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Dps testimonial video

  1. 1. Hello. There My name is Lonny Hogan and I’m an internet marketing professional and an active affiliate marketer with the direct pay system.
  2. 2. I was introduced to the direct pay system last fall as a result of a voice broadcast that I received.
  3. 3. At that the time I was already involved with a big ticket direct sales opportunity that I liked but didn’t love.
  4. 4. I liked the people. I liked the process for making money … but I didn’t like the products that the company represented.
  5. 5. They weren’t exactly terrible products, they just weren’t worth, in my opinion, what they were being sold for and that just didn’t sit right with my moral code.
  6. 6. What I liked about the direct pay system was three fold.
  7. 7. First, the process for the sales funnel was very streamlined and conducive to allowing my time to be reserved only for serious prospects.
  8. 8. Second, one feature of the direct pay system, the callback request system, was something I’d not seen before.
  9. 9. It’s a game changer for anyone who lacks either the time or the skills to follow up with people and to have an influence on them. I could see how much value it added to the business model.
  10. 10. And third, the products and services of the company were services and products I knew I could get behind.
  11. 11. My first sale with the direct pay system came about 6 weeks after my enrollment.
  12. 12. My second sale happened right about a week after that, and that’s the one that really touched me.
  13. 13. You see in the video promoting the direct pay system there was an illustration of waking up to a new sale that had happened while you slept.
  14. 14. That was pretty close to what happened to me.
  15. 15. A lead that I didn’t even realize had interest in the direct pay system, had enrolled, and sent thei full enrollment fee directly into my account without my knowledge or involvement.
  16. 16. Hearing about that kind of a thing may spark curiosity, and seeing it happen to someone else certainly serves to support trusting the system. But experiencing it first hand creates the certainty necessary to believe.
  17. 17. The direct pay system works, and I for one am very grateful to have found it.
  18. 18. M a g i c make a grand of Income