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ENERGY OPTIMA IS A NO COST OR LOW-COST Integrated and Systematic Energy-Efficiency Management methodology designed to achieve maximum productive energy conservation and optimum use of energy in Buildings, Power Plants, Factories, Vehicles, and Facilities. Invented by COLUMNA ENERGY.

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Columna Energy Optima (latest)

  1. 1. COLUMNA ENERGY CONSULTING THE WISDOM OF BUSINESS AND TECHNOLOGY Blk 17, Lot 1, Pulangi St., Riverview Place, Brgy. De Las Alas, GMA, Cavite 4117, Philippines. Call/Text: 0926-809-3337. E-mail: COLUMNA ENERGY OPTIMA The TOTAL ENERGY EFFICIENCY MANAGEMENT A Solution to the Energy, Economics, and Climate Change Crises! From the SIMPLE TO THE COMPLEX From the BASICS TO THE ADVANCED HI-TECH Only One GOAL: ENERGY-EFFICIENT & NO WASTE!COLUMNA ENERGY OPTIMA 1
  2. 2. WHAT IS ENERGY OPTIMA?ENERGY OPTIMA IS A NO COST OR LOW-COST Integrated and SystematicEnergy-Efficiency Management methodology designed to achieve maximum productiveenergy conservation and optimum use of energy in Buildings, Power Plants, Factories,Vehicles, and Facilities. Invented by COLUMNA ENERGY.WHAT IS THE MISSION AND PROFITABILITY OF ENERGY OPTIMA?The mission or goal of ENERGY OPTIMA is to REDUCE ALL ENERGY CONSUMPTIONwith increased Business Profitability, Human Comfort & Safety, and Climate Change/GlobalWarming mitigation. In other words, to PRODUCE MORE FROM LESS, in a Human-friendlyand Earth-friendly ways. This means decreased Fuel and Electricity consumption, whichequals to LOWER ELECTRICITY BILLS and CHEAPER FUEL PRICES, particularly Dieseland Gasoline prices. The great benefit is DECREASED GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS. MISSION SUMMARY: From the SIMPLE TO THE COMPLEX. From the BASICS TO THE ADVANCED HI-TECH. Only One GOAL: ENERGY-EFFICIENT & NO WASTE!COLUMNA ENERGY OPTIMA 2
  3. 3. The PROFITABILITY of this unique ENERGY OPTIMA approach is tremendous, such that,1) It can result to millions of pesos or dollars in energy savings annually, 2) High quality andhigh volume of production, and 3) Huge reduction of greenhouse gas and particulateemissions. All these wonderful results were based on the reports of client companies whoapplied this surprising ENERGY OPTIMA approach! Thus, ENERGY OPTIMA claims to solvethe triple crises of ENERGY, ECONOMICS, and CLIMATE CHANGE!ENERGY OPTIMA Efficiency Measures can reduce energy consumption and utility bills by30% or more. One of the best features of ENERGY OPTIMA is that it can be implementedthrough no-cost or low-cost projects. Instead, this will even produce profit to the recipientcompany, and enhance the indoor environment of their buildings.LINES OF BUSINESS: Design, Sales, Installation, Operation and Maintenance of EnergySystems and Industrial machinery and supplies, such as, GENSETS, HVAC, BOILER ANDSTEAM SYSTEMS, PUMPS, TURBINES, AC MOTORS, FANS, COMPRESSORS, etc. Andas after sales services, we can go to troubleshooting, repair, refurbishment, and fabrication.COLUMNA ENERGY also signed an agreement with DELTA DORE -- a leading EnergyManagement company based in France. Thus, DELTA DORE’s products and services arenow integrated in our ENERGY OPTIMA TOTAL ENERGY MANAGEMENT Services; and itis now being offered to various corporations in the country.COLUMNA ENERGY OPTIMA 3
  4. 4. The latest energy technologies with innovations suited to the clients needs will be utilized byCOLUMNA ENERGY in implementing this innovative and productive Energy Managementprogram.COLUMNA ENERGY -- THE ENERGY EFFICIENCY CONSULTANT, WILL USE ENERGYOPTIMA TO PERFORM THE FOLLOWING:_____________________________________ 1. Energy Systems Audit (Survey) and Analysis 2. Identification and development of new Energy Efficiency measures and technologies. 3. Planning, implementation, and monitoring of Energy Efficiency measures. 4. Energy Efficiency Improvements Training 5. Contract Proactive/Preventive Maintenance 6. Efficient Design of Energy Systems 7. Supply/Install/Retrofit/Rehab/Redesign of buildings and plant energy systems, which include Efficiency Equipment, Materials, and Technologies 8. Write-up and Documentation of Energy-efficient Procedures and Methods for Operations, Maintenance, Production, and Energy-saving Techniques. 9. Calibration and Testing of Energy Systems Measurements, Instrumentation, and Controls 10. Other related Technical ServicesCOLUMNA ENERGY OPTIMA 4
