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Radian6 Overview


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Provide a great overview of Radian6 technoloy/services and a excellent social enterprise Playbook.

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Radian6 Overview

  1. 1. Radian6 overview<br />
  2. 2. | agenda<br /><ul><li> Company Overview
  3. 3. Customer Direction
  4. 4. Why Radian6
  5. 5. Additional Resources</li></li></ul><li>| Corporate Highlights<br />Accomplished Management Team<br /><ul><li> 75+ years of combined experience in start-ups, growth stage and global corporations
  6. 6. Q1 Labs, iMagicTV, NCompass Labs, Fulcrum Technologies, Microsoft, Alcatel</li></ul>Strong, VC-backed Financing <br /><ul><li>Summerhill Ventures, BrightSpark Ventures, Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)
  7. 7. $4M Series A round in April 2007, $6.5M Series B in December 2008
  8. 8. Profitable</li></ul>Over 220 Employees: <br /><ul><li> 100% focused on social media</li></ul>Strong Growth:<br /><ul><li> Strong growth since Market Entry in November 2007
  9. 9. 2,000+ customers
  10. 10. 48 of the Fortune 100</li></ul>Radian6 founded in April, 2006<br />
  11. 11. | customer direction<br />Three phases of an end to end program.<br />Listening: Discovering real-time, relevant, impactful conversations.<br />Measuring: Monitoring, analyzing and tracking those conversations.<br />Engaging: Social campaigns and active dialog with customers and tracking, tagging, archiving comments for further use<br />
  12. 12. | single integrated platform<br />
  13. 13. | Why Radian6?<br />Most comprehensive data coverage<br />Self-serve, Real-time, Intuitive Interface<br />Online Engagement Workflow Mgmt<br />Social Media Metrics<br />Globalized<br /><ul><li>Web based and Desktop solutions for full engagement and outreach tracking
  14. 14. Participation assignments, tracking, audit trails, workflow management
  15. 15. Source tags, added to the system, can now be used to slice and dice in the UI
  16. 16. Segmenting is multi-level
  17. 17. Users can setup topics to track and be viewing/analyzing results in a matter of a couple of minutes
  18. 18. Data delivered to the dashboard in real-time as it is discovered and indexed
  19. 19. Configurable, Transparent Influence Model
  20. 20. Real-time alerts and automated dashboard reports
  21. 21. Comments, views, engagement, topical in-bound links,
  22. 22. bookmarks, digg votes, Reditt
  23. 23. twitter metrics, forum thread size
  24. 24. Facebook Likes
  25. 25. site traffic metrics
  26. 26. Web Analytics- Site Visitors - Conversions - Time on site
  27. 27. Support for 15 languages, keywords, content and sources. (English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, simplified Chinese, Korean, Russian Finnish, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and Portuguese)
  28. 28. Ability to easily filter content by both language and geography
  29. 29. All blogs (over 150 million)
  30. 30. Forums(tens of thousands)
  31. 31. Online mainstream news (over 25 thousand)
  32. 32. Top rich media sites (over 500)
  33. 33. Comments
  34. 34. Microblogging- Twitter - Friendfeed
  35. 35. Linkedin Answers
  36. 36. Facebook
  37. 37. Google Buzz</li></li></ul><li>| Ease of integration<br /><ul><li>Radian6 proactively pursues integrations between its platform and existing enterprise platforms
  38. 38. In addition, Radian6 has a complete API available to partners that allows for custom integrations</li></ul>Radian6 supports existing enterprise systems like no other social media monitoring company in the market<br />Sample of companies building integrations with Radian6:<br />Radian6 currently integrates with:<br />
  39. 39. | strong offering = Success<br />Strong product and integration capabilitiespositions Radian6 as the market leader, validated by independent sources such as Forrester<br />The Radian6 capabilities have made it the natural choice for over 2,000 mid-to-large enterprise customers including 48% of the Fortune 500; in the US & Canada as well as internationally<br />Source: Forrester Wave: Listening Platforms, Q3 '10<br />To get your free copy of the Wave report please go to:<br />
  40. 40. | social enterprise<br />Traffic<br />Coordinator<br />Traffic<br />Coordinator<br />Responder<br />Brand Conversations<br />Executive<br />And <br />Management<br />Professional<br />Services<br />Product<br />Teams<br />Tactical Reporting & Analysis<br />Sales and<br />Marketing<br />Customer <br />Service<br />Responder<br />Responder<br />Communications<br />And Public<br />Relations<br />Community<br />Relations<br />Operations<br />Responder<br />Represents<br />Managed Services & Reporting<br />Traffic<br />Coordinator<br />Traffic<br />Coordinator<br />
  41. 41. | social enterprise playbook<br />Social Enterprise Playbook<br />Listen<br />Tag<br />Respond<br /> Forward<br />Product<br />Mgmt.<br />Thank you.<br />Advocate, <br />Reference<br />Compliments<br /> Corporate<br />& Product<br />Mentions<br />Support<br />As case.<br />Complaints<br />You have<br />been heard.<br />Complaint<br />Sales or Department<br />responsible<br />Prospect,<br />Customer<br />You have<br />been heard.<br />Inquiries<br />Point of Need<br />Keywords<br />Evaluate<br />Classify<br />Discover<br />Influencer<br />-related<br />Assign<br />Audit<br />n/a<br />PR Outreach<br />Follow-up (open assignments requiring re-assignment)<br />Influencer<br />Industry<br />Conversations<br />Sales or<br />Lead gen.<br />Buying <br />Intent<br />Prospect,<br />Lead<br />Refer to <br />Fans link.<br />Invite to your community<br />Topic<br />Industry<br />-related<br />Product<br />Mgmt.<br />Influencer<br />Conversations<br />Campaign<br />Name<br />Campaigns<br />& Launches<br />n/a<br />Marketing &<br />PR<br />End-to-end Engagement Reporting<br />
  42. 42. | rules engine<br />
  43. 43. | taking social across the enterprise<br />Content Asset Management<br />Media Monitoring & Analysis<br />Social CRM<br />(CRM & CIM/Contact Center<br />Enterprise Social Software<br />Enterprise Marketing & PR Platforms<br />Web <br />Analytics & <br />BI<br />Online Advertising<br />API<br />Radian6 Monitoring, Analysis and Engagement Platform<br />Open Metrics Framework<br />
  44. 44. | insights<br />
  45. 45. | use cases<br /><br />Examples:<br /><ul><li> Crisis Management
  46. 46. The Lifecycle of Buzz
  47. 47. Uncovering Influencers
  48. 48. Benchmark the Competition
  49. 49. 360 Degrees of Your Brand
  50. 50. Capture Industry Trends
  51. 51. Social Meets Web Analytics
  52. 52. Sales and Lead Generation
  53. 53. Create a Listening Grid
  54. 54. Measure Community Engagement
  55. 55. Customer Service Outreach
  56. 56. Make a Case for Social Media
  57. 57. Find your Brand Evangelists
  58. 58. Listen When No One’s Talking</li></li></ul><li>For more information, please contact:<br />Jon Robertson<br />506.452.9108<br /><br />