6 Steps to Building your Brand and Business with B2B Blogging in 2013


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Today, with the increasing popularity and unique benefits of social networking, more and more B2B companies are deciding to get in on the action - in particular with blogging. Bloggers are no longer limited to posting personal journal entries in efforts to connect and socialize with friends and family. Blogging is becoming a wide-open opportunity for businesses to submerge their brand into a populated pool of current and potential consumers. Lorel Marketing Group suggests these 6 steps for building your brand and business with blogging.

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6 Steps to Building your Brand and Business with B2B Blogging in 2013

  1. 1. 6 Steps to Building your Brand and Businesswith B2B Bloggingby Lorél Marketing Group
  2. 2. • “Marketers perceive blogs to have the highest value ofany social media in driving traffic, brand awareness, leadgeneration and sales – as well as improving customerservice.” -Senior Analyst, eMarketer• 43% of US companies will• be blogging by 2012.Source: eMarketer.com
  3. 3. • Today, with the increasing popularity and unique benefits of socialnetworking, more and more B2B companies are deciding to get in onthe action – in particularly with blogging.• Bloggers are no longer limited to posting personal journal entries inefforts to connect and socialize with friends and family.• With it’s online exposure, branding potential, and relationshipestablishment and retention abilities, blogging is becoming a wide-open opportunity for businesses to submerge their brand into apopulated pool of current and potential consumers.
  4. 4. • B2B companies are budgeting more money for blogs than other marketingservices• direct mail• Tradeshows• Sponsorships• print advertising• Many companies fail to understand thecrucial aspects of building an effectiveblog.• So whether your just starting, or already• have one, here the 6 steps in developing• and maintaining a successful blog.Image: eMarketer.com
  5. 5. 1. Develop the Strategy• Just like any other social media initiative, it is imperative to first build a strategy.• The strategy should outline the “why” and the “how”you plan to leverage the social media platformsto reach your marketing.• Why do you want to start a B2B blog?• What will be its purpose?• What fundamental contributions willyour blog offer your company, andmore importantly, its readers?• Answering these questions efficiently will assist youin developing a more refined plan of action.Image: information-management.com
  6. 6. 2. Understand the Important Features within a BlogBusiness Benefits of Blogs:Business Benefits of Blogs:• Increases SEO Value• Increase traffic• Gain a following• Build CredibilityEffective Blogs:Effective Blogs:• Reflect soul• Connect with the audience• Reflect who you are (as aperson and a business)• Are informative• Will position you as the ‘GoTo’ person within your industry• Are active blogs (posts madeconsistently - once or twice aweek)Image: blog.silex.co.inAlways maintain a connection between your post topics and theproducts/services you company offers, but Do Not continuouslypromote your company directly within your blog.
  7. 7. • Who do you want reading your blog? How wide is your target audience? What type ofpeople/businesses would be interested in your product or service?• Initiate audience categorization…• to assist in determining topicsfor discussion• to engage your listeners• to reach different audience types• to retain relevance to your variedtargets3. Find your target audienceImage: thelostjacket.com
  8. 8. 4. Listen and EngageLeverage the marketing tools you may already be using – email, direct mail, whitepapers, etc.- What is your audience interested in? What topics are they responding to the most?Use your blog to expand upon the topics that are already getting your audience’s attention.• Listen to what’s being said about your company• Observe current discussions relative to your industry• Monitor the topics being discussed within your target industries• Allow an open section for comments to be made under each post• Leave one or two open-ended questions in each postIf your audience comments on your blog, return the favor by personally responding to each comment made.Continuous engagement is key, even after your blog is written and posted.
  9. 9. • Unlike whitepapers and articles, blogs create the opportunity to give a human feel to your company• Establish a unique, engaging voice to your posts• Avoid technical & business language• Humanize your posts• Give a face to your blog - provide a photo and short bio about the writer(s)5. Give your Blog PersonalityYou need to come acrossas a human being who isknowledgeable, can relateto and approachable - takeadvantage of the opportunityfor continuous discussion.This creates loyalty anddrives the size of your blogfollowers.Image: http://blogs.forrester.com/augie_ray
  10. 10. Image: eMarketer.com6. Understand & Strategize your Business’s BloggingBenefitsBlogging is a great resource to implement to improve search results and drive trafficto your company website, and should be promoted similarly to your companywebsite:• Utilize Google AdWords: research & implement keywords your target audienceis searching for on similar topics to your posts• Promote your companys link in your blog profile• Reference other blogs for credibility, cross-linking and further promotion• Provide your company’s link within your blog, andyour blog’s link somewhere accessible within yourcompany website.• Include social media sharing functionality forblog homepage and each post• Include links to your specific company pagesonly when appropriate to the content• Promote your blog link across your othermarketing platforms
  11. 11. A Closing Remark:If your information is helpful and worthwhile to reader,your company’s internal goal will evolve naturally overtime – whether it’s visits to your blog site, visits to yourcompany site, conversion, etc.
  12. 12. Thank YouWant to jump start your marketing strategy and programs?Lorél Marketing Group can help you get started with a no-costdiscovery meeting that can align your goals with a vision for yoursuccess. Care to learn more? Contact us today.Lorél Marketing GroupEmail: info@lorel.comTelephone: 610-337-2343Website: www.lorel.com