How to make selling easy by daniel m. wood


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You Will Learn:
- How the Sales Process works and how it can help you improve your sales.

- What mindset will help you become a star salesman.

- How to become someone people want to do business with.

- You will also get a “Cheat Sheet” with 10 tips that will make you a better salesman.

Action Exercises:
Throughout the book you will get action exercises so that you easily can incorporate the lessons into your own sales process.

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How to make selling easy by daniel m. wood

  1. 1. How to Make Selling Easy – By Daniel M. Wood Page 1
  2. 2. How to Make Selling Easy – By Daniel M. Wood CopyrightThank you for downloading this E-book, I hope you find it useful and that it inspires you totake the next step on your path to success.This E-book is written by Daniel M. Wood of, the popular blogabout Sales, Motivation and Success.You may share the book with anyone you think can benefit from it, in fact I implore you to do so asit might lead to them sharing something of equal use to you.The only condition is that you do not change the E-book and that credit be given to the authorif you if you quote or paraphrase from the book.I hope you find the book useful to yourself and those around you.Good luck! Page 2
  3. 3. How to Make Selling Easy – By Daniel M. Wood IndexCopyright 2Foreword 4The Mindset of a Star Salesman 6The 5 Traits of the Star Salesman 7Four Techniques to Improve Your Efficiency 9How to Make Selling Easy, Finding Leads 11Cold Calling 12Getting Referrals 14The Sales Process 16How to Make a Good First Impression 17The “Needs Analysis” That Wins You the Sale 19Taking the Needs Analysis and Making it a Solution 21Why Do Customers Have Objections? 22How to Know Exactly When and How to Go for the Close 24How to Go for the Close 26How to Follow Up – and Keep your Customers 27Repeat Customers 29The Power of YOU 31Ten Actions That Will Make You a Better Salesman 34About the Author 36 Page 3
  4. 4. How to Make Selling Easy – By Daniel M. Wood ForewordThis book is written with the intent to show you how easy selling can be.We often make the sales process a lot more complicated than it has to be. In reality sales doesn’thave to be hard at all, you just have to understand what is actually going on between you and thecustomer. Once you grasp this you will be able to improve your technique – and increase your sales– very fast.When I was starting out as a salesman I unfortunately didn’t receive much training, I knew nothingabout the sales process and nothing about why customers bought what I was trying to sell.I would go into a sales meeting expecting my customers to rationally evaluate my service offer andreach a conclusion about whether or not they needed it.I hadn’t realized that all decisions customers make are first and foremost an emotional decision –followed by an attempt to justify the decision with logical arguments.But it is the emotional decision that comes first...This I didn’t know - and not knowing this, needless to say, I missed a lot of potential sales.One day I spoke to a friend of mine who was working as a salesman in another company, acompany which had invested 3 months of training him in sales technique.He told me about the sales process and how a sale should be conducted in a certain order.I was astounded; there was actually a method for what I was doing!He continued by helping me make my sales process fluid and smooth.Armed with this new knowledge I went out into the world again, and my sales started to go and upand up.But still I felt as though my technique was lacking.I hadn’t really understood all the components, even though I now used them in the right order.One day while discussing with another salesman he said something that once again changed myperception of the sales process.He told me:“Every sales meeting is like a mental battle between you and the customer. They are fending you offby presenting excuses, objections and impossible conditions that makes the timing wrong andcreates obstacles.Your job is to answer by showing them the need, use and value.The two of you cancel each other out. The thing that tips the balance is YOU!If they like you and want to buy from you, they will. If not, they won’t.”From that day forward my sales technique changed completely.It was when I realized that I had to be such an interesting person and have a presence that make the Page 4
  5. 5. How to Make Selling Easy – By Daniel M. Woodcustomers like me and want to do business with me that I became a very good salesman.I have to be interesting and likable. These capacities help me make the customer take the emotionaldecision to buy.Until then I had just tried to provide enough “need, use and value” and didn’t understand that whilethey were evaluating my product they were also evaluating me.In this book we will be looking at the mindset you need to succeed, the process you need to followand the effect of your own personality in the process.If you implement these techniques, incorporate and adapt them into your current salesprocess, you will find that this logical methodology will help you to build and sustain a wideand sustainable customer base, earning you a considerable income. Page 5
  6. 6. How to Make Selling Easy – By Daniel M. Wood The Mindset of a Star SalesmanThe Right Mindset Will Take You 90 Percent of the WayAll good salesmen have some things in common, which all relate to their mindset. By adopting thetechniques and ethics of the top salesmen you will, before long, be one as well.When you read this book, try to take a hard look at yourself and see what your weaknesses are. Thesales process is a chain, and as is the case with the proverbial chain, it is never stronger that theweakest link. The link that breaks first is the point at which all your sales will die. Identify this –and then other weaknesses – and work on them.To become the best you have to be willing to look at yourself objectively and be able to see yourselfas someone else would. From that perspective you have to make the necessary changes that willmove you towards success. Page 6
