Top Six Reasons For Hair Transplant in Turkey


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Hair loss affects millions of people around the world. Those who suffer from hair loss try different products to solve their problem but most fail to do so. The only permanent solution for hair loss is hair transplant procedure.

Hair transplant can be costly, though. Therefore, many choose to go ahead with hair transplant abroad due to affordable prices.

Longevita has been working for absolute patient satisfaction when it comes to hair transplant abroad. With its excellent patient services, competitive prices, experienced & talented surgeons and quality hair transplant clinics, Longevita is the number one choice of people seeking quality hair transplant in Turkey.

For more information about hair transplant in Turkey, you may visit

Longevita can be contacted at

You may also call our call centre at +44 845 5198 948 in UK and at +90 232 3643 480 in Turkey.

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Top Six Reasons For Hair Transplant in Turkey

  1. 1. Six Reasons that You Should Choose Longevita For Your Hair Transplant in Turkey
  2. 2. 1- Excellent Patient Service  Private limited company registered both in England & Wales and in Turkey  Offices in Istanbul and Izmir  Affordable and quality private medical procedures by specialist doctors  Internationally certified healthcare providers  Widest footprint of private surgeons across Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya  Focus on Dentistry, Eye Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery and Hair Transplantation  Awarded 5 Star Treatment and %100 Customer Satisfaction by medical tourism portals
  3. 3. 2- Competitive Prices  Prices negotiated with hundreds of private healthcare providers  Best possible price discovered after strict negotiations with surgeons on your behalf  Up to 80% savings on UK treatment prices  Free flights provided for hair transplant in Turkey
  4. 4. 3- Experienced Surgeons  Best hair transplant surgeons in Turkey with degrees from top medical schools  Leading plastic surgeons  with artistic ability and extensive experience in hair transplant  with years of experience in treating international patients  recognized by leading international professional associations such as ISHRS
  5. 5. 4- Maximum Grafts  Maximum number of grafts in a single hair transplantation session at a fixed price  The highest number of grafts available extracted from the donor area and transplanted onto the balding areas  The most natural look and the highest hair density possible in an eight-hour session  PRP therapy included to stimulate hair growth, promote healing, accelerate the rate and degree of regeneration
  6. 6. 5- Free Corrective Surgery  Dedicated patient services team for absolute patient satisfaction  Post-op process followed by patient services team  Free corrective surgery offered although unlikely that corrective surgery will ever be needed
  7. 7. 5- Approved by the Government  Approved by the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Turkey.  Contribution to Turkish Government’s efforts in promoting medical travel to Turkey.  Funded by the government for medical tourism activities.
  8. 8. +44 845 5198 948 Skype: Longevita-UK Facebook: Follow us on Social Media: