Alternative investment services


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Our team of experienced researchers and professional analysts at London Commodity Markets are specialists in the alternative investments market.

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Alternative investment services

  1. 1. London Commodity Markets • Portfolio Management • First Time Investors• Research & Due Diligence
  2. 2. Portfolio Management Service Our team of experienced researchers and professional analysts at London Commodity Markets are specialists in the alternative investments market, which include rare earth elements, agricultural commodities trading, precious metals trading, rare earth metal investments, and even if you are looking to trade crude oil.Due to our experienced researchers and analysts at London CommodityMarkets, we can provide the perfect portfolio management service yourequire when it comes to alternative investments.This makes it possible for London Commodity Markets to provide animpartial portfolio management service to our clients in order to meet thepre-agreed criteria for your investment goals and maximise returns on youralternative investments, whether it be rare earthmetals, precious metals, agricultural commodities,trading rare earth elements or crude oil.Our portfolio managers are experts in thealternative investments market, and committed toproviding an exceptional service tailored to therequirements of each individual investor, whetherinstitutional or private, whilst ensuring absoluteconfidentiality and minimal risk.
  3. 3. First Time InvestorsAs a first time investor in the commoditiesmarket, you will have no doubt visiteddozens of websites, many of which willhave contradicted each other, and you willhave felt none the wiser for your troubles.As a global leader in trading the commoditiesmarket, we at London Commodity Marketsunderstand that the commodities market canbe extremely complicated, and thus all ourprocedures are designed to keep clear andsimple lines of communication open withall our clients.If you are a first time investor, the prospect of finding out with any degree of certainty who you can trust when it comes to trading on the commodities market can be extremely daunting. For sound, simple, no-nonsense advice you can trust, contact London Commodity Markets now, and one of our specialist representatives who understands the commodities market as well as the needs of the first time investor, will be in touch to explain the many lucrative options which are available to you now.
  4. 4. Research and Due Diligence London Commodity Markets take great pride in ensuring our clients are provided with the full picture before they make any decisions on their alternative investments via extensive research and a stringent due diligence process. All our research is submitted for 3rd party invigilation in order to be 100 per cent certain all the information is impartial and above all, accurate.Our mission is to deliver comprehensive, precise proposals and ideas onalternative investments to our clients.Proposals for all alternative investments arealways built on firm foundations set by the criteriaoutlined by the client and the analysis of ourin-house seasoned professionals.Our stringent controls during the informationgathering and data analysis process is why LondonCommodity Markets is considered today a worldleader in rare earth metal investments and thealternative investments market.
  5. 5. London Commodity Markets are here first and foremost to listen to,and understand our clients, so as to deliver high returns on alternativeinvestments such as rare earth metal investments, crude oil, preciousmetals, rare earth elements and agricultural commodities with low risk.That’s why we are London’s Leading Alternative Investment AdvisoryLondon Commodity MarketsHEAD OFFICECitibank Tower25 Canada SquareCanary WharfLondon E14 5LQT: 00 44 (0) 203 514 6000F: 00 44 (0) 203 514