  7. 7. How to Make Selling Easy – By Daniel M. WoodThe 5 Traits of the Star Salesman1 HungerAny salesman of quality needs hunger, the driving force that will push him or her to excel. It doesntmake any difference what this force is fuelled by: money, prestige or just the will to win. As long asthe hunger is powerful, it will make you exceed yourself.In my mind this is the most important trait of all – where it starts and ends. If the hunger is notthere, you will not make it as a salesperson. Without hunger the other skills remain un-used.If you today don’t feel hungry about your work, try to think about why, it is necessary that youmake changes and try to find reasons to be motivated.Setting long term and short term goals for yourself works for many as a strong motivation. Readmore about goal setting in this article ( A thirst for knowledgeA star salesman wants to know everything about the product, the industry, the competition and thecustomers. He or she always wants to be prepared to answer any question or meet any objectionfrom the customers.The salesman who tries to sidestep any question immediately gets suspected of trying to sell a shadyproduct and will therefore not be perceived as a person one wants to do business with.3 PrideShowing pride in yourself and your company is very important. Customers quickly notice if you arenot at ease and if you are not proud of your product, its features and benefits.If you do not believe in your product, why should they?4 DisciplineSales is hard and tedious work. Day in and day out you do the same thing, over and over.Being able to do it at a continuously high level takes a lot of discipline. To constantly work on yourtechniques and skills demands an iron will and a strong personality. But this capacity is the core of aquality salesman.5 ConfidenceGoing into a room to make a presentation for the CEO, some members of the board and a group ofhigh-level executives requires guts. You must be able to stand up straight and say "This is me, this isthe company I work for, and this is why we are the BEST partner for you!" Page 7
  8. 8. How to Make Selling Easy – By Daniel M. WoodWhat do You Need to be Prepared for When Starting out in Sales?The reason most people fail in sales is that they aren’t prepared for the rejections they will beconfronted with all day, nor are they willing to muster the enormous effort it takes to excel.Becoming a good salesman demands hard work. To become a star you have to work longer, harderand smarter than everyone else.But the rewards make it all worth it!Determination and thick skinAs you start out you might be overwhelmed and shocked by the attitude of some of your potentialcustomers. Don’t take it personally! It has nothing to do with you. The reason people act the waythey do is because they are stressed, tired and have a lot to do. The fact that you want to help themdoesn’t even occur to them. In their eyes you are yet another distraction, someone trying to stealtheir time and their company’s money.The magic of timing and activityYou might think that all that it takes is skill to make a break-through. Indeed, skill will help, butactually timing is an even stronger factor. Often the only way to get the timing right is to call on somany customers, and so often, that finally and at last – you get a break.Anyone can be a salesmanSome people think that it takes a certain type of person to become skilled at sales, that you have tobe born with it. I do not agree. Time and time again I have seen this theory being proven wrong bypeople, who through hard work and dedication have become some of the best sales people I haveever worked with. Page 8
  9. 9. How to Make Selling Easy – By Daniel M. WoodFour Techniques to Improve Your EfficiencyIf you do not have it, the natural talent, it will take a lot of hard work to excel. Through studies ofdifferent time management methods I have found four techniques that I would like to share withyou. They will help you improve your efficiency. 1. Organizing your day Start every day by listing everything you need to do during the day. Arrange the list by order of importance, starting with the most important. The list will give you an overview of the tasks of the day, and a sense of control. Since the list guarantees that you will not forget to do something important it allows you to focus single-mindedly on the first task until it is finished. When it is done, move on to the second task and so on until you have done everything you needed to do today. Try to devote as much time as possible to talking to and meeting customers. 2. Planning your week This is the same principle as when you plan your day – just in a larger format. By planning your weeks you will get a good overview, and you will be able to find a balance between tasks you enjoy, and tasks you are less fond of. Through better planning you will get all the important tasks done, avoid repeating tasks unnecessarily, and make your days more enjoyable. One method I find useful is to focus certain duties to specific days every week, instead of going back and forth between assignments. For example you could do all your prospecting on Mondays, have meetings on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and follow up on old customers on Fridays. 3. The 15-minutes method - Don’t let procrastination take over I picked up this technique from Steve Pavlina, It is a very powerful method if you have problems getting started on different activities. Many salesmen dread cold calling and prospecting, and lose a lot of time by loitering about instead of getting cracking at it. I have met salesmen who would spend an hour preparing themselves for one call, trying to get psyched up, going to get coffee, looking at the script, getting more coffee and then, finally, making one phone call. Some even have to repeat the whole procedure again before coping with call number two. The 15-minutes method is a good solution to this problem. All you do is to promise yourself to work on a task for 15 minutes, no longer. Once you have devoted those 15 minutes you can take a break or do something you enjoy. The promise, though, entails that you are completely focused on your task during those 15 minutes. You do nothing else and let nothing distract you. Start by clearing your desk and you mind, take a deep breath and set a timer for 15 minutes. Once you start the clock, get to work. 4. Personal Rewards This method has been the most effective tool for me: Whenever I do something good, I give myself a reward. It makes the psyche start yearning to do well, because it wants the reward. Page 9
  10. 10. How to Make Selling Easy – By Daniel M. Wood You can give yourself a reward every time you call a customer, every time you book an appointment, every time you make a sale and so on. Before long you can’t wait to call a customer, to meet them, to close the deal with them!Work Harder, Smarter, Faster and BetterThis is the one most important lesson of this book: To excel as a salesperson you need to workharder, smarter, faster and better than anyone else. If you are going to be the best, you need to callupon and meet more customers than your peers. Practice constantly and work on finding ways toincrease your time in front of customers.Meeting more customers means that you make more money as a salesman. Especially if you arenew, meeting as many customers as possible will help you learn as quickly as possible.You can do it! Page 10
