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Facilitation Skills


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Course in facilitation skills for consultants

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Facilitation Skills

  1. 1. Workshop Facilitation Skills for Consultants Long Litt Woon © 2009,
  2. 2. Workshop nightmare What is the worst thing that can happen when running a workshop? © 2009,
  3. 3. Course goals Increase workshop facilitation skills by learning • Workshop Design • Fundamental facilitation skills and techniques • Common pitfalls and critical success factors • How to handle challenging situations like – Dominating/shy participants – Running out of time – Lack of interest. Bored participants – ”Sabotage” etc. © 2009,
  4. 4. Workshop Design: an instrument for change “Process” Ready to commit to change Increased motivation Expectation management. Resistance. “Substance” Knowledge of What does this mean What shall we do? relevant topics for us? © 2009,
  5. 5. A facilitator’s handluggage Solution solving techiniques Communication skills Meeting Creativity planning skills Role understanding Understanding of group dynamics Insight into conflict dynamics and resolution Presentation Self understanding skills Balancing process and substance © 2009,
  6. 6. Other course elements Time management Pitfalls Critical success factors Energizers Review The gift of feedback Icebreakers © 2009,
  7. 7. Want to know more? Contact me Cell: +47 4827 0107 © 2009,