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Leading Diversity


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Leading Diversity: A framework for HR policy

Published in: Career, Business
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Leading Diversity

  1. 1. Leading diversity Long Litt Woon © 2009 Long & Olsen,,
  2. 2. Individual, group and organisational perspectives • We are all unique individuals • We belong to different groups • It is good for business to take these basic facts into account © 2009 Long & Olsen,,
  3. 3. Diversity policy and practice; a quick diagnosis 1) Cannot imagine that discrimination 8) Diversity as a strategic is an issue difference. Being known 6) Develop plan for one’s active diversity 2) Fun to have for increased policy. ACHIEVING. diversity 4) Collect statistics, diversity. REVIEWING. ”mascots” map challenges, OBJECTIVES. produce business case. ASSESSMENT. 7) Implement plan 3) Compliance with legal duties and MONITOR. requirements 5) Understand strategic advantages of having a diversity perspective. With inspirasion from Trevor Wilson, The Trinity Group Increased diversity as a og Equality Standard Structure, UK. business strategy. COMMITMENT. © 2009 Long & Olsen,,
  4. 4. Policy measures need to be directed at three levels Room for diversity (organisasjon) Equal opportunity (group) Anti discrimation (individual) © 2009 Long & Olsen,,
  5. 5. Anti discrimation policy provides protection to individuals A clear anti discrimination policy is fundamental © 2009 Long & Olsen,,
  6. 6. Equal opportunities for groups Remove barriers for relevant groups © 2009 Long & Olsen,,
  7. 7. Room for diversity throughout the organisation Create room for all to do their best © 2009 Long & Olsen,,
  8. 8. ”Diversity is not about them It is about us” © 2009 Long & Olsen,,
  9. 9. Would you like to know more? Contact me! © 2009 Long & Olsen,,