  11. 11. How to Make Selling Easy – By Daniel M. Wood How to Make Selling EasyFinding LeadsImagine that every day at work was filled with discussions with customers who felt they neededyour services? Customers, who had either bought from you before, knew someone who had orwho really could benefit from your product or service?Your job would be easy, enjoyable and your income would go through the roof!Your long term aim as a salesman is to fill your pipeline with new prospects in need of yourservices, build a base of repeat customers, and through them get referrals to new potential clients.Finding new customers can be done mainly in three ways:  They respond to your marketing,  You get them through referrals,  Or find them through cold calling.Since the marketing is done by a different department I will not be discussing this issue in thisbook, but I do want to highlight its importance and remind you that your company’s marketingcan greatly affect your potential success as a salesman. Make sure they are doing a good job! Page 11
  12. 12. How to Make Selling Easy – By Daniel M. WoodCold CallingCold calling is when you call a customer who hasn’t asked you to contact them. You do not knowif they are looking for help with the problem you solve, and they are at the moment notinterested in, and perhaps not even aware of, your company.Although it is usually easier to close a deal with “hot” customers, i.e. those who have contactedyou themselves, I have always found great pleasure in finding customers through cold calling.Being able to persuade someone that your product or service is exactly what they have beenlooking for and what they need – without knowing it – is a challenge and an extreme thrill whenyou complete it.I remember a call I made, and the following discussion I had with the vice president and ownerof a company selling office supplies, about the effectiveness of his office and sales staff. Hespent little or no money on improving his employees´ performances. If he needed newcompetence he would try to hire a new person with a profile that fitted the new need.I phoned him about training his sales staff and started explaining the benefits of a good trainingprogram. In the beginning he was very negative, and he actually hung up twice. I waited a dayand called again. I presented him with examples of how much money it would save him toimprove the already employed salesmen rather than to have to spend time looking for new staff,interviewing and to give them a basic introduction. My argument was that his present staff wouldbe stimulated and energized by his trust in them. All this would allow him to focus more onrunning and improving his business.This argument struck a chord within him. If he didn’t have to recruit all the time he could workon long term strategies and the development of his business!We booked a meeting and to this day he is still one of my best customers. He sends his staff onregular training courses when he feels that they need added knowledge, competence andenthusiasm. This has given him the added benefit that he has a reputation as a good employerand it is much easier for him to recruit new staff as they know he will help them improve.Cold calling requires an extra touchCold calls require a few steps before you will be able to move the new costumer into the regularsales process. Customers who already are interested can easily be won through the regular stepsof the sales process. We will discuss these steps later in this book. Page 12
  13. 13. How to Make Selling Easy – By Daniel M. WoodFour Easy Steps for Cold CallingStep 1:Qualify the customerAs you know, not everyone needs your services and not everyone can benefit from you product.It is a complete waste of time to call a company that doesn’t need your help.If you have not done so already, you need to create an image of your ideal customer: What is hisor her business? What size of company are we talking about? What needs can you meet?Whatever is important to what you are selling.This is a necessary tool and you should keep improving it. If you make sure that the customersyou call fulfill your criteria you will optimize the way you spend your time.Step 2:Identify the person to talk toFind out what position in the company is responsible for the area you work with. It can be theHead of Purchasing, the IT-Manager, CEO, CFO, a Sales Manager or the HR-Manager.Often you can identify the right person on the company website. If not, you can use otherresources like LinkedIn – or just call the switch board and ask.Spend 5-10 minutes identifying the person you need to talk to. That is time well invested.Step 3:Have a clear set goalWhenever you are making a cold call you need to know exactly what your goal is.Is your goal to make a sale, book a meeting or transmit information?Visualize the goal in your mind, so that you can make it clear to the customer.You must never be unsure about your goal. If you are not sure about your aim, you will not beable to make the point convincingly enough to catch the interest of the customer.Step 4:Get to the point quicklyNow that you know the goal, you must get to it in the brief time you have at your disposal beforethe customer loses interest.If your goal is to book a meeting, don’t spend ten minutes presenting your product – you want todo that at the meeting! Simply get the customer to open the calendar and set a time for you tocome by. However, it might be a good idea to send some information. Before you hang up, offerto send a brief introduction to your company and product. Do it nicely and efficiently – don’twaste your time!If you do your sale over the phone, be polite, catch the customers’ interest, and get to the point. Page 13
  14. 14. How to Make Selling Easy – By Daniel M. WoodGetting ReferralsCustomers who have been recommended to talk to you are always easier to work with, as theyprobably already have a certain amount of trust in your product and are prepared to at least hearyour offer.This means your complete focus can be on moving them smoothly through the sales process.So, how do you get referrals?Referrals come from happy repeat customers, if you keep disappointing your customers bypromises you are unable to meet, you might as well skip this part of this book and move on tohow to close as many deals as possible.If you are trying to build a strong brand and positive reputation you have to make sure yourcustomers like you and your products.Three easy ways to get referralsOption 1:Send your customers an e-mailAfter having closed a deal, follow up your service by sending an e-mail saying that you hope thecustomer is pleased. Take the opportunity to ask for a testimonial, and encourage the customer tolet colleagues, contacts and friends know about your services and encourage them to contact youif they also need assistance.Option 2:Book a meeting with the sole goal of trying to get referralsYou can book a meeting with a satisfied customer and show them some benefits that they get byreferring others to you. You can offer incentives or you can make them see that if your companymakes more money you can spend more on improving your products.Option 3:Be so extraordinary that they can’t resist youIf you manage to be an extraordinarily attentive salesperson, who delivers more than what youhave promised, your customers will want to tell others about your services.Work on your customer service and see if there is anything you can do to improve the quality ofyour products for your customers.The value you receive from referrals makes this investment of time, efforts and expense wellworth it.ConclusionIt is easy to get referrals if you spend some time developing relationships. The benefits you get Page 14