  5. 5. SELECT ONE, TWO, OR ALL THE SYSTEMSClient companies can select all of the energy systems applicable in their facilities, or they canjust select one or two energy systems according to their priority. If you select just one or twoenergy systems, COLUMNA ENERGY efficiency approach will still be on the macro level oroverall energy point of view. Thus, you are assured that savings on one system will notincrease energy use in another energy system. COLUMNA ENERGY OPTIMA PLANT ENERGY SYSTEMS AND COMPONENTS COVERED 1. Air-Conditioning and HVAC Systems 2. Chilled-Water and Cooling Towers Systems 3. GEOTHERMAL Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Design, Installation, Maintenance 4. Refrigeration Systems (Vapor-Compression System) 5. Lithium Bromide Absorption Refrigeration System 6. Steam-Jet Refrigeration System 7. Power Plants (Generator Sets) 8. Electrical Wirings and Protection Systems 9. Substation/Transformers, Switchgears 10. Three-Phase AC motors and Motor controls 11. Pumps, Valves, and Piping Systems 12. Plumbing and Water Systems 13. Lubricants and Lubrication Systems 14. Boiler and Steam Systems 15. Other Heating and Combustion Systems 16. Transport Vehicles (Cars, Trucks, Forklifts, Buses, etc.) 17. Compressed-air Systems/Fans/Blowers 18. Manufacturing Process and Equipment 19. Production Machinery and Devices 20. Lighting and Illumination Systems 21. LED LIGHTING AND ILLUMINATION 22. Roof Insulation Systems, etc. 23. Wastewater Treatment Plants 24. Waste Management and Reduction 25. Pollution Control Equipment and Systems 26. Other Machinery and Energy Systems 27. SOLAR AND WIND Energy Sources 28. Other RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES For More Details, Contact: Engr. LOPE COLUMNA Mobile phone: 0926-809-3337 E-mail: Lope.columna@yahoo.comCOLUMNA ENERGY OPTIMA 5
  6. 6. ENERGY EFFICIENCY: The MOST IMPORTANT SINGLE SOURCE OF THE PRESENTAND FUTURE ENERGY DEMAND!___________________________________________Most companies are now in the cost-cutting business. One of the best, if not the bestapproach to successful cost-cutting is for the corporate top management to have a seriouscommitment and policy of Energy Efficiency Improvements in their offices, vehicle fleet,factories, and buildings, and facilities. Instead of laying off workers for cost-cutting,management can "layoff" energy wastage and utilize a higher energy efficiency. Theefficiency of every energy system and component can be improved. This is a fact. And it isbest for every business person to have this kind of mindset.In view of the rising energy costs, declining energy supply, and the destructive effects ofClimate Change/Global Warming, the need to increase Energy Efficiency is of greatimportance nowadays. Waste energy in the form of heat, carbon monoxide, incompletecombustion, smoke, plus the Greenhouse Gas emissions (CO2), etc., destroy ourenvironment due to the phenomenon of Global Warming. If we dont take corrective actionsnow, our inefficiencies and little concern for the environment will ultimately destroy ourbusinesses, the fruits of our labors, and finally destroy our very own lives!Another thing is that the Design, Operation, and Maintenance decisions made several yearsago, now need reevaluation and change. Your business profitability, if not its very survival, isnow threatened by the escalating energy and operating costs. Gone are the years of cheapenergy. Unfortunately, old buildings and plants, industrial machinery and processes, whichare designed for cheap energy, are still being used today. Even new plants and machinerycan be a source of waste energy, if not given sound engineering design, care, and attention.Fortunately, there are many ways to save energy.HOW TO FACE THE STRONG PRESSURE TO REDUCE PRODUCTION COSTSAND GREENHOUSE GASES EMISSION_________________________________Plant Managers, Property Managers, Facility Managers and other key leaders oforganizations are now faced with great