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Delphi Work Experience Week 1


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This was the presentation that I delivered to employees at Delphi after my experience. By utilising this opportunity of standing up and performing, I could ensure that people were impressed so I worked hard in order to make sure I had a great presentation. Not only was this a chance to show off my presentation skills and what I have learnt, but most importantly the chance to prove that I am a hard working individual that is interested in Automotive Engineering. This is the first week of work experience.

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Delphi Work Experience Week 1

  1. 1. Lorcan Boston
  2. 2. Problem seen by customer Solution is planned by a engineer The solution is put to test Data from the test is recorded Engine Testing Cells  Fuel Injection system  JCB SEF 3L  Cell measuring equipment  Mechanics of a diesel engine Fault finding  Reproducing engine fault  JCB Engine test cycle  Reproducing rail pressure overshoot  Trimming Injectors back Test process
  3. 3. Tasks  Created and ran 8 mode test  Longer speed matrix test run  Prepared engine for the tests  Exported Results from tests  Daily checks test Facilities tour  Rigging stand  Test vehicles in garage  Test vehicles outside  Selective Catalyst Reduction  Site fuel tank Urea for selective catalytic reduction for exhaust gas treatment.
  4. 4. Head Rotor manufacturing  Production line  Problem solving  Tour of factory  Maintenance of Nakamura Tome Problem Top Solution 1 Bottom Left Right Solution 3Solution 2 Problem solved Half split technique
  5. 5. Injector remanufacturing  Remanufacturing Injectors  Sorting old ford injectors  E.U.I – Testing Remanufactured Injectors  Injector assembly Old Injectors from customers Strip down and recycling of expensive parts Recycled parts are cleaned for reuse Parts reassembled to make new Injectors E.U.I Testing Packaged and shipped to customers Remanufacturing Process