  15. 15. How to Make Selling Easy – By Daniel M. Woodare invaluable. Your success in this area boils down to how pleased your customers are.Focus on your products and customer relations first, and then you can start working ontechniques to get your satisfied clients to refer you to others. Page 15
  16. 16. How to Make Selling Easy – By Daniel M. Wood The Sales ProcessOnce you have filled your pipe with high quality prospects you need to move your customersthrough the sales process. You do this by addressing their questions and needs – by accumulatingvalue in the relationship.If you break the process down to its most basic parts you will see that it consists of a series ofsteps, taken one at a time in an order that brings you forward towards the goal. If you follow thissimple methodology, selling doesn’t have to be harder than each little step, the first impression,the needs analysis, the product presentation, answering objection, trial closes, asking for theorder and creating repeat customers, as I describe below. Page 16
  17. 17. How to Make Selling Easy – By Daniel M. WoodHow to Make a Good First ImpressionMaking a good first impression is very important in sales, whether you sell over the phone or inperson. We tend to judge the people we meet within the first 10 seconds, and decide who they areand if they are worth listening to.In our line of work most first impressions take place over the phone. We call to book a meetingor we call to make a sale. It is not so much what you say during those first seconds that decide ifthe customer will listen – it is how you say it. Do you sound interesting? Do you sound serious?Does it sound like you are going to take up a lot of their time?How to Sound Interesting1. Speak up!When calling someone for the first time, raise your voice to catch the attention of the person thatanswers. Let him or her know: Here I am, this is me and now you better listen. (But do notoverdo it!)2. Get to the pointPresent the reason for your call during the first 10 seconds.If the customer has to spend more than 10 seconds to figure out what you want he or she willlose patience, get bored and cut you off.3. Don’t sound like a robotDo not sound like you read from a script, mindlessly repeating the same phrases to everybody.Every call is unique. This is how you show that you are attentive and give personal service.Address the customer by his or her name – but not too often. Do it in a polite and intelligent way.If you use the customer’s name too often it becomes irritating and you actually underline thatyou are trying to create a feeling of intimacy where there really is none.4. Tempo ChangesThere is nothing more annoying than listening to someone drone on in the same tone of voice, atthe same speed. Change your tempo; underline important sentences by slowing down and sayingthem clearly. Raise the tempo when you want the customer to feel excited and when you want toshow how passionate you feel about the product and its values.First impressions in personThe things you need to think about if you are making a first impression in person are a bitdifferent. Or rather, there are two additional things you need to think about.AppearanceThe only difference between selling over the phone and in person is that the customer sees you,thus the two additional aspects in person to person sales has do with your appearance. Clothes Page 17
  18. 18. How to Make Selling Easy – By Daniel M. Wood Dress properly. Dress as your customers would expect you to dress. If they expect to see a suit, wear a suit. If they prefer jeans and a t-shirt, that is what you should be wearing. Smile Always smile when meeting someone for the first time. A smile makes people relax and feel happy. A simple smile can make up for any shortcomings concerning the other tips.How to use the first 10 seconds effectivelyDo not be discouraged by the fact that you basically have 10 seconds to catch your customers’attention. Instead, work on making the opening of your presentation interesting, compelling andworth listening to. Surprise your audience. Speak up, get to the point, present a surprising fact –and underline this by slowing down. All in the first 10 seconds.Action Exercises  Try writing down different opening phrases and see if you can find a good one that makes you get to the point faster. Test them by saying them out loud – which one do you feel most comfortable with. Learn the opening phrase by heart – never sound like your read from a manuscript.  Try different ways of saying your opening phrases. Which words should you emphasize? At what point should you raise your voice? Does it sound good to slow down at some point? Also, make sure you do not stutter.  As mentioned before, always speak a little louder during the first 10 seconds, in order to catch the customer’s attention. Then lower your voice to your regular level. You will see that there will be a noticeable change the level of the customer’s attention. Page 18
  19. 19. How to Make Selling Easy – By Daniel M. WoodThe “Needs Analysis” That Wins You the SaleThe “Needs Analysis” is arguably the most important part of the sales process. It is during thisstep the report is built with the customer, where you learn their needs, their troubles and theirexpectations concerning your product.With the help of an accurate analysis you can learn everything you need to make the sale; such aswhich buttons to push, what needs to cater to and what type of person you are dealing with.How to start?As you just read, making a good first impression is important but once that is done you have tosit down with the customer and just as a doctor, start diagnosing the customer.You know what you need to knowBe prepared for the meeting beforehand. A medical doctor is prepared and has a set of questionsthat will help them diagnose the patient; doctors know exactly what they are going to say and inwhich order.You too know exactly what needs to be answered for you to know what the customer needs andwhich solution should be presented.Write down questions that will give you those answers and memorize them.Listen to the answers!Make sure you completely understand the customers’ situation and their needs before moving onto the next step.I remember talking to a customer about two years ago.He had spoken to four other potential vendors that same day, so he was kind of tired.I started with the pleasantries, asking how he was and so on, but he was noticeably in a hurry andasked me to move it on.So I started asking him about his professional situation and I listened to the answers.I made sure that I had understood his needs and wants correctly by asking for examples,rephrasing his words back to him and getting his feedback on it.When we both felt that I had grasped the situation he asked:“Can you help me solve this problem?”“Yes, I think I have the perfect solution for you.”I was just about to start presenting it when he said:“Great, how much will it cost?”(I was stunned, I hadn’t even presented my product and he was asking for the price).I told him the price and he just said:“fine where do I sign?”This is the power of a well presented Needs Analysis. If the customer really feels you understandthem and they trust you, the price is not important. They know you are the right person to solve Page 19
  20. 20. How to Make Selling Easy – By Daniel M. Woodtheir problem.Building trustBy reassuring the customer that you are not only there to push any solution at them, but that youare in fact trying to find the best possible solution for their particular situation, they will be muchmore keen to listen and respond to your offer.The customer is of course also interested in finding the best possible solution.Their goal with the meeting is to find the best possible way to solve their problems. Let themhelp you so that you together can come up with a solution that both of you feel will solve theproblems faced.The sell is already madeAs you can see, inviting the customer into the needs analysis and letting them help you solve thepuzzle makes the sale automatic.Once you have discussed the problem, dissected it and looked at it from different angles, you cantogether start looking for the solution. That done, the natural next step is to sign the contract andget started. Page 20
  21. 21. How to Make Selling Easy – By Daniel M. WoodTaking the Needs Analysis and Making it a SolutionNow that you have identified the needs of your potential customer it is time to present yoursolution, the solution that takes all worries and problems into consideration and shows how yourproduct or service can make them all go away.As you can see, the information you have gathered in the Needs Analysis is vital to this step ofthe sales process. The customer has told you what you need to know about the situation, so allyou have to do is solve the problem.Take a pauseBefore moving into the product presentation, take a little pause.Let the customer see that you are thinking everything over and that you are trying to piece ittogether to the perfect solution for him or her.Present with enthusiasmWhen you feel that you have found a solution present it with conviction. What often turns thetide in sales is that you present with enthusiasm. We will be discussing this more in-depth later inthe chapter about the value of YOU.Make sure the customer feels the tempo increase and get as excited as you are (or seem to be).Use their argumentsWhen presenting the solution, remember to remind customers of the problems they have andhow this solution will solve it.The best way to present is to first do a short description, and then go into detail about how thedifferent features solve the different problems. Cover each of the problems the customer has toldyou about during the Needs Analysis. Page 21
  22. 22. How to Make Selling Easy – By Daniel M. WoodWhy Do Customers Have Objections?Even the perfect presentation will receive questions and objections from customers.It is natural that people want to be completely sure about what they are ordering and thereforetake every precaution to make sure that they aren’t making a mistake. It is also natural that theydon’t want to appear stupid, so instead of always asking questions sometimes they will maskthem as objections. By arguing that your ideas wouldn’t work, they force you to explain why itdoes work.It is your job to see the questions and answer them in a satisfactory manner.After the Needs Analysis and Product PresentationIf you have made a good Needs Analysis and Product Presentation you now have a good solutionthat will solve your customer’s problems. You have worked it out partly in cooperation with yourcounterpart. The questions and objections he or she will now present are usually a way of makingsure he or she is making the right decision – but it is also an attempt to buy time.Move the process forwardThis is a risky stage. The customer is about to make an investment and spend money. He or shenow wants to ponder if it is really the right thing to do. At this point you have to answer all thequestions and argue against the objections. But do not agree to postpone the decision for a laterdate – that is the best way to lose a customer.Too many are the times have I seen a salesperson and a customer agree on a possible solutionand start looking at the preliminaries. But, as the sale is all but made, the customer says: “I wantto think about it”. The salesman agrees and walks out the door expecting to hear from thecustomer in a day or two. And then…. nothing. The customer doesn’t call and doesn’t answer thesalesman’s phone calls.Like most people, our customers get anxious about making decisions that will change the statusquo. You need to be the one taking them by the hand and getting them to make the move.Otherwise they will just procrastinate as long as possible.Remember your goalEvery time you face an objection from a customer; make sure your answer moves you closer tothe goal – to the close.After each answer you should follow up with a statement of your own; either a Trial Close, orwith a Closing Argument (more on these issues in the next part of this book). Never leave youranswers open to new objections and arguments. Keep the tempo up in order to prevent newquestions and new delays.Information OverloadAnother reason to keep the tempo up and avoid too many questions is that the customer mightstart feeling overwhelmed. If the customer has too much information, and start to feel confused, Page 22
  23. 23. How to Make Selling Easy – By Daniel M. Woodhe or she is likely to pull out. This is one of the most common reasons why salesmen lose orders.Each time you sense this happening, summarize your offer in 2-5 key points – and keep itsimple. Page 23
