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Pm610 1103 b-02-schwappach-loren-p3-ip3

  1. 1. IRTC PROJECT COMMUNICATION PLAN 1 IRTC Project Communication Plan Loren Karl Schwappach PM 610: Project Planning, Execution, and Closure Colorado Technical University
  2. 2. IRTC PROJECT COMMUNICATION PLAN 2 AbstractThis paper identifies the project stakeholders, required communication mechanisms, frequencyof communication, format of communication, and responsibilities of the communicators.
  3. 3. IRTC PROJECT COMMUNICATION PLAN 3 IRTC Project Communication Plan A Communications Management Plan is developed to set the communications frameworkfor projects. This communication management plan was framed information from acommunication management plan template (Northrop Grumman Corporation, 2007) and thePMBOK Guide (Global Standard, 2008) which was used for the generation of a power/interestgrid (Figure 1) and communication matrix (Figure 2). The plan should be treated as a referencemanual for IRTC communication during the cycle of this project and needs to be continuouslyvalidated as procedures and requirements are modified. This manual highlights and identifies the stakeholders of this project. It additionally usesa valuable matrix (Figure 2) for setting up a map the co project communications procedures.This plan also includes information about conducting meetings and details communication rules,increasing the productivity and of success of meetings. A project team member directory has notyet been included and will need to be addressed /added to this plan as necessary to supplyessential contact details for members concerned in the web-upgrade project. Communications is of critical importance for project success. So the PM should take themost active approach possible as needed to guarantee effective communications throughoutIRTC on this project. The detailed communication requirement can be found within thisdocument (Figure 2). However, the matrix included is just a guide about what info should becommunicated, who should accomplish the communicating, when communicate should occurand to what person. Communication should not be limited to the plan but be a live, active,dynamic process that is used as frequently as necessary to ensure project success. The next section of this communication management plan is intended to introduce theproject stakeholders that have an active interest in the IRTC web-based billing system upgrade.
  4. 4. IRTC PROJECT COMMUNICATION PLAN 4Project Sponsor As mentioned in the PMBOK Guide, the PS is the campaigner for project’s and thusrepresents an overall authority over the project through completion and sign-off of the charter.The Sponsor supplys the funding authorization for the project. The Project Sponsor is usually atan executive level (the project sponsor for this project is the CIO of IRTC) projectcommunications need to be presented in a summary format higher level details are requested.Steering Committee The project directing or steering committee comprises department heads that belong toIRTC Manufacturing Enterprises. The committee gives needed management for changes thathave potential impact at IRTC. The purpose of the committee is to guarantee modificationsinside the enterprise get managed in so that they maximize the benefit of the organization. Thecommittee and project sponsor require immediate information on items which might modify theproject’s scope and project deliverables (as will need to occur if the scope is changed to includethe vender’s software add-on proposal.Change Control Board (CCB) The project’s CCB is contains technical experts from the IT department and CustomerService and Billing Departments, and IRTC managerial heads and serves to review projecttechnical specifications and authorizes changes within organizational infrastructure (suchchanges are going to be needed due to new service approaches needed to manage the web basedsystem). The change control board also reviews technological blueprints, risk analysis factorsand change management strategies.Customer The customer for this project is the customers of IRTC. The features, service, security,
  5. 5. IRTC PROJECT COMMUNICATION PLAN 5and reliability is of utmost importance to our customers which is why careful attention andthought need to go into this project as it will have a tremendous impact on IRTC’s reputation andfuture business opportunities.Project Manager (PM) As stated in the PMBOK Guide the Project Manager is entrusted with the overallaccountability for actions and results of the project. The PM controls the moment by momentresources, provides critical supervision and watches and reports on the metrics collected by theteam. As a member accountable to the implementation, the PM is the main communicator forthe project.Project Team The Project Team is made up of all individuals with a function of the project that areexecuting work activities for the project (Leader, Business Analyst, Technical Architect, QualityAssurance, Software Engineers, End User/System Tester, and Technical Writer). The teamrequires a clear view of the work that needs accomplished and general order in which to executeit. The team plays a key role in the development of the Project Plan to include setting projectobjectives and the project schedule. The team needs continuous feedback and detailedinformation that can only be gained through day to day interactions along with routine teammeetings.Tech/Team Leader The Tech/Team Leader (Terry) is the person on the team that provides accountability formaking sure that technical parts of the project are correctly treated and that activities are handledin a technical manner. As Team Leader this person is also responsible for managing andencouraging the project team as well as setting routine team meetings. The technical lead is in
  6. 6. IRTC PROJECT COMMUNICATION PLAN 6charge of all technical processes, overseeing the development of designs. The Technical Leadrequires continuous communication with the PM and team members (most importantly theSoftware Engineer, Quality Assurance, and the End User in this project). Before introducing the communication matrix it is important for project participants tohave an overall understanding of the interest and power of project stakeholders for planning thefrequency and type of communications. The power/interest grid (Figure 1) illustrates a roughoutlook on the power and interest level of primary project stake holders and the reasoning behindthe need for a structured formalized communication matrix (Figure 2). Figure 1: IRTC Power/Interest Grid
  7. 7. IRTC PROJECT COMMUNICATION PLAN 7 Figure 2: IRTC Communication Matrix To increase the effectiveness of the project meetings mentioned in the communicationplan there are some general rules that need to be observed by all meeting participants.Meeting Agenda The Meeting Agenda will be issued by the owner identified in the communication matrixand will be emailed at least 6 business days prior to the actual meeting. The Agenda mustannounce the individual who will present and limited time allowed for topics. The beginningconversation in the agenda should always be a analysis of previous Action Items (AIs) to befollowed by progress reports and suggestions for reducing risks, improving benefits, andreducing cost and schedule impactsMeeting Minutes Minutes are distributed one business day following the meeting by the meetingoriginator. Meeting minutes need to address the stats of AIs and recent/new AIs.Action Items (AIs) AIs are must be included in the agenda and minutes following a meeting. AIs must
  8. 8. IRTC PROJECT COMMUNICATION PLAN 8always discuss the item and a designated responsible party for the item. Meetings will beginwith a look at each AIs status from the preceding meeting and conclude with a review of eachAIs opened during the session.Meeting Chair Person This is the owner of the meeting as outlined in the communication matrix and isresponsible for setting up and conducting the meeting as well as developing the meeting minutes.Case Study As I stated earlier, good communication can make or break a project. In a case studycompleted by [WHO] Jeri Merrell of [WHAT] an IT program manager for GCI, an [WHERE]Alaskan telecommunications company [HOW] the program manager was thrown into a smallinfrastructure project, the organization had nearly given up on the project and it seemed as if theproject was on the verge of collapse. [WHY] However the program manager used excellentleadership and communication skills and was able to assess the project, discover major issues,reorganize the project team, and get the team members talking. Communication or lack thereofwas the largest problem facing the project. The program manager initiated an e-mail chain andcommunication plan requiring twice-weekly status briefings. [IMPACT] Soon team membersbegan to see the big picture and became more productive and accountable for projectdeliverables (Merrell, 2011).
  9. 9. IRTC PROJECT COMMUNICATION PLAN 9 ReferencesGlobal Standard. (2008). A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (4th ed.). Newtown Square, PA: Project Management Institute, Inc.Merrell. J. (2011). Rescuing a Small Project. Retrieved September 19, 2011 from Project Smart Website: Grumman Corporation.(2007). Communications Management Plan. Retrieved September 19, 2011 from Practical Analyst Website: