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Believe - Video Playbook

Video playbook: what would be your video strategy in the coming weeks?

This week, our creative team has put together a Video Playbook to help you create video content and engage even more with fans. Take a look through best practices and get creative ideas to make the best of this lockdown period.

Check out our previous playbook focused on creative marketing :

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Believe - Video Playbook

  1. 1. Video Playbook → Optimize your video strategy during the lockdown period March 2020 This playbook belongsto Believe.It is strictly confidentialandintendedexclusively to Believe and Believe's customers, for non commercial use only. Disclosure to a third party without theprior written approval of Believe is forbidden.All rights reserved.
  2. 2. → Introduction 3 → Equipment Check 4 → Content Creation 9 → Creative Ideas 19 → Content Creation Solution 24 Agenda Believe@exclusiveownership.Strictlycondidential
  3. 3. In this context, What should be your video strategy in the coming weeks? Working from home and not going out will increase the available entertainment time for workers by 15%*. We are already seeing traffic across all digital channels increase significantly: social networks, video platforms and streaming platforms. In the meantime, to make up for the cancellation of shows and concerts, more and more artists are turning to livestreaming. This is as an opportunity for artists to create video content and engage even more with fans. Believe@exclusiveownership.Strictlycondidential *Source: Midia Reasearch - COVID-19 | Entertainmentand LeisureIndustry Impact Assessment–March 2020 This playbook will help you with best practices and to get creative. INTRODUCTION
  4. 4. Equipment check Believe@exclusiveownership.Strictlycondidential
  5. 5. Content creationequipment check The essential 3 Stabilize Lighting Audio Believe@exclusiveownership.Strictlycondidential
  6. 6. Content creationequipment check Stabilize Believe@exclusiveownership.Strictlycondidential Due to advances in modern tech, most people have a 4K camera right in their pocket. Behold, the smartphone! Most will never use the camera without taking it out of their hands, but by using a Gorilla pod or Tri-Pod it can change your perspective of what’s possible. Going hands-free enables you to play your instruments and act out more in front of the camera allowing more expression for you to record vlog type videos, covers, updates and more.
  7. 7. Content creationequipment check Lighting Believe@exclusiveownership.Strictlycondidential Lighting makes all the difference in videos, indoor lights can be yellow, inconsistent and fatiguing on the eyes. With a clip-on light and a nice lamp lit backdrop you can create a compelling setting easy on the eyes helping to get people engaging and listening. If you want a more DIY approach, look at channels such as SOFAR sounds that recreate a bedroom / living room type lighting. They tend to use DSLR cameras which allows more light in; however you can recreate this with a few well- placed lamps at home.
  8. 8. Content creationequipment check Audio Believe@exclusiveownership.Strictlycondidential ZOOM RECORDER RODE iPHONE MIC If content is timely, like behind the scenes and Instagram stories, audio quality matters less. On the flip side, if audio is good the video quality matters less. A few simple steps can help to increase audio quality. Using a Zoom recorder will take your video to the next level. Perfect for doing covers, Q&A’s and live streams. For good audio on the go using the smartphone ecosystem, a RODE iPhone mic will boost the sound quality and allow you to make compelling content anywhere that will cut through the noise. For podcasting, a Blue USB mic will increase the quality.
  9. 9. Content creation → Content Publishing → Livestreams → Official Music Videos → Lyrics Video → Behind the Scenes Believe@exclusiveownership.Strictlycondidential
  10. 10. Content Publishing Content creationBelieve@exclusiveownership.Strictlycondidential & Best Practices videos max per week When you are not promoting new content, there are ways to keep your channel active: ▪ Respond to fan comments on your videos ▪ Add pinned comments on your videos with links to your last single ▪ Use community tab to engage your audience, sharing fan videos and post photos, GIF, polls ▪ Use your other social networks to communicate about your YouTube channel and drive more subscribers ▪ Create new playlists for your fans with your content but also don't hesitate to share content from other artists ▪ Use YouTube Stories and share daily moments with your fans
  11. 11. Live Streams Content creationBelieve@exclusiveownership.Strictlycondidential Live is an easy way to reach yourfans in real time and engage with them. Don’t hesitateto use all the live features from the platforms: • YouTube Live Stream (tutorial) • Instagram Live (tutorial) • Facebook Live (tutorial)
  12. 12. Live Streams Content creationBelieve@exclusiveownership.Strictlycondidential 1 2 3 Communicate to your audience Let your community know about your live schedule, the type of content they will see and possible things to prepare before going live (e.g. Q&A) Engage with your fans during the live stream. Your live content should be a way to connect with your community, interact with them and even create content with them Create a live strategy and schedule Schedule your live stream in advance of your stream date. Consistently tease and promote your event with custom posts for social media After your stream, consider creating a highlight video to drive core audiences to the full archived live stream
  13. 13. YouTube Features Content creationBelieve@exclusiveownership.Strictlycondidential YouTube Premiere (tutorial) If you're more comfortable pre-recording your event, you can use YouTube Premieres instead. This way, your fans will be able to use the chat and interact before the Music Video release and set a reminder to get notified. It is important to actively participate in the launch by responding to comments and messages in the chat. Don’t forget to tease and share your Premiere link before the launch across social media
  14. 14. YouTube Features Content creationBelieve@exclusiveownership.Strictlycondidential Community Tab (tutorial) Examples: ▪ Send a message to your fans or let them know of new music or YouTube video content you have posted ▪ Use the poll option to ask your community about the type of content they would like to see