pressure to reduce their operating costs just to stay inbusiness. The risks of not doing so are more serious to the survival of their businesses andthe properties they manage or own. One major component of the business process that isvery often not fully understood, and is bypassed as important solution to the crises today isthat of the MAINTENANCE function. ENERGY OPTIMA will help these executives achievethe needed profitable cost-cutting, not only through the maintenance function, but also intheir operations management.OPERATIONS AND MAINTENANCE SERVICESMAINTENANCE EXCELLENCEOnce the Building is up and running, the efficient PROACTIVE MAINTENANCE methodologymust be applied. With this approach about 30 percent of the projected greenhouse gasemissions in the building sector can be avoided with net economic benefit.COLUMNA ENERGY OPTIMA 6
  7. 7. Via MAINTENANCE EXCELLENCE 1. Use PREVENTIVE/PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE methodologies with PROACTIVE MAINTENANCE goal in mind. 2. Conduct ROOT-CAUSE FAILURE ANALYSIS (RCFA) for all failures encountered. 3. Provide continuous refresher and up-to-date MAINTENANCE AND TECHNICAL TRAINING to all personnel concerned. 4. Implement TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) for all the machine operators. 5. Develop/Implement up-to-date MAINTENANCE TASK PROCEDURES, FORMS, and CHECKLISTS for all facilities and machinery. 6. Use CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) to document all maintenance and repair activities. 7. Energy Systems Redesign/Retrofit for Efficiency Improvements.In addition to the energy cost savings and reduced emission of greenhouse gases, ENERGYOPTIMA method provides several less tangible financial benefits. Recent studies have linkedenergy management to stock market performance. Management teams who are successfulat grappling with the complexities of energy and environmental management tend to alsohave the internal capacity needed to safeguard the overall financial health of a company.OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCEAligning strategy with systems and process to improve operational efficiency andeffectiveness. Transforming the enterprise through performance improvement.Laying the foundation for a reliable, sustainable energy futureWorking from an in-depth knowledge of and experience with industry-specific keyperformance indicators (KPI), we help clients identify and align strategies, business models,systems, asset management, people and processes—all to achieve higher levels of assetefficiency, organizational effectiveness and operational excellence. Our managementconsulting and technical services help clients to lay the foundation for a reliable, sustainablefuture--covering all aspects of energy and utility industry performance improvement needs.COLUMNA ENERGY OPTIMA 7
  8. 8. The burning of fossil fuels is the main CO2 contributor to the atmosphere. Fortunately, arange of options exists to attempt to mitigate the amount of CO2 and other greenhousegases emitted into the atmosphere. First and foremost is simply using energy wisely -- calledEnergy Efficiency. The most benefit with the least cost would come from energy efficiencyimprovements. We must develop both the short-term and long-term solutions to theEnergy-Climate crises. We have to reduce and even reverse the increase in globalemissions. The best way to do this is to involve as many sectors as possible.For example, we must target and call for more "EFFICIENT BUILDINGS." For new buildings,this should start from energy-efficient design and construction, which include: properinsulation, efficient heating/cooling/ventilation, efficient appliances and plug loads that havereduced standby losses, etc.NEEDED: TOTAL AND INTEGRATED SYSTEMS ENERGY-SAVING METHODOLOGYIt would be a big mistake to approach energy saving from a compartmentalized approach.Successful energy savings must be done with the relevant knowledge of the many factorsand engineering disciplines that are involved in the interconnections of the energy systems inbuildings, factories, power plants, and their associated facilities and auxiliaries. Unless thesefactors are known and used to reduce the energy use of the whole systems, it is possible toreduce energy in one place, only to find that it has increased somewhere else. Without the"WHOLE PICTURE" or integrated systems approach, changes made may result inachievement far short of the potential, or they may actually do more harm than good.There is danger of dealing only with a lighting expert, or only with an air-conditioning expert,or only with a specialist for an isolated manufacturing process. Modification of one part of asystem generally affects other parts of the system, or other systems. The main idea here isto KEEP AN OVERALL PERSPECTIVE and NOT to focus only on 1 piece of equipment, notto focus on only 1 energy system, not to focus on only 1 aspect of a building or plant.To best apply this method, one must first understand the function and the “HOW IT WORKS”principles of each piece of equipment, how energy is used, and the effects of climate andother factors. With these systems approach, improvements are integrated with the wholesystems.NEEDED: A DEDICATED AND MOTIVATED GROUP OF EFFICIENCY EXPERTSFor Energy Efficiency Improvements to be successful, there must be a continuous thoughtfulplanning, monitoring, and implementation of energy efficiency strategies in various industriesand companies. These require a dedicated group of experts to continuously analyze,monitor, and seek for efficiency opportunities. This expert efficiency group must haveANALYTICAL MINDS with the latest technical know-how, as well as, the modern testinginstruments and devices to perform tests and analysis.So, to have more realistic and profitable energy-efficiency improvements, the following arerequired: motivated personnel, relevant professional knowledge and skills, complete set ofnecessary measuring/testing instruments, abundant funds, etc. The most important of all therequirements is the willingness and commitment of the people concerned to achieve themaximum possible by making effective use of whatever facilities and resources are available.COLUMNA ENERGY OPTIMA 8
  9. 9. However, the problem with this is that there are very few companies and experts in thecountry that are fully equipped with those requirements. This is a fact that forced mostcompanies to make desperate efforts to conduct their own energy efficiency improvementprograms under inadequate circumstances. ENERGY OPTIMA was invented to fill in the gap,providing energy efficiency services to the government, commerce, and industry. ENERGYOPTIMA will provide a WHOLE SYSTEMS INTEGRATION approach in handling your energyconservation and efficiency improvement programs.ENERGY OPTIMA efficiently manages both the Human Factor (the "software") and theTechnology Factor (the hardware) to achieve the minimum energy consumption possible formaximum production and environmental preservation. Thus, ENERGY OPTIMA is a newapproach to energy-efficiency management, which is done STEP-BY-STEP considering allconnected energy systems.ENERGY EFFICIENCY AS A PROFIT CENTER, SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, ANDSOLUTION TO GLOBAL WARMING_____________________________________Energy Efficiency Improvement Programs cost money. But the lack of Energy EfficiencyPrograms also costs money. The only difference is that money spent on energy efficiencyimprovements can be recovered in a very short time, plus the bonus of an additional largeamount of money (net) that can be considered profit.Even then, there are operational and maintenance changes that can be made at LOW COSTor NO COST at all. This is the strength of ENERGY OPTIMA. The potential for costreduction for the business owner is so large and so quickly accomplished that energyefficiency improvements should be given high priority. And because efficiency programsprevent or reduce environmental pollution, your company can projects good image and socialconcern for the community and neighborhood. Therefore, Energy Efficiency Improvementsshould be one of corporate social responsibility. Funding and budget allocation for EfficiencyImprovements is therefore, a wise and profitable corporate investment.LACK OF EFFICIENCY IMPROVEMENTS PROGRAM COSTS LARGE SUMS OF MONEYAND ONE OF THE MAJOR CAUSES OF CLIMATE CHANGE_______________________On the other hand, lack of efficiency program will cost large sums of money spent on thehigh bills on maintenance, manpower, materials (spare parts, chemicals, etc.), and energybills (fuel oil, water, electricity). Lack of efficiency program can also result in a huge loss ofprofits through loss of productivity, poor product quality, accidents, etc. And these hugelosses cannot be recovered, literally going with the wind. Worse, you also help pollute theenvironment, and increase Global Warming.ENERGY OPTIMA HELPS YOUR BUSINESS, AS IT SOLVES THE TRIPLE CRISES OFENERGY, ECONOMICS, AND CLIMATE CHANGE!______________________________As an effective solution to face the ENERGY-CLIMATE CHALLENGE, as well as, to helpimprove the profitability of businesses and industries, COLUMNA ENERGY is now offering itsexpertise, technologies, and services via the ENERGY OPTIMA method. This is to assistcorporations in the development, implementation, and management of their EnergyManagement and Efficiency Improvement Programs. With the ENERGY OPTIMACOLUMNA ENERGY OPTIMA 9
  10. 10. methodology, the energy management of existing plants and building systems can beefficiently managed by COLUMNA ENERGY. ENERGY OPTIMA can be applied both to theexisting buildings, plants, and facilities, and to the efficient design and construction of newbuildings and plants.RATIONALEFrom the Supply SideThe energy and utility industry faces profound and unpredictable change over the comingdecades. Deregulation, unbundling, greenhouse gas (GHG) regulation, renewable resources,distributed generation, expense and capital cost containment, increased efforts for energyefficiency, demand side management, with smart grid and advanced metering as emergingenablers—and primary drivers—of significant change. Add to this the prospect of a majorshift to an electric-fueled transportation sector, and the utility of tomorrow will be completelytransformed.From the Demand Side"If controlling global warming is a priority, then industries—from banking to cementmanufacturing—will have to become efficient energy users, which will require atransformation of their basic management and operations.""As economic conditions continue to deteriorate, companies must find opportunitiesnot only to preserve and uncover profits, but to do so without major capitalexpenditures. To accomplish this, they must GO BACK TO THE BASICS OF RUNNINGEFFICIENT PLANTS."Its simple. When your plant or building is wasting energy, you are losing money. And you arealso contributing to the increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, worsening GlobalWarming.LOST ENERGY -- for whatever reason -- is a lost profit, and a gain for Global Warming.And because of these, you can even lose your business.Now comes ENERGY OPTIMA to the rescue. From COLUMNA ENERGY. Commerce andindustry, even the National Government will find ENERGY OPTIMA very helpful in planningand executing their in-house energy management programs directed at lowering theiroperating costs.ENERGY OPTIMA: THE TIME HAS COME TO FACE THE ENERGY-CLIMATECHALLENGE____________________________________________________How well an organization performs against a changing energy landscape depends on howwell the gaps between today’s reality and tomorrow’s targets are anticipated, identified andclosed. COLUMNA ENERGY OPTMA helps clients develop strategies and roadmaps thatanticipate changes and bridge gaps to reach a target future state. In the process we helpbalance short-term performance needs with long-term vision and direction – based onin-depth understanding of the technical, operational, process, business, managementaspects of the energy industry and the utility enterprise.COLUMNA ENERGY OPTIMA 10
  11. 11. COLUMNA ENERGY OPTIMACOLUMNA ENERGY signed an agreement with DELTA DORE -- a leading EnergyManagement company based in France. Thus, DELTA DORE’s products and services arenow integrated in our ENERGY OPTIMA TOTAL ENERGY MANAGEMENT Services; andwe are now offerring these energy services to various corporations in the Philippines, and allover the world. For inquiries, and more details, please contact: Engr. LOPE COLUMNA Mobile phone: 0926-809-3337 E-mail: Lope.columna@yahoo.comCOLUMNA ENERGY OPTIMA 11