How to Increase Your 2013 Email Response Rates in 5 Simple Steps


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Today, most organizations recognize email marketing as one of the most cost-effective ways to reach and convert prospects and build a deeper relationship with customers to drive incremental sales. Lorel Marketing Group provides you with 5 best practices to help you to communicate in a customer-centric way and increase your email response!

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How to Increase Your 2013 Email Response Rates in 5 Simple Steps

  1. 1. 5 Best Practices For Increasing EmailProgram Response Rate and Driving DeeperCustomer EngagementLorel Marketing Group | 2013
  2. 2. Today, most organizations recognize email marketing as oneof the vehicles to reach and convert prospects and build adeeper relationship with their customers and drive incrementalsales.But many companies judge email success by the size of thelist. A large list that is not engaged is not successful. Andincreasing email response and engagement is a key toimproving and growing your business.
  3. 3. Too often we overlook the main goal of the email. We like to think its away to showcase our work, our content or products, or to fulfill a desirethat our customers have.In reality, the email is a tool, a means to get customers to dosomething, typically click through to the website.That alone requires 3 actions from your customer:1.Open the Email2.Scan or Read the email3.Click on the LinkA secondary objective is to have the email forwarded, thereby havingmore users subscribe to our lists. By understanding that, we can betterbegin to fully utilize the medium.Email Marketing Basics
  4. 4. With these three objectives in mind, there are 5 steps that should befollowed to increase email response rates and customer engagement.1. Get the email in the Inbox2. Get the email opened3. Be relevant and useful to the customer4. Get the user to click through5. Include sharing features in your emailsImprove your email response rates with these steps
  5. 5. 1. Get in the Inbox - White listing & Best PracticesCustomers can’t engage with your email if it never gets to them.Make sure you follow up-to-date standards for spam and junk mailfiltering.• Be consistent in the email domains you send from.• Match the email domain name (from mask) to thedomain name.• Continually be aware of changes in spam/junk trends for emails (balancethe combination of images and copy, reduce punctuation and certainterms in your subject lines and copy)• Follow and Maintain CAN-SPAM guidelines by including a physicaladdress, unsubscribe links, and privacy policy links.• Monitor unsubscribes, bounces and spam reports with each email send.Source:
  6. 6. 2. Get the email opened - Using Shorter Subject LinesOnline and Email readers SCAN content, so make your content Scanable!Studies show that subject lines shorter than 50 characters in length trend tohave increased open and click-through rates.• Make sure relevant messaging isincluded in your subject line• Subject line content should link withthe first message within the body ofthe email• Include your company name or brandas part of the subject line to validate• Test different lengths of subject linesto determine what works best for yourspecific customers and subscribersSource: The Official Pinpointe Email Marketing Blog
  7. 7. Once a user opens the email, you must keep their attention. Providingrelevant content, tied to the subject line, in a readable format is key.• Key content must be “scannable” (short, easy to read words)• The Subject Line reference should be easily visible “above the fold”• The email should be fully legible even if a user doesn’t download theimages.• The layout should GUIDE the user through the hierarchy of content.• Include multiple links to the desired landing pages on your website.Make the next step EASY for your customer. Guide them seamlesslythrough your content, to the next desired step.Source: TRUSTe.com3. Be Relevant - Provide Useful Content and Design
  8. 8. Include multiple links in your email to give your customers multipleways to engage with you.Source: MailerMailer email marketing report (June 2009)• Studies show that emails with 25 ormore links had an open rate 12%higher than those containing fewerthan 25 links• They also had a click-through rate29% higher than for e-mails withfewer than 25 links.• Your email subscribers wantmultiple choices; the more youknow about your subscriber thebetter choices you can provide them.4. Get the User to Click Through - Calls to Action
  9. 9. • Provide relevant, engaging content that is worth sharing• Provide the means to easily and readily share the content- Forward to a friend- Social Sharing features• Encourage sharing through contests• Monitor the data and analytics -- find out who’s sharing and where. Followthe shares to make sure you company has a presence, and an active one,on those site.The main goal of an email is to get the recipient to act, first to open,then to click through. The secondary goal is to encourage therecipient to share the content.5. Include Sharing Features
  10. 10. A Closing Remark:• Well-conceived email programs will deliver better results andsales for you.• Email can be an effective and high-ROI tactic for yourbusiness.• It is always a good practice to review your email program andinvestigate if there are efficiencies and ideas that can beintroduced to generate better results.
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  12. 12. Thank You.Lorel Marketing Group590 North Gulph RoadKing of Prussia, PA