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Terasem Movement, Inc., a non-profit charity educating the public on extending human life!

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Terasem presentation 2012_lr

  1. 1. + www.TerasemMotionInfoCulture.com www.CyBeRev.org www.TerasemCentral.org www.TerasemCentral.org/events www.PersonalityMD.comTerasem Movement, Inc., a non-profit charityeducating the public on extending human life!Lori RhodesLegal Research & Writing Manager Lori@TerasemCentral.orgTerasem Movement, Inc.
  2. 2. + The name Terasem means Earth SeedTerasem Movement, Inc., founded by MartineRothblatt and Bina Aspen Rothblatt in 2002, isa privately funded charity endowed for the purposeof educating the public on the practicality andnecessity of greatly extending human life, consistentwith diversity and unity, via geoethicalnanotechnology and personal cyberconsciousnessencouraging public belief in a positive,technologically-based future.In particular, Terasem concentrates on facilitatingrevivals from biostasis, focuses on preserving,evoking, reviving and downloading humanconsciousness. www.TerasemCentral.org/about
  3. 3. + founders of Terasem are concerned the potentialThefor nanotechnology and cyberconsciousness forrelieving human suffering and extending human life: • Will be truncated due to unwarranted fears and concerns; • Could be made available only to the elite; and/or • Could be made in a manner that creates class divisions within society. www.TerasemCentral.org/about
  4. 4. + The founders of Terasem believe: • Nanotechnology and cyberconsciousness need to be developed consistently with full respect for diversity and unity; and • The potential for greatly extending human life and relieving human suffering can be realized. www.TerasemCentral.org/social
  5. 5. + Terasem accomplishes its objectives by: 1) Conducting annual, publicly accessible symposia: The Annual Workshop on Geoethical Nanotechnology When: Every July 20th in honor of the first lunar launch • Geoethics is the study of technology risk/benefit management across geographic spaces. Analogously, Bioethics is the study of technology risk/benefit management across corporeal or physical spaces. • The purpose of the event is to provide the public with informed perspectives regarding geoethical nanotechnology via expert presentations, challenges and discussions. It also seeks to develop a set of geoethical guidelines that will provide a “safe harbor” within which curative nanotechnology can develop. The Annual Colloquium on the Law of Futuristic Persons When: Every December 10th in honor of International Human Rights Day • The event seeks to provide the public with informed perspectives regarding the legal rights and obligations of "futuristic persons" via expert presentations, challenges and discussions. We also hope to facilitate development of a body of law covering the rights and obligations of entities that transcend, and yet encompass, conventional conceptions of humanness. Where: The venue for the workshops/colloquia is the Terasem Island Amphitheater within the virtual community of Second Life (coordinates: 121.155.30). www.TerasemCentral.org/events
  6. 6. + 2) Publishing explanatory analyses in its online journals: • The Journal of Geoethical Nanotechnology explores economic, political, social and technological aspects of the developing technology of molecular nanotechnology. The Journal invites submissions on controversial topics such as self-replication and governance. And • The Journal of Personal Cyberconsciousness explores the mathematical, physical, engineering (hardware, software, firmware), philosophical, psychological, biological, socio-economic, and juridical aspects of non-flesh based consciousness, such as could arise from an advanced machine- based computer. www.TerasemJournals.org www.TerasemJournals.org/submissions
  7. 7. + 3) Conducting demonstration projects: CyBeRev = Cybernetic Beingness Revival at: www.CyBeRev.org • The purpose of the CyBeRev project is to prevent death by preserving sufficient digital information about a person (within a Mindfile) so that recovery remains possible by foreseeable technology. At Terasem, we believe future technology will be able to recover full functionality for CyBeRev people. The service is free and open to anyone over the age of 13. PersonalityMD = Android Smartphone Application at: www.PersonalityMD.com • A fun and interactive questionnaire within a smart phone application serving as an on-the-go portal to preserving one’s consciousness with an option to save all input/answers to your CyBeRev Mindfile! www.CyBeRev.org & www.PersonalityMD.com
  8. 8. + 4) Cryonics First Response TeamIn its mission to greatly extend human life, Terasem and its founders sponsored thecreation of a Cryonics First Response Team. This team is currently comprised of eightemergency response professionals who were cross-trained in a cryonics first response bythe Alcor Life Extension Foundation and Suspended Animation, Inc.The photo to the right depicts a training session with Terasem team members at the AlcorLife Extension Foundation in Scottsdale, Arizona.The focus of the Terasem Cryonics First Response Team is toenhance existing teams in their remote accesses to Florida.There are currently about twelve cryonicists living in orfrequenting Brevard County, located in south-centralFlorida; some are drawn to this area as it is home toTerasem’s central office.
