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Mono Game by Dominique Louis & Dean Ellis @ just eat


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MonoGame is free software used by game developers to make their Windows and Windows Phone games run on other systems. It currently supports Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android, PlayStation Mobile, and the OUYA console. It implements the Microsoft XNA 4 Application programming interface.

It has been used for several bestselling games, including Bastion and Fez.

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Mono Game by Dominique Louis & Dean Ellis @ just eat

  1. 1. Multiplatform Open Source Game Development with Dominique Louis, Dean Ellis
  2. 2. Dominique Louis (@SoftSavage) ●Doing Open Source for many years oDelphi  JEDI-SDL bindings  DirectX bindings ●Worked on a couple of commercial games oSiege of Avalon (Now OpenSource - port to C#??) oHero X ●Ran with Dean way back when (last century) ●Played with XNA back in 2007, MonoGame since Dec, 2009 ●Hoping to complete my first half-ironman (Mallorca) in May 2015 ●Works on the Profiler Team at Xamarin
  3. 3. Dean Ellis (@InfSpaceStudios) ●Worked on OpenSource projects oJEDI-SDL oDelphi DirectX oMoonlight oMonoGame ●Works on the Android Team at Xamarin.
  4. 4. XNA is Serious Business! Bastion, 500k+ sold Magicka, 1.1m+ sold 1m+ sold
  5. 5. Gaming is Big Business! ●Customers spend more time and money on games than other types of apps. ●Types of Game oFreemium(largest share) oAction(quick buck) oStrategy(long term) oSimulation(second largest) ●Find your NICHE(grow your fanbase)
  6. 6. Gaming is Big Business! ●Examples oPuzzles and Dragons oClash of Clans oFlappy Bird oInfinite Flight
  7. 7. What was this XNA thing ●Microsoft Game API oSupports Windows/XBox360/Zune/Windows Phone 7 oDirectX9 oC# ●Free Development Tools ●Supported o2D/3D oNetworking oSound
  8. 8. What is MonoGame? ●Open Source implementation of XNA 4.0 API oOpenGL, OpenTK, OpenAL, DirectX ●Multi-Platform Game Development ●Write Once, Play Everywhere.
  9. 9. What Platforms? ●iOS ●Android oOUYA ●MacOS ●Linux(lagging) ●Windows o8 and RT (DirectX) oOpenGL ●Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 ●PS4
  10. 10. On the Various App Stores
  11. 11. What can MonoGame do? ●2D/3D Graphics ●Custom Effects (HLSL) ●XNA Content Files(*.xnb) ●Networking (Lidgren) ●Sound/Music(via OpenAL) ●XACT (proprietary audio by Microsoft)
  12. 12. What can MonoGame do? ●Video Playback oas per platform ●Native asset loading as well as CP opng/jpeg/gif/tiff/pdf owav/mpeg ●Input oGamepad on Window/Linux/MacOS oGestures on iOS/Android
  13. 13. The Content Pipeline ●No longer needs XNA ●Windows with Mac on the way
  14. 14. The Content Pipeline Demo
  15. 15. Why use MonoGame? ●OpenSource oNo smoke and mirrors ●You have full control oFork and customise oWork the way you want, not the way you are told to. ●Huge Code reuse, due to similar UI on all platforms(Hitcents say 95%!)
  16. 16. The Future API Content Pipeline for Mac/Linux Extend the API Platforms WebGL Xbox One? Nintendo?
  17. 17. Questions ?? (News and Discussions) Twitter: @MonoGameTeam