Securing Your Digital Wallet


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Your smartphone now has the ability to make payments. Make sure you stay secure as you use digital wallet apps with these tips.

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Securing Your Digital Wallet

  2. 2.  YOUR SMARTPHONE IS WAY MORE THAN JUST A PHONE. Between texting, games, social media and utility apps, your phone can handle just about everything.
  3. 3. $ BUT DID YOU KNOW YOUR PHONE CAN DOUBLE AS YOUR WALLET? With mobile payment apps getting more and more popular, you may never need to think about an ATM ever again.
  4. 4. ? WAIT A MINUTE, HOW DOES THAT WORK? Once you connect an app to a credit card or bank account, you can electronically pay retailers, restaurants and even friends in just a few swipes.
  5. 5.  GREAT! SO WHAT DO I NEED TO KNOW? Your money and personal information is valuable, so it’s important that you know exactly how digital wallet apps are accessing your information.
  6. 6.  FIRST PICK AN APP There are dozens of apps out there designed to make paying easy, so how do you choose which digital wallet app is right for you?
  7. 7. Ask yourself... WHAT ARE YOUR WHAT DO THE WHERE WILL YOU FRIENDS USING? REVIEWS SAY? BE USING IT? If you plan to use an app to pay friends, it’s easiest if you’re all using the same thing. You can find out a lot about how easy the app is to use and any problems other users have encountered. If you want to pay for goods in stores, check to see which forms of payment retailers near you are accepting. CHECK OUT OUR FAVORITES
  8. 8. Google is a household name, so it’s no surprise that it’s digital wallet app would be among the most popular. You can get funds from debit cards, credit cards, loyalty cards and gift cards, as well as redeem sales promotions by tapping your phone on any PayPass-enabled terminal at checkout.
  9. 9. With thousands of retailers already using Square as a cash register, there’s a good chance you’ve already made your first Square purchase. With Square Wallet, you just have to say your name at checkout to pay for goods and services. Or you can download Square Cash to pay friends and family.
  10. 10. Since the early days of eBay, PayPal has pioneered the idea that you don’t have to provide your financial information directly to retailers, which is especially useful on websites that are less-than-trustworthy. Now you can take the same idea into the real world by using this app in lieu of credit cards.
  11. 11. If you often find yourself in the situation where you owe a friend a few bucks for dinner or a cab but rarely carry the cash to settle your debts, Venmo is the app for you. It ropes in your Facebook friends, so finding the right people to pay (or charge) couldn’t be easier.
  12. 12. Coin is a little different in that you still have to carry around a physical payment tool — but one credit card-sized device that stores your information in one place beats a pocket full of plastic. Cycle through the cards you’ve stored on it until it shows the one you want, then swipe Coin like a regular card. So where does your phone come in? If Coin loses contact with your phone for a few minutes, it deactivates itself. Learn more
  13. 13.  SECOND READ THE PERMISSIONS Yeah, yeah we know that app permissions are long and can be tricky to read, but the consequences of not knowing how digital wallet apps are using or distributing your information can be serious.
  14. 14. USE YOUR INSTINCTS If you’re unsure about why you’re providing an app with certain information, don’t give it permission to access it. This is especially true when sensitive financial data is at play.
  15. 15.  THIRD ENTER YOUR INFORMATION Once you’re confident in the app and you’re sure that your phone’s connection is secure, provide the app with the personal information it needs to get the job done.
  16. 16.  FINALLY STAY PROTECTED The best digital wallet apps do their best to keep your personal and financial information under wraps, but it is ultimately your responsibility to protect yourself from theft or fraud.
  17. 17. TIPS TO STAY SAFE 1. Get in the habit of changing your app password regularly 2. Set a passcode on your phone so it would be difficult for anyone besides you to use your digital wallet apps 3. Monitor your bank statements to make sure that no unexpected charges appear on your bill
  18. 18. For more mobile security tips, follow