  15. 15. Believe@exclusiveownership.Strictlycondidential Official Music Video Content creation Sometimes, simplicityis best. Don’t overthink about the creation of your official music videos. This lockdown period might be the opportunityto reuse old content such as childhoodphotos, behind the scenes footage, live performance videos etc. that could illustrate your songs via video. An alternative can be easy content you can create from home with a simple camera, webcamor your smartphone. Don’t forget that adding lyrics can be valuable for your fans and viewers. Clairo Official Music Video did on webcamwith lyrics Artic Monkeys Official Music Video with lipsync face camera
  16. 16. Believe@exclusiveownership.Strictlycondidential Official Music Video Content creation Using a green screen can also be an option. A simple green screen setup can be ordered via Amazon for instance. If you don’t have behindthe scenes or live performance videos handy, an idea could be to use stock footage videos and add your lyrics on to them. Another idea could be to create animated videos which reflectthe song’s universe. Ciaran Lavery Official Music Video with stock footage videos George Ezra Green screen video Artic Monkeys Animated Video as Official Music Video
  17. 17. Believe@exclusiveownership.Strictlycondidential Content creation Lyric Video 0171 Lyrics with a close-up on the lips Lyric Videos can be an interesting compromise if you want to create video content for a new release without having an Official Music Video. You can also take the time to create lyric videos for your songs thatdon’t haveany video content at all yet. It can be quite easy to create lyrics videos: there is software like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker with tutorials available on YouTube to help you add lyrics to your album cover for example. You can also think of more creativeway to display your lyrics. For instance James Blake used an iPhone screen recorder and the Notes app to display the lyrics of his song "Don't Miss It". You can also add to a lip sync video if you wantto add a moredynamic visual. James Blake Lyric Video done with Notes app on iPhone Lomepal Lyrics with fixed album visual
  18. 18. Believe@exclusiveownership.Strictlycondidential Content creation Behind the scenes Mighty Oaks 3 behind the scenes episodes during making of the EP If you have behind the scenes video you have never used, this could be the opportunityto share this content to your fans. Another idea would be to create contentfrom home explaininga song, showing your recording equipment, showing what recording process looks like, how you write and compose a song etc. Rilès Step by step composition explanationof one song
  19. 19. Creative ideas → Engage with your fans → Create content with your fans → Collaborate with artists, musicians and producers → Challenge yourself & your community Believe@exclusiveownership.Strictlycondidential
  20. 20. Believe@exclusiveownership.Strictlycondidential Creative Ideas It's time to engage with your fans... There are differentways of engagingyour fans, such as: ▪ Live sessions on IGTV, YouTube Live stream, FB Live ▪ Live with special guests ▪ Recorded jam sessions ▪ Covers
  21. 21. Believe@exclusiveownership.Strictlycondidential Creative ideas …and create content with them! → Create an Official Music Video with fans ▪ Therapie Taxi had planned to produce a music video for their last single, instead they will create a one with videos from fans that they will do at home. → Create a song with fans ▪ Blanks launched two song creation initiatives within 24h via Instagram Stories. Fans were able to pick the instruments, mood and lyrics of the song. → Create a fan video ▪ Petit Biscuit created a video with fans doing cover of his hit “Sunset Lover” across YouTube
  22. 22. Believe@exclusiveownership.Strictlycondidential Creative ideas Collaborate with artists, musicians & producers → The Serbian Orchestra performed Bella Ciao on a Video Call to support Italy for Coronavirus crisis → Le Motif recorded a track from home and then worked with a producer & an arranger on the phone → Andrew Huang developed a concept involving4 to 5 differentproducers to create content from the same sample → Cub Sport did a cover of “Untouched”by the Veronicas on IGTV with artists and musicians such as Vance Joy, Montaigne, G Flip or Ruel.
  23. 23. Believe@exclusiveownership.Strictlycondidential Creative Ideas Challenge yourself & your community What is the best way to keep being creative? Challenge yourself and stay out of your comfort zone. Here are a few challenge ideas: → “One hour challenge” by Blanks: doing a cover in his own way in one hour, with only the lyrics and chords → “Auto-cover” by Angèle: doing a live auto-cover of her song with simple instruments to encourage fans to do their own covers of this song that she will share on social media → Les Récréations Sonores and Oxmo Puccino: create an original song with the fans. This is an original idea from a French TV media that ask artists & bands to share stems or a demo of a new track they are working on and gather fans’ ideas to finish the song with them. → “Band in a box challenge” with Us the Duo: creating a song with instrument restrictions → “11 days challenge” with PV Nova: 11 days to create 11 songs with daily constraints (style, bpm, color, thematic, words to use etc.) → "A song from nothing" with Jordan Rakei: contest/collaboration with fans to create a brand-new song during a weekly live stream
  24. 24. Content creation solutions Believe@exclusiveownership.Strictlycondidential
  25. 25. Believe@exclusiveownership.Strictlycondidential Content creationsolutions
  26. 26. If you have any questions, please reach your contact at Believe Stay safe and Free The Music! Believe@exclusiveownership.Strictlycondidential

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Video playbook: what would be your video strategy in the coming weeks? This week, our creative team has put together a Video Playbook to help you create video content and engage even more with fans. Take a look through best practices and get creative ideas to make the best of this lockdown period. Check out our previous playbook focused on creative marketing :


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