  9. 9. + 4) Cryonics First Response Team (cont.) Terasem outfitted its Response Team with the equipment necessary to perfect a most expeditious stabilization and transport for a member of a recognized cryonics facility, commonly referred to as a ‘cryonicist’. Terasem’s Cryonics First Response Terasem Cryonics First Response Terasem’s Cryonics First Response Team equipment includes: Team Transport Vehicle vehicle sports a magnetic sign when in use, identifying the mission for which it 1) Portable Ice Bath or PIB; A 2006 Chevy Suburban was chosen is engaged. 2) PIB Tray; as it services the needs of the team in 3) Medical Grade O2 Tank; it’s versatility and ability to house the 4) Pelican Case w/Airway Gear; equipment, up to a three member 5) Pelican Case w/Med Kit; team and a patient lying prone within 6) Pelican Case w/Responder the PIB. Protection Gear; and 7) Church Truck or Bier – for ease of moving a patient in PIB
  10. 10. + 5) Terasem Motion InfoCultureThe mission of Terasem Motion InfoCulture is tocreate exciting media products on the themes ofdiversity, unity and joyful techno-immortality. Thisincludes films, DVDs, webcasts, and CDs amongother formats. Terasem Motion InfoCulture is run byMartine Rothblatt, J.D., Ph.D., creator of satelliteradio and founding chairman of Sirius Satellite Radio.Our current film project is the Singularity Is Near,now available at: http://store.singularity.com/ viadownload or in a single or double disk set.Touted as , “A True Story About the Future,” thefilm is based on the New York Times Best-Sellingbook by Ray Kurzweil. The film starsPauley Perrette (from NCIS) and is directedby Anthony Waller, Toshi Hoo, and Ray Kurzweil. www.Singularity.com/TheMovie www.TerasemMotionInfoCulture.com
  11. 11. + 5) Terasem Radio TerasemRadio.com TerasemRadio.com is an Internet radio station with educational programming engaging people through music, conversations, commentary, poetry, meditation and yoga. TerasemRadio.com offers the listener various interviews relating to immortality, transhumanism, cyberconsciousness, mind-uploading, and the singularity. www.TerasemRadio.com
  12. 12. + The symbols of the Terasem flag represent:  ‘Self-accountability’ in its dotted circles;  ‘Infinite diversity’ within a common biological heritage in its blood red infinity sign;  ‘Respect autonomy’ in its digital spelling of joy;  ‘Talk openly’, translucence of clear atmosphere and deep space in its blue background;  ‘Help others’, we grow with assistance in its number and size of dotted circles; and  ‘Always be open’, realities are part of larger realities in its infinity’s multi-dimensionality.
  13. 13. The Terasem missions are a portal to the emerging technologies+ shaping our future selves, civilization and planet, with a respect for the diverse collective we are and a positive approach to peaceful, harmonious immortality for everyone, everywhere.The guiding principles of Terasem are available for Kindle purchase at Amazon! The 2012 Truths of Terasem http://www.amazon.com/2012-Truths-of-Terasem-ebook/dp/B007PSYDQC