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印度隐士画家Ganesh pyne 从不拍卖作品


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印度隐士画家Ganesh pyne 从不拍卖作品

  1. 1. Indian hermit artist Ganesh Pyne never auction works The BBC reported that Indian artists Ganesh Pyne died due to heart disease in Calcutta, India.In the paintings of Pyne, style of big European painters such as Rembrandt, and Indian artists Abanindranath traces of Tagore, rich imagination makes Pyne formed and developed their own style and the system, including his trademark image of monkey "Bir Bahadur".After we received the news of death of Pyne, artist Paresh Maity expressed regret: "Ganesh Pyne's death is a great loss to the art world. He came too suddenly, we are powerless."Pyne graduated from Calcutta public arts and crafts institute, initially as an animator, Walt Disney's influence on him is the largest.Later, he and his partners founded the contemporary artists association of Calcutta, influential.In 1982, held in Washington Hirschhorn museum exhibition "modern Indian art", his works have been on public display.Pyne has maintained a reclusive life, refused to attend his solo exhibition, also never allowed his works to Christie's and sotheby's auction. Source: