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  • heat pumps, and evaporative cooling
  • Building and certifying a green data center
    Data centres typically account for 25 per cent of total corporate IT budgets
  • * Technologoes are – Liquid cooling, air/water side economizer, Free cooling
    * Reasons for not adopting – ROI generallly 5 yrs on this investment, but Indian companies demand ROI in 1 yr..
  • * Highly efficient IGBT-based UPS systems, which are 4% to 5% more energy efficient
    Advanced cooling systems with water recycle plant to cater to cooling requirements
    precision air conditioning and air handling units
    use outside environment in cooling

  • Green It V1 0

    1. 1. Warm-up Question “I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.” A. Ralph Nader B. George Bush C. Al Gore D. Thomas Edison E. Barack Obama Who said this quotation? When?
    2. 2. Warm-up Question Who said this quotation? When? “I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.” A. Ralph Nader B. George Bush C. Al Gore D. Thomas Edison…in 1931 E. Barack Obama
    4. 4. Green IT The study and practice of using computing resources in an efficient, effective and economic way.
    5. 5. An Important Fact
    6. 6. An Important Fact (By David Tebbutt,Martin Atherton, and Tony Lock) …of Global CO2 Emissions
    7. 7. • Datacentres produce 0.3% of world’s CO2 • If designated as a country, datacentres would be 76th on co2 emission list • Datacentres also consume 0.8% of the world’s electricity
    8. 8. GREEN IS EVERYWHERE 68% Of Executives foresee increased government regulation on environment 77% Of Companies anticipate spending more on Environmental Programs. 80% of all data centers report capacity issues 83% Of Largest Retailers are involved in Green Practices.
    9. 9. Actual Amount of Energy Used
    10. 10. Problems  Rising energy prices are increasingly impacting on the cost of doing business  Government imposed levies on carbon production will impact all businesses with businesses increasingly judged according to their environmental credentials, by legislators, customers and shareholders.
    11. 11. Approaches to Green IT  Virtualization  Power management  Material recycling  Telecommuting
    12. 12.  A study by McKinsey found that among observed 458 servers at 4 datacentres 32% were running at or below 3% peak utilization  Virtualization helps reduce server counts by as much as 65%
    13. 13. Virtualisation  The process of running two or more logical computer systems on one set of hardware.
    14. 14. Contd…  Virtualization helps a company / enterprise lower power and cooling consumption, by reducing the number of machines and servers it needs  Virtualization platforms can run across hundreds of interconnected physical computers and storage devices, to create an entire virtual infrastructure
    15. 15. Power Management  Power Supply  Storage  Display
    16. 16. Material Recycling  HR233, the U.S. National Computer Recycling Act  e-Waste handling
    17. 17. Telecommuting  Teleconferencing and telepresence technology  Web meetings and webinars, where people can share content and interact with each other through their webcams and PC screens.  Working at home
    18. 18. Green Data Center  Repository for the storage, management, and dissemination of data  Mechanical, lighting, electrical and computer systems designed for maximum energy efficiency and minimum environmental impact
    19. 19. Green Data Center
    20. 20. Implementation of GDC  The construction and operation of a green data center includes advanced technologies and strategies  Here are some examples:  Minimizing the footprints of the buildings  Use of low-emission building materials, carpets and paints  Sustainable landscaping  Waste recycling  Installation of catalytic converters on backup generators  Use of alternative energy technologies – eg. photovoltaics
    21. 21. Advantages of GDC  Can be expensive up front, but long-term cost savings can be realized on operations and maintenance  Offers employees a healthy, comfortable work environment  Green facilities enhance relations with local communities  Easier to comply with regulations, if imposed  Elimination of utility shortfall
    22. 22. Green IT trends in India  Seriously concerned about being environmentally-savvy  But few companies are ready to walk the talk  Only 27.2% of Indian businesses have implemented power-saving technologies like hot aisle or cold aisle containment  77% IT companies here feel power shortage in India will soon affect them  Companies planning to spend on energy-efficient servers (for 54% of surveyed Indian businesses) and server virtualization (41%)
    23. 23. Green data center design at Wipro Infotech  New ‘Tier-III’ data center at Greater Noida with replicable green data center model  Extensive planning before selecting data centre solution  Power and cooling identified as the primary areas for green technology deployment  Reduce electrical losses  Optimize cooling  60-70% times company recover cost within 4 yrs
    24. 24. Recommendations
    25. 25. Online Dr. John Thompson – Blueprint for Green Computing eSeminar  Increase use of the Internet and your Web site  Place information on Web pages, wikis and blogs instead of making paper copies  Online courses consume nearly 90% less energy & produce 85% fewer CO2 emissions – 2005 report  Uses less paper than traditional classroom  Ex. - Online course evals instead of paper  Assign online texts or Internet sites  Use course management systems  Ex. - Blackboard, ANGEL
    26. 26. Final Recommendations  Pick all the low hanging fruit  Small changes make big difference  Conduct energy assessment  Set baseline…& measure, measure, measure  Strive to achieve TBL – triple bottom line  Economic  Environmental  Social Save $$ while helping protect the environment and doing what’s right for society.
    27. 27. Energy Calculators  HP's Carbon Footprint Calculator  Nortel Energy Efficiency Calculator  CO2 Saver  Forrester's online green IT baseline calculator  SUNY Learning Network Distance Learning Calculator