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Father and son retreat 2016 report


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Father and son retreat 2016 report, by Franklyn

Published in: Spiritual
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Father and son retreat 2016 report

  1. 1. FATHER and SON RETREAT 2016 The weekend of April 9, 2016 saw 137 fathers and their sons (5-10 years old) representing many of our UK churches gather at the UK Scouts Head Quarters, Gilwell Park in London. Titled “The Awakening of the Force”, the Star-Wars theme weekend resonated well with both lads and dads, and provided a good hook for some great conversations, Bible devotionals and skits about big life questions. In Star Wars the goal was to raise up Jedi so good would defeat evil. For our weekend retreat, the idea was for the dads to be great examples of imitating God, their father, so as to provide a legacy for our sons (modern day Jedi) to follow. A big thank you to all who played a part to make it memorable for both lads and dads and God willing, we will do it all again in Spring 2017!!! Father & Son 2016! The lads & dads came and felt the FORCE!!!
  2. 2. FATHER and SON RETREAT 2016