excellent <br />choice. I am sure that you will <br />have a memorable vacation.”<br />Briefly describe features<br /> of the hotel that fits <br />their interests<br />
  20. 20. Creating Value<br />Positioning statement:<br />How you are viewed by your callers on the attributes that are important to them.<br />A brief, concise statement that allows the Caller to “picture” your destination and division by highlighting unique strengths.<br />Addresses special needs the Caller has initially alerted you to.<br />Creates value before the rates are presented.<br />Example: <br />“As I’m checking here, I can tell you The Hotel offers quality accommodations with personal service in Anywhere. We offer a variety of accommodations, ranging from Standard and Mountain View hotel rooms to Suites and a private 3-bedroom luxury homes. All of our accommodations are quality rated annually...”<br />
  21. 21. Positioning Examples<br />Anywhere’s only full-service spa resort hotel overlooking the Ski Resort...<br />Personalized service at a mountain side retreat providing relaxation with easy access to the Town of Anywhere<br />The most best accommodations in Anywhere with a view...<br />Boutique Spa Resort with a world-renowned Ski Resort 5 minutes away...<br />The only Hotel that offers Quality Accommodations with enhanced amenities...for example complimentary continental breakfast and shuttle service, full-service spa and a fine dining restaurant on property<br />Breathtaking views of the Anywhere Ski Resort and the Mountains...<br />Tailored customer service that only a boutique hotel can provide...<br />Accommodations ranging from forest view rooms to a private home...<br />
  22. 22. Position The Hotel<br />“The Hotel offers quality accommodations with personal service only available at a boutique hotel. Offering a variety of accommodations, ranging from Mountain View rooms to a private 3-bedroom luxury home. All of our accommodations are quality rated annually...”<br />
  23. 23. Position The Hotel<br />THE DESTINATION<br />A place filled with fun and excitement since 1859! Today the town boasts more than 400 boutiques, galleries and restaurants. Activities abound both for adventurous visitors or those in need of relaxation. From concerts to golf, hiking, camping, biking, fishing, kayaking, horseback riding, to relaxing at the spa the options are endless! Awesome snow-capped peaks tower around The Hotel’s timber accented peaks. To top it all, there are four interconnected mountains with more than 2,000 acres of terrain always stand ready to offer the ultimate choices in winter activities. <br />THE PROPERTY<br />The Hotel offers the best mountain view location and at a competitive value in Anywhere, USA. Standard/Mountain View rooms to a private 3-bedroom luxury homes located at 10,200 feet on a cliff overlooking downtown Anywhere and the Hotel with amenities like complimentary continental breakfast and shuttle, oversized hotel rooms, WIFI access in the lobby, and unforgettable views of the Mountains.Options vary from hotel rooms to Suites, or private and secluded home on property.<br />
  24. 24. Creating Value<br /><ul><li>FEATURES: Features are the physical characteristics of the property; they describe the product in terms of size, location, amenities, etc.
  25. 25. BENEFITS: The advantage the Caller receives from a feature helps the Caller understand why he would pay more for this room or package than another. Benefits allow the Caller to envision what is being described. Customers base their decision to buy on benefits, not features. This can only be done if we know what is important to them, so we need to ask qualifying questions.
