Best Pokemon Team (Non-legendary)


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This is my Pokemon Team. Hope you like it! Please leave comments if you would change anything

  • I also wouldn't of chose meganium. I would also have maybe replaced snorlax with tyranitar. Otherwise, thank you. This was exactly what i was looking for.
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  • i agree with everything but meganium
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  • free download the updated file from here:-
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Best Pokemon Team (Non-legendary)

  1. 1. Master Pokemon TeamThe following is my master Pokemon team. I have a largePokedex with the stats for all pokemon 1st-4th generation. I tookstats, and move-pools into consideration when making this team.I made this team trying to vary the types of pokemon. My ownpersonal thing is to always keep your first Pokemon in the partywith you, since I was playing heartgold, My choice wasMeganium, but my first choice for a grass type would either beTorterra, or Venasuar. Anyways, Here we go!PS. Thses pokemon know HMs so this is also a team to travelwith, not just a team to battle with.
  2. 2. Meganium (Grass)● I chose Meganium because I always have my primary pokemon with me, I was playing heartgold, and seeing as how I had the water and fire positions taken up, Meganium was my last choice.● Nature: Bashful (Meganiums stats arent imspressive, so bashful will leave them be, rather then increasing one, and decreasing another)● Moves: – Energy Ball (Grass/special) – Earthquake (Ground/physical) – Irontail (Steel/physical) – Cut (Normal/physical)
  3. 3. Arcanine (Fire)● I chose Arcanine as my firetype for many reasons. For one, he is one of the few fire type to be solely a firetype, making him weaker to fewer types. Also with the stats, he is among the best of all fire-types regardless. His move-pool isnt impressive unless you have some good TMs, but if you have them, he is a great choice.● Nature: Adament (Raises attack, lowers Sp. Attack. I chose this because for the move I have arcanine learn, flamethrower is the only special move he knows, and being a STAB it will still be powerful)● Moves: – Flamethrower (Fire/special) – Aerial Ace (Flying/physical) – Rock smash (Fighting/physical) – Dig (Ground/physical)
  4. 4. Lapras (Water/Ice)● Lapras isnt the greatest pokemon, but with those ice type moves, he is amazing against dragon types, meanwhile the rest of his movepool makes him the “Must” in your pokemon team. I made my Lapras a dragon fighting machine, because added to his move-pool is a dragon move, which will be helpful against any Kingdra you may have to face.● Nature: Modest: This raises the pokemons Sp. Attack, while decreasing physical attack, and with the moves I gave Lapras, attack is not needed.● Moves: – Ice Beam (Ice/special) – Surf (Waters/special) – Dragon Pulse (Dragon/special) – Psychic (Psychic/special)
  5. 5. Electivire (Electric)● I was debation between Electivire, and Ampharos. Ampharos has the higher Sp. Attack, but Electivire has a high Attack, and a HUGE movepool if you have the TMs. The stats and movepool bested in Electivires favor, however if you cant trade to get him, Ampharos is the second choice here.● Nature: Adament: This will raise Electivires Attack even higher, while lowering his Sp. Attack, which in his case will not matter.● Moves: – Thunderpunch (Electric/physical) – Earthquake (Ground/physical) – Rock Climb (Normal/physical) – Flash (-/-) – P.S (Thunderpunch can be replaced with thunderbolt [Electric/special])
  6. 6. Snorlax (Normal)● There are so many good things to say about Snorlax. Lets start with his Stats, his attack is killer, with a high HP aswell. Being only weak to fighting also gives him a major edge against most opponents. His move pool is very well balanced, and being able to learn some moves that not many pokemon can learn is a big help.● Nature: Naive: This will raise Snorlaxs speed, and lower his special defense. Fighting being the only thing strong against Snorlax, these moves are mostly physical, therefore Sp. Defense isnt greatly needed.● Moves – Body Slam (Normal/physical) – Strength (Normal/physical) – Focus punch (Fighting/physical) – Shadowball (Ghost/special)
  7. 7. Dragonite (Dragon/Flying)● Dragonite is a powerhouse when it comes to everything. Its stats are amazing, and its attack is incredibly high, making this Pokemon a OKO type Pokemon. Its weaknesss are easily overcome with his movepool. His move-pool is so amazing he can learn moves to put his weaknesss to shame● Nature: Quiet: This makes his Sp. Higher while lowering his speed. You may instead want to increase his Sp. Defense, with a sassy nature.● Moves: – Dragon Claw (Dragon/physical) – Flamethrower (Fire/special) – Waterfall (Water/physical) – Fly (Flying/physical)
  8. 8. End● This is my master pokemon team. If you feel like some other moves would be better, comment and ask me why I chose them, or tell me why I should change them. Hope you liked it!