  24. 24. How to Make Selling Easy – By Daniel M. WoodHow to Know Exactly When and How to Go for the CloseOnce you have presented the solution to the customer, the hard part is to know how and when toask for the contract. A few years back I was introduced to a method called “Trial Closes”. This isa way to test if you and the customer are on the same page and if it is time to sign.Trial ClosesWhen presenting your solution and answering questions, you always have to make sure that thecustomer is on the same page. For example you could say:“So, I think we have a good grasp of the situation: These are your problems. This is what youwant to improve. This is what you are hoping for. And this is what you want to see me bring tothe table. Am I right, or did I miss something?”The answer to this question will be most revealing. On a number of occasions I have beensurprised by the answer – and I have been forced to quickly change my whole presentation.In one sale instance it turned out that all I had said up to that point was virtually incorrect. Itturned out that my customer was hoping for a completely different kind of solution. Once we hadcleared the misunderstandings I retraced my steps and summarized again. This time the answerwas: “Yes, that sounds about right.”It is therefore a good idea to stop, summarize and check your customer’s reaction at regularintervals. You do not want to risk lingering too long at each step of the process, nor do you wantto haste by too quickly – in the wrong direction.After getting a positive answer to the Trial Close, you know that it is time to move on to the finalstage of the Sales Process.Moving on to the last stepJust before you ask for the order it is recommended to make a final Trial Close. All you need todo is ask:“So, now that we have discussed these problems and I have presented these solutions, and youhave verified that they are sound (you already Trial Closed after your product presentation,making sure the customer thought the advice you gave was correct). Is there anything else youwould like to add?”If the answer is “Yes” you know there are more questions to be answered, but if the answer “No,I think that is all”, all you have to do is ask for the order – and more often than not, you will getit.Action Exercise  Recall one of your meetings with a customer and write down what your Trial Closes would have sounded like. Page 24
  25. 25. How to Make Selling Easy – By Daniel M. Wood Add Trial Closes to your sales process. Prepare a Trial Close for your next meeting. Test the client at every step of the Sales Process and make sure you are on the same page. Page 25
  26. 26. How to Make Selling Easy – By Daniel M. WoodHow to Go for the CloseToo many salesmen get nervous when the time draws near to sign the contract – the moment oftruth.If this is a tough moment for you – how do you think the customers are feeling? They are theones about to sign over a bunch of money or resources to you. Customers will try to put it off aslong as possible even if they know it is the right decision. You have to be the one taking actionand make them sign now – instead of sometime in a distant future.The reason you and I are at the meeting is to make a sale, nothing else matters. If the contractdoes not get signed it is wasted time.To SummarizeIf you have done a good job during the Sales Process, you have: 1. found a qualified customer 2. booked a meeting 3. made a thorough Needs Analysis 4. presented your product as a solution to the problems at hand – using the customer’s own arguments to give weight to your offer 5. responded to all questions and objections 6. used Trial Closes to make sure you and the customer agree 7. stepped back if it turned out that there were any further questions, in order to answer them 8. used the Trial Close again.Then you will find that all you have to do is ask for a signature.Action Exercises  Take the time to study all the steps of the Sales Process.  Write a sales script that incorporates all the parts of the process in the right order.  Practice the new techniques  Try them out at least 10 times before you make a decision if it works or not. Page 26
  27. 27. How to Make Selling Easy – By Daniel M. WoodHow to Follow Up – and Keep your CustomersAs you have seen, making a sale is really not that hard. And the next step – making customerspleased – mostly comes down to not promising too much. If you exaggerate the value orefficiency of your product, your customer will be disappointed and lose confidence. It is moreefficient to give a good presentation, but to leave some space for the customer to discover thatyou have delivered more than you promised. If you have done this well, the up-sell – the nextsell to the same customer – shouldn’t be hard to obtain.You have their trustSince you have proved that you deliver – and even to a higher extent than what you havepromised – your customers know that they can trust you. In the future they will listen to you andrespect what you say. This means that it is very likely that you will be able to make a new deal.You should either keep track of when it is time for your customer to renew his or her order, oftenan improved solution or maybe you can provide them with a solution to another problem.Another way to secure continued business with a particular customer is to sign a contractcovering a longer period of time. This should be motivated by either better support service or alower price.“The same procedure as last year”The biggest and most common mistake among salesmen is to forget about the Sales Processwhen contacting a customer again. I assume they think that they already went through it all withthe customer and that it has now played out its role. Whichever the reason is – it is ruining theirchances for a new deal.Go back to the Needs AnalysisStart by making a good old Needs Analysis – as I have described it earlier in this e-book. This isyour best means to update yourself and learn what the customer’s problems are at the presenttime and to find out what is needed. If the problems have changed or the customer’s focus isdifferent – this is absolutely crucial for you to know.A quality presentationPresent the new solution and your arguments for it thoroughly and professionally. As always,make sure that the customer fully understands what you are offering.It never ceases to surprise me that so many salesmen will take the risk of skipping thepresentation when speaking to a recurring customer. They expect the customer to be so familiarwith the process that they don’t need to receive any information. You can never count on thecustomer to remember your earlier presentation. It is your job to know everything about yourproduct – not the customer.If nothing else, it can never hurt to repeat the reasons for a solution. And even if it is a recurringcustomer, chances are that something about your product has been updated or that you are tryingto sell a new solution. In that case it is smart to present it first. Page 27
