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9 Tips to Increase Sales in 2013 with Online Coupon Programs


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The recent changes in the economy generated a shift in coupon use and will continue to effect a long-term change in consumer perception and behavior. Shoppers today are looking for and expecting online coupons. Your brand needs to have a strategy and program that offers various levels of discounts with the right schedule. We offer 7 tips to increase your sales with coupon programs in this free whitepaper.

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9 Tips to Increase Sales in 2013 with Online Coupon Programs

  1. 1. 9 Tips to Increase Sales in 2013 with OnlineCoupon ProgramsBy Lorél Marketing Group
  2. 2. Online coupons continue to be a greatway to increase sales in a downeconomy.Online coupon activity can be designedto help drive site visits, promote specificproducts and reinforce brand loyalty.And, with the correct social marketingstrategy, the viral component canexponentially expand your customerdatabase.Lorél Marketing Group shows you howthese 9 keys points can build youronline coupon program to generateincremental sales.
  3. 3. 1. Keep the couponprogram targeted.• Segment a specific audience bypast behavior• Offer should encourageincreased or repeat behaviors
  4. 4. 2. Target purchaser toreinforce behavior• Send a relevant coupon offerbased on past history• Personalize and identify pastpurchasers, acknowledgingloyalty and showing appreciation
  5. 5. 3. Target to retaincustomers and buildloyalty• Show specific customerappreciation by stackingpromotions or offering betteroptions to existing customers.• Schedule regular customerappreciation offers based onpurchasing cycles.
  6. 6. 4. Target new visitorsand get them into apattern• Coupons should have an offer upfront, to convert them tocustomers quickly.• Target conversion coupons atdifferent touch points - welcomeemails, sign ups, initial purchase,contact, etc.
  7. 7. 5. Limit the duration ofthe offer – getconsumers to react• Message a sense of urgency• The bigger the offer, the shorterthe time period to redeem theoffer.
  8. 8. •6. Learn to manage andcontrol the couponoffersIn general, coupons are addictive andover a period of time they can setprecedence with the customer’sbehavior. To avoid dependencies:• Tie coupons to a single item, to acertain volume or to the numberof times the redemption canhappen per customer• Change the frequency or specificdays of the week when couponscan be redeemed
  9. 9. 7. Many ways todistribute couponsOnline, you have many options fordistributing coupons and coupon codes.• Email• Post on your website• Integrate via the shopping cart• Post on coupon or deal sites• Distributed via blogs• Display and Search promotions• Allow coupons to beshared/forwarded
  10. 10. 8. Viral marketing topromote the couponprogramCoupon promotions offer true moneyvalue to consumers, so they’re a clearchoice for viral marketing.• Blogs• Email marketing campaignsDevelop an offer from a trusted site andits more likely to be forwarded.
  11. 11. 9. On-site support ofthe coupon program.On your website, you should have amethod for easily supporting the coupon• Provide a custom landing pagefor the coupon offer• Provide an opportunity for thecustomer to enter the code• Integrate the offer into apersonalized session• Always remind the customer touse the offer/coupon, even whileshopping
  12. 12. A Closing Remark:Today’s economic downturn hasgenerated a shift in coupon use and willcontinue to effect a long-term change inconsumer perception and behavior.This “new normal” and new generationof shoppers using online coupons willcontinue.Your brand needs to have a strategyand program that offers various levelsof discounts with the right schedule.
  13. 13. Want to jump start your marketing strategyand programs?Lorél Marketing Group can help you get started with a no-costdiscovery meeting that can align your goals with a vision for yoursuccess. Care to learn more? Contact us today at info@lorel.comLorél Marketing GroupGraphc Arts Building590 North Gulph RoadValley Forge, PA 19406(610) 337-2343www.lorel.comFacebook: