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Loopaa - your dedicated marketing agency

  1. 1. Loopaa Marketing &Communication- agency profile -
  2. 2. OverviewHow wecan help:Loopaais an interactive creative agencythat focuses on marketing strategyand planning.It integrates design and technologyto deliver value to its clients.
  3. 3. OverviewHow wecan help:We believe in• Respecting others and ourselves• New and creative approaches• Continuous development• Giving back to the community• Details that make the differencePassion for marketing and hardwork will enable us in the future tobecome a respected agency acrossEurope.
  4. 4. Detail matters...Online marketing- web design & web development, SEO, SEM, email-marketing, content marketing,Social Media marketing, online analytics.Marketing planning- developing and implementing marketing plans in order to anticipate, identify andeffectively satisfy your customer’s needs.Design & branding- setting a brand that creates positive consumer perceptions and expectationsthrough a unique personality.- effective marketing is powered by good design, whether it’s your business card, abrochure or a magazine.
  5. 5. Detail matters...Marketing research & audit- „know where you are first in order to establish where you want to go” – gathering,processing and monitoring information about your own company, about yourcompetitors or the marketing you operate in.Marketing Strategy- discovering opportunities, acting on a long-term, positioning within the market,differentiating from competitors and setting business alternatives in order toachieve objectives.PR & communication- press releases, media coverage, communication plans, create and efficientlydeliver messages to the right audience through the right channels.Project management- adapting to new processes, prioritize tasks and establish a clear workflow for a fullcontrol of your project and a higher rate of successful outcomes.
  6. 6. How we workWe’ll help you answer questions...• Where are you now? What is your current status?• Where are you going? What are your objectives?• How will you get there? What is your strategy?• Which way is best to get where you want?• How will you know if you are achieving your objectives?Based on value pricing• We establish clear objectives up-front• We align interests and priorities• We take full responsibility on terms• We match prices with resources• And nevertheless, we’ll respect your time and money!
  7. 7. What clients have to say„Victor Gavronschi has helped Servelect grow amazingly over the past year. The first work we did together -designing a new website for one of our services - proved his skills as an Online Marketer. Moreover, thispartnership was worth a fortune to our company, as we won some important new contracts. If you are looking forhigh quality marketing services that will ensure your success on the market, use Victor’s agency: Loopaa. Istrongly believe that he is the best solution for your marketing needs.”Iulia ChintaMarketing & PR Specialist at Servelect„I know Victor and his team for 6 years now and still working on new projects. We did together more than 50marketing and promotional campaigns with a great deal of very impressive results. We have worked a lot in theautomotive industry but also in other fields like social media development, marketing strategy and planning etc.Fast, efficient and cost effective. What can I say, if you are deciding which marketing team to go with...PICK THISONE!”Marius CorpodeanOperations Manager at Turbo’s Hoet Romania„Victor Gavronschi is one of the smart guys I had the chance to work with during his first career years and I wasabsolutely happy that he confirmed the potential I saw in him. During these years he confirmed his capacity ofunderstanding the automotive market, which he mastered a couple of years after in another major company inautomotive industry. As a marketing specialist his proposals and efforts showed results in company sales and Iwould be glad to collaborate with him in the future on similar projects.”Adrian AbrudanexCEO at Proton Auto, no.1 Robert Bosch Distributor in Romania during 2006-2008
  8. 8. What clients have to say„The best part of working with Victor Gavronschi was that we didn’t have to worry about the fulfillment of any ofthe requests Inter Cars had in achieving its business goals. Easy to work with, he always manages to get theanswers that we need. We had the pleasure of working with Victor in organizing one of Inter Cars’ biggest events,Expo Inter Cars 2013, where we successfully managed to gather both top automotive spare parts suppliers andour main customers, thus reaffirming its status as one of the biggest events in the Romanian Aftermarket domain.The success and facts speak for themselves and that is why, for the future we would like to keep our businessrelationship with Loopaa Agency and continue what we have already started in developing our company’s imageand status.”Diana IliescuMarketing Manager at Inter Cars Romania„We were very fortunate to have chosen Loopaa Marketing Agency for our company’s branding process. Theirservice was very professional and efficient. They delivered the best mix of creativity, quality and affordability. Iwould recommend Loopaa to anyone who needs a professional approach.”Ioan Popex Sales Manager in the Automotive Industrycurrent General Manager of Mura Csi
  9. 9. Meet the teamManaging DirectorProject ManagerWeb developerJr. CopywriterJr. AnalystJr. DesignerOnline marketer
  10. 10. Contact details:Victor Gavronschi | Managing Directorvictor.gavronschi@loopaa.ro+40 751 879 113