  28. 28. How to Make Selling Easy – By Daniel M. WoodThere will be questionsAs usual, your customer will always have questions, even if they know you and trust you.Answer them thoroughly and move on.Ask for the close!Yes, the customer has bought before, but he or she won’t do it now if you don’t ask for the order!Keep them happyRemember to keep your customers happy. Your aim is not only for them to buy twice, you wantthem to buy hundreds of times.Action Exercises  Create a plan for how you can make your customers happy. What can you promise? Make sure you do not promise too much – you do not want to disappoint your customer. What can you do in order for them to be positively surprised by your product? What can you do to find out if your plan has worked? How can you keep in touch in a natural way?  Every time you close, make sure you follow your plan to make your customers happy. Follow every step and make them as pleased as possible.  Keep refining and improving the system after each new experience.  Remember that you have to ask for the order before you can close a deal. Page 28
  29. 29. How to Make Selling Easy – By Daniel M. Wood Repeat CustomersOnce you have made the initial sale you have the chance to bring real value to the relationshipwith your customers, value that will increase your income exponentially.Selling to a recurring customer is worth a lot. It is easier and faster to do business with someonewho knows and trusts you. You do not have to go through the whole sales pitch, present yourself,your product and your company. A repeat customer has tested your product, and obviously needsit. This will make it easier to secure larger deals.Below you will find some of the methodology and a Mindset that will help you create andsustain a good customer base.Three Things You Can do to Make Your Customers Pleased 1. Send a thank you note after a purchase. People love to get letters and if you send a note with a “thank you for the time and the nice conversation”, they will be surprised and feel a lot more positively inclined towards you and your company. Note that your message should not contain any sales message at all! And don’t thank them for the deal. Your attitude should be that selling is a way of helping your customers! 2. Optimize the use for the customer Verify that your customers know how to make the best possible use of your product or service. Make sure they know exactly how to use it so that it delivers as much value as possible. 3. Offer statistics Once the customers have tested and used your product, try to offer as much information and numbers as possible to prove that the product has made a significant difference in their working lives. This can be hard to obtain, but anything will do – just try to get some “proof” that your product has made a positive difference.A Great Opportunity to Ask for ReferralsThis is the best time to ask for referrals, when your customers are pleased and feel that you havegone above and beyond the call of duty. They will be more inclined to do the same for you.Read about getting referrals in the chapter about finding leads.Action Exercise  Analyze your promises and see if you can lower the expectations of your customers – without losing business opportunities, of course. This will make it easier for you to show them that your product had a good effect. You should always take care not to disappoint your customers.  Think of ways you can care for your customers even after the sale is made. Keep in Page 29
  30. 30. How to Make Selling Easy – By Daniel M. Wood touch, give tips, and show your appreciation in different ways. Give them opportunities to buy again. Call your customers regularly to keep up to date about how their company is developing. Page 30
  31. 31. How to Make Selling Easy – By Daniel M. Wood The Power of YOUThe last piece of the puzzle is as usual the most important. The piece that puts it all together,completes the picture and brings it into focus. The central factor, which makes your offer trulyunique – is YOU.The best asset that you can improve and refine – is YOU.The thing that will make your customers chose you instead of your competitors – is YOU.My third sales job had to do with recruitment. I worked for a job board selling ads. We had tencompetitors selling the same type of product. The only difference was that we charged twice asmuch as our competition. Other than that, the product was essentially the same.Our company sold twice as many adsOur recruiting, sales training and coaches were better than our competitor’s. That is why we soldtwice as many ads at twice the price. Our company stood out because of its sales people; the waywe presented ourselves, our products, the offers and opportunities.YOU – This is what your customers really buy.They buy you. People dont make the decision to buy on a rational basis, it is the emotionaldecision that makes the sale.My best advice to you if you want to increase your sales figures is to take a hard look at yourselfand ask “Am I a person I would like to do business with?” If not, your customers areprobably thinking the same thing.Let us now explore how you can find ways to become a person that people want to do businesswith.Two Areas to ImproveEnthusiasmWhen customers are choosing between vendors they will always find ways to engage thesalesmen they like, even if the product seems somewhat inferior.That is why the personal connection in sales is so important.You have to excel at building a good rapport with your customers and converting that rapportinto sales.The best time to sell to a customer is when they are in a good mood. When they are excitedand happy they are much more likely to buy your product.This allows us to use the “golden rule” of sales:Extreme energy rubs off! Page 31
  32. 32. How to Make Selling Easy – By Daniel M. WoodIf you come into a sales meeting glowing with energy, happiness and enthusiasm, you will noticethat before long everyone else at the meeting will be feeling the same thing. By being happy andexcited you will induce the same feelings in your customers. And this is the exact mindset youwant them in when you are going to ask for the order.AppearancesEveryone judges others by appearance, even if we don’t like to talk about it. If you dont lookand feel like someone they want to be involved with, they will find ways to avoid it. All theenthusiasm in the world cant change a really negative first impression.But if you are proactive, and use the effect of the first appearance to your advantage, you canmake sure that the first impression always is a good one.A few months back one of my senior salesmen shocked me.This particular salesman is one of our company’s best assets. He is great at connecting with hiscustomers and has a knack for doing the unexpected – in the most positive meaning of the word.What he did was more surprising than usualAt our office we have a dress code, and