Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Affiliates?


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Technology has transformed the way consumers make purchasing decisions. Customers are more informed with more resources available influencing the purchasing decisions they make. Customers are also now making purchasing decisions on the go.

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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Affiliates?

  1. 1. Are You Getting the Most Out of YourAffiliates?By Lorél Marketing Group
  2. 2. • Affiliate Marketing in an excellent, cost-effective way for abrand to increase their market coverage.• Many organizations use an affiliate marketing model to selltheir products.• Affiliate marketing is an excellent way for a brand to cost-effectively increase their market coverage.• However it can become complicated to track a program’seffectiveness, especially with the many affiliates sites andaffiliate arrangements.• Lorél Marketing Group has provided you with some bestpractices for tracking your affiliate-generated traffic.
  3. 3. The four key stakeholders in a typicalaffiliate marketing ecology1. The Retailer, who is the merchant that is trying to move theproduct2. The Network, which is how the Affiliate pays the Retailer3. The Affiliate, who is selling the Retailers products4. The Customer, who buys the Retailers product from theAffiliate, who pays the Retailer through the Network
  4. 4. The keys to a successful Affiliate Program• Drive Affiliate Traffic• Recognize Affiliate Traffic
  5. 5. Performance Tracking• Assigning a code to each of your affiliates is critical to understanding andcomparing performance among your partners• Establish a URL with a tracking code specific to each affiliate• Implement a cooking tracking session
  6. 6. Retain affiliate information• Assigning a code to each of your affiliates is critical to understanding andcomparing performance among your partners• Attach the affiliate ID to the URL• Capture the affiliate ID via the code• Store the affiliate ID as a cooking for as long as you have agreed to inthe affiliate contract• Pass the affiliate ID to the database with any order within the agreedupon session durations
  7. 7. A Closing Remark:• Following these best practices for affiliate traffictracking, assures that your brand will understand affiliatemarketing performance and will help to set yourself upin the best possible way to maximize sales, even with itsgrowing complexity.
  8. 8. Want to jump start your marketing strategy and programs?• Lorél Marketing Group can help you get started with a no-cost discovery meeting that canalign your goals with a vision for your success. Care to learn more? Contact us today atinfo@lorel.comLorél Marketing Group• Graphc Arts Building• 590 North Gulph Road• Valley Forge, PA 19406• (610) 337-2343•• Facebook:• Twitter:• Linkedin: