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Question seven


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Question seven

  1. 1. QUESTION SEVEN Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?
  2. 2. Back to schoolNow looking back at my school magazine front cover, I have only just realised how much I have improved since I've looked back. I think I have done a much better job with using techniques that I know now. The text is very plain with a dull background which means they don’t pop out enough. I still quite like how I have edited the photo, however I do find it a bit too dark and a boring pose. Although this is the first time using this software I believe that I have made a good first attempt of a magazine
  3. 3. Back to school The same with my contents page: If I had the techniques back then I would have created something to standard with my music magazine contents page. The layout of this look ok but also looks to immature for my target audience. This means it has this non professional look, making it look bad. An example of this is that I have taken the photo in a landscape view rather than portrait, this has caused me to stretch the photo because it looks bad. However with the new skills and techniques I have acquired I wouldn’t make a silly mistake like that again.
  4. 4. With direct comparison, you can see just how much progress I have made. I have kept some similar features such as having one main images, the positioning of most of the text. However I have used many more techniques such as replace colour and used the liquefy tool. Also I have used the brightens tool to make it look like my music magazine has a spot light on him. With both of the cover pages I have readable and well spaced out text. Front covers: Here I have included special events which are happening and lots of stuff on my cover to make this look busy and interesting. Unlike my school magazine , the title has a unique look( the brand is what differentiates the magazine) My music magazine ‘Triplemmm’ ,looks very interesting and professional. Since my school magazine I have learnt how to make text bold with the stroke tool and also how to use several layers to make the composition fun and more appealing to my target audience. The layout of the magazine is simple and easily to read as I found out this is what my target audience wants in my background research.
  5. 5. Contents pages:Again, seeing these two next to one another allows me to see the mature and unique progression I have made. I have changed the layout quite a lot but still have the main single figure, showing the main story. My school magazine looks very boring and generic. I have barely edited the main image and only played around with the text, also the background is slightly blurry due to me taking a landscape photo not portrait. As you can see the title of my music magazine looks more attention- grabbing than my school magazine, this is because my music magazine title stands out and is in contrast with the background colour where as on my school magazine I have a green title with a green background which doesn’t contrast each other. Unlike the school contents page I have used layers! This has allowed me to make an exciting contents page which would interest my target audience, 18-24 year olds. Despite only having one main picture I think this makes it easier for my target audience to establish what the main story is as this is the main image. I have used other images to advertised the rest of my magazine. These are smaller images because they aren’t the main story.
  6. 6. How these improvements have affected the outcome of my double page spread As I created my double page spread last, I have knowledge since designing my school mag’s FC. This has allowed me to make the most dynamic and creative piece of work. With the use of Photoshop Cs6 and Adobe InDesign I have made a simple but yet sophisticated and eye catching double spread which is ideal for my target audience 18-24 year olds. I designed my double page spread like this because this is a simple layout which isn’t over created, allowing the audience to read the main story and enjoy it. I have used a similar colour theme through my music magazine of black; red and white.
  7. 7. To conclude… On the whole I have learnt how to properly use software such as Photoshop and InDesign. Also I have progressed in the way I use the effects to convey my work. Personally I think that my designs have matured and become more distinctive than the generic music magazine. This is because of the target market I am aiming my magazine at, no one else has targeted them giving me a niche market. In addition I have used many other technologies ( which I have never used before) to present my evaluations.