although this salesman usually does things that are “outof the box” he always strictly follows the dress code. For men this entails nice shoes, jeans (ornicer), a shirt and a suit jacket.When this 34 years old man came to the office after his first meeting with a customer thisparticular day, he was wearing a baseball cap (tilted to one side), a t-shirt, torn jeans andsneakers.I asked him what he was thinking.His explanation made sense:For months he had tried to make a deal with a young IT-company. He had spoken to them overthe phone several times and each time they had really connected. Finally they had booked ameeting, but when he came in his business clothes, he felt very out of place and uncomfortableamong the 20 – 22 years old employees. The atmosphere and discussion wasn’t at all as relaxedas it had been over the phone and he felt that the meeting had not gone very well.After the meeting he had tried to analyze what went wrongHe came up with an answer and decided to try it out. He managed to book a new meeting andthis time he dressed the same way they did. The atmosphere during the second meeting wascompletely different and the discussion was just as relaxed as it had been over the phone. At theend he walked away with one of his biggest deals ever.When he told me this I realized what a huge impact clothes have during a sales situation.Looking back, I realized that clothes always have been very important to my sales experience. Ido not wear a suit and tie every day; instead I have always tried to dress for the occasion. If I amgoing to meet a Vice President of a large company, I would definitely dress in a suit and tie, butif I know that I am visiting a company with a relaxed dress code I try to match their look. Page 32
  33. 33. How to Make Selling Easy – By Daniel M. WoodThis makes it is easier to bond with the customer. Both parties feel more relaxed and trusting. Wesignal to each other that we are on the same level and speak the same language.My motto is: “Never let your customers be nicer dressed than you – it makes them feel superior.But watch out – if you look too fancy you will alienate the customers instead. You are likely toget off on the wrong foot.”My safest suggestion for when you meet a customer for the first time is to go with, jeans, a niceshirt and suit jacket. That way you always look proper but not overdressed. Page 33
  34. 34. How to Make Selling Easy – By Daniel M. Wood Ten Actions That Will Make You a Better SalesmanTo round off this book I want to give you ten quick tips that will help you quickly improve yourperformance and results. Keep them with you as a cheat sheet.1. Spend more time talking to clients.A salespersons income is determined by commissions – we make money each time we get acustomer to buy our product or service. If you spend more time talking to clients, selling themnew products and renewing services, you will easily increase your income.If you spend twice as much time, you will make twice the number of sales. Easy as that!2. Improve your sales technique.If you improve your sales technique you will increase the number of customers you close.3. Improve you appearance.People buy from persons they respect. Never underestimate the impact of the first impressionyou give. During a personal meeting, the first impression is shaped by your exterior, how youlook. Make an effort to give as positive a first impression as possible.4. Find better clients.Spend time identifying your “perfect” customer and then search for companies and customerswho match your criteria as closely as possible.Even if your sales technique is extraordinary and you spend hours and hours in front of clientsevery day (see point 1 and 2) you still won’t make any sales if you are addressing the wrong kindof company. Make sure that the customers you meet are really the type of customers you wantand that they have a need for your product or service.5. Give your customers better service.It is well known that the cost, time and effort it takes to acquire a new customer far exceed thatof retaining a loyal customer.Going that extra mile for your customers and making them feel that you are there for them andthat you will do all within your powers to make them as pleased as possible, is worth the effort.The odds of them using your products again will significantly increase.6. Know your own product – but also your competitor’s.Make sure you have a complete grasp of the product or service you are offering. On top of thatspend an evening or two, or a weekend, to also read up on the products your competitors offer.Highlight the areas where you are superior. Take careful note of which areas they are better – itmight concern the price, a feature or customer service.This knowledge will give you an advantage when you meet customers. You will be able to giveclear and in depth answers about your own product – and you will also be able to makecomparisons and references to what other sellers offer. By knowing more than most about themarket you work with, it will be easy for you to argue for the value of your offer. Page 34
  35. 35. How to Make Selling Easy – By Daniel M. Wood7. Be better prepared than your competitors.Spend time thinking about (and write down) every argument your customers might have andcome up with good solid answers as to why they should choose your product instead of acompetitor’s.This way you will be fully prepared every time you talk to a customer.8. Believe in yourself and your product.Have pride in yourself and your product. When you meet a customer stand up for your productand its quality. Be honest, but don’t let anyone step on your toes. Show them that you deservetheir respect. If you do not believe in your product – why should they?9. Be the most enthusiastic salesman in the world!By spreading positive energy to everyone in the room it will be very hard for them not to feelhappy and energized when reviewing your product, which is exactly the state of mind you wantthem to be in when making the decision.10. In everything you do, go that extra mile.Spend 30 minutes extra every day at the office. Do one more sales meeting than planned, gothrough your sales technique one more time. Read yet another book about your product or aboutyour competitor’s product … and so on. If you have the strength to do the things others shy awayfrom, your success will be guaranteed. Page 35
  36. 36. How to Make Selling Easy – By Daniel M. Wood About the AuthorDaniel M. Wood works as a consultant in Sales Management, Motivation and Success. He runsthe blog There you can find advice that will help you put yourcareer on the fast track and that helps you make a more focused effort to achieve your goals.If you want to read more of Daniel’s work, take a look at his most popular articles( and subscribe to the blog, either by E-mail( or by RSS-feed ( your success! Page 36