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Hope visual story

  1. 1. HopeA Story
  2. 2. My name is Billy Pinkerton and I’m looking for Hope!Gramma told me I needed to find it and that it would helpher! I sure would like it to, Gramma’s been very sick andshe said that finding Hope will make her all better! That’swhy I set out to find Hope.I was ready to look everywhere! I had a Hope-finding kitready, with soap, rope, and a handy-dandy telescope (Ifigured, if I could find things that rhymed with Hope, I’d becloser to finding it).
  3. 3. As I walked along a street, there were a lot of people thereand none of them had shoes or socks! I’d thought that theirfeet would probably be really dirty (Luckily, I also broughtalong a pail of water, essential to any Hope-searching-forkit).“Mister, may I please wash your feet?” I asked one man.“Huh? Well, okay, I guess,” he told me.
  4. 4. So, I got to washing. His feet were really gross, but they eventually got clean. As Iwashed, he talked. He told me that he’d been homeless for the past four months andhad really missed his house. He said some people who visit him are nice, but therehave been times, he told me, when he’s been scared and worried.“Thank ya kid. Ya know, that was real nice! Feel free to come back anytime!” saidthe man.I told him, “Would you join me? I’m on a quest for Hope!’“Nah, I’m good here. You go ahead.”“No please come! I really need you here.”“I think it’s best I just stay sitting.”I figured he was just shy, so I pulled him up. When he stood up, he was smiling andsaid, “Kid, my foot’s been hurting me for 3 weeks so bad I haven’t been able tomove! And you washed my feet and now I’m better! I’ll be glad to join you!”
  5. 5. I resumed my quest, nowaccompanied by a new friend. Iheard that there’s a Spirit of Hopehospital nearby. I’d imagined thatthere’s Hope there; it’s even in thename! When we got there, we sawan old lady sitting down, and I felttired after walking around thismorning, so the man I met earlierand I sat down.“Hello! How are you?” I asked thelady.She didn’t say anything. I askedher, “Do you need something?”She nodded her head. I lookedthrough my Hope-finding kit andsaw the rope.
  6. 6. I asked her if she would like some rope and she said,suddenly, “Randy Foster hauled rope for the Navy!”The hospital staff, armed with stethoscopes andthermometers, rushed to the old lady, muttering to oneanother, “Check her vitals,” and, “Is she okay? This is thefirst time she’s spoken since November.”
  7. 7. Since she could speak now, Iasked her a question, “Do youknow where Hope is?”She pointed me in the direction ofa girl sitting in a chair. I walkedover to her while the man and thelady from before stayed behind totalk. I asked the girl, “Hope?”“If you’re asking about my name,yes, but I don’t feel too hopefulnow,” she replied.
  8. 8. I said back, “Sorry. I didn’t mean to make you feel bad. Would you like to look through mytelescope?”“Why?” she asked me.“Well,” I said, “I have one in my Hope-finding kit and I always feel happy looking throughthem. If you look at it through the skinny end,” I said as I held the skinny end of the telescopeup to her eye, “Everything looks really scary and big. Everything’s so close up; it’s hard to seepast even small things.”“But,” I said, “If you hold up the big end to your eye, everything looks far away.”She said, “That’s the wrong end isn’t it?”“Not if you want to see far away,” I tell her, “When you look through the big end, you can seeeverything. Things that looked really scary before look really little now.”
  9. 9. “Oh, that’s a metaphor!” she replied.“Huh?” I ask her.“You’re saying that I need to look at the big end of life, where thingsaren’t so scary! You’ve given me so much Hope, thank you!” she said.I said to her, “What? How did I help you find Hope if I haven’t found ityet?”“Oh, silly, you’ve found Hope already! You may not feel it, but bygiving Hope to me, you got Hope yourself!”
  10. 10. “Oh wow! Thanks! I’ve got to get going, I need to giveGramma my Hope as soon as I can!”I hugged everyone goodbye and ran home to see Gramma!Now, she and I both have lots of Hope, and we work ourhardest to spread it to others! I may feel a bit low on Hope,but I always have my new friends to keep me Hope-full!
  11. 11. The End!