  26. 26. VALUE: A product has value to a customer when the benefits meet the Caller’s needs/wants. Value is seen only if the benefit has MEANING to the Caller (i.e., Qualifying is mandatory).</li></ul>We spent all this money to make the phone ring, now you MUST take the time to try and make the sale.....<br />
  27. 27. Creating Value Examples<br />FEATURES<br />“We have a complimentary shuttle with the best mountain view location only minutes from town.”<br />“All of our accommodations are spacious and some have kitchenettes.”<br />BENEFITS<br />“We have a complimentary shuttle for easy access to the Town of Anywhere and the Ski Resort which would make it convenient for you and your family to get to the slopes.”<br />“Some of our accommodations have a kitchen or kitchenette which is convenient when you want to eat in after a long day of skiing.”<br />VALUE<br /> The Caller perceives a greater value for the price of the accommodations if convenience and flexibility are very important to them. <br />
  28. 28. Benefits Depend on Qualifying InformationExercise<br />Let’s practice. Sell the following features as benefits:<br />Cliffside mountain view hotel <br />A three-bedroom house to a family<br />A standard hotel room for two people<br />Proximity to the town and ski resort by shuttle<br />Discounted ski rental through The Hotel partnership with Rental Shop<br />Our goal: Create a Win-Win Sale!<br />
  29. 29. The Hotel=I<br />Lose-Win<br />(I Lose - You Win)<br />Win-Win<br />(I Win - You Win)<br />Caller=You<br />Win-Lose<br />(I Win - You Lose)<br />Lose-Lose<br />(I Lose - You Lose)<br />What is “Win-Win”?<br />...When both the Caller and the company get a fair deal.<br />
  30. 30. Why Seek a Win-Win?<br />Getting the Order is not enough<br />We want Satisfied Customers<br />We want Long-Term Relationships<br />We want Repeat and Referral Business<br />This is how we build The Hotel!<br />
  31. 31. Overcoming Objections<br />Probe to uncover additional information that the Caller needs to make a decision<br />Listen to the responses<br />Show empathy, not sympathy<br />Go back to the big-picture objectives the Caller provided<br />Summarize the Caller’s needs<br />Answer requests<br />Confirm agreement that new option is better for Caller<br />
  32. 32. Overcoming Objections Practice<br />Objection: Price/too expensive.<br /> Example Response: “I understand if this is a little more than what you wanted to spend. I do have a Standard View Room with the same amenities and services that you liked in the original option. I can offer this to you at $50 less per night than the original option, which sounds like a great alternative for you. Does that sound good to you? This is a really popular option because of its great value, so I would recommend that you reserve it today to guarantee that you get what you want.”<br />Objection: The dates the Caller wanted are not available.<br /> Your Response:<br />Objection: The accommodation type that Lola wanted is not available (the one that she was in last year).<br /> Your Response:<br />
  33. 33. Asking for the Sale<br />Ask for the sale:<br />“May I make your reservation now?”<br />“Does this sound like what you have in mind?”<br />“Would you like me to reserve this for you, Mr./Mrs./Ms.?”<br />“Would you prefer the King Standard View or the King Mountain View?”<br />Create a Sense of Urgency if the Caller Hesitates:<br />“Availability is limited...”<br />“February is a busy month here...”<br />“These special rates are based on availability. I can’t guarantee it will still be available when you call back.”<br />“The 3-bedroom home you like is very popular and we only have one available, so I would recommend that you reserve it today.” <br />
  34. 34. Asking for the Sale Exercise<br />
  35. 35. Closing the Call<br />Your closing is almost as important as your opening. What you say and how you say it will be remembered by the Caller.<br />You won’t always be successful in closing a call, but if you haven’t made the sale, don’t give up:<br />“We do recommend that you call back to reserve as soon as possible, as this option will not be available for long.”<br />“As you and your husband look around, keep in mind that Anywhere is an ideal retreat for couples...”<br />“While one of the other places you call may quote a lower rate, keep in mind that we have (services and facilities they don’t have).<br />Offer to do a 24-hour hold of the reservation.<br />LAST RESORT: “If you should change your mind or need further information please give us a call back. My name is ______. Anyone here can help you, but feel free to ask for me...”<br />
  36. 36. Closing the Call<br />If you HAVE made the sale, make sure you handle the Caller’s information properly.<br />Repeat the spelling of the Caller’s name and correctly enter it in the system.<br />Repeat the arrival/departure dates and ETA to the Caller and correctly enter in the system.<br />Reconfirm room type reserved with the Caller.<br />Reconfirm rate guarantee information with the Caller.<br />Repeat special requests to the Caller and enter them into the system.<br />Note requirements (i.e. deposit information, cancellation policy, etc.) along with an explanation.<br />Thank the Caller for calling. <br />