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Ontario SEO - London Bridge Network


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The presentation from Ontario SEO at the March 1st, 2015 London Bridge Network Event.

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Ontario SEO - London Bridge Network

  1. 1. Targeted Internet Marketing
  2. 2. It’s a pivotal component of any marketing strategy. We maximize the online presence For companies of all sizes Higher rankings Better leads and More conversions SEO ISN'T OPTIONAL ANY MORE
  3. 3. Located In London's Old East Village. Ontario SEO is an online marketing agency located in London's Old East Village. Our team members specialize in SEO, SEM, strategy, analytics, content marketing, website development, social media marketing and much more. We offer our clients Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services that generate results and help search engines like Google and Bing find them online. Our number one priority is offering our clients the services that will help them target and attract the traffic that will build their client base and increase their bottom line.
  4. 4. We Focus On The Moments It takes many touchpoints, across multiple devices, to connect with a customer, find a quality lead or make a sale. How do you know the right message to deliver at each point in that journey? How do you ensure that your investments are working and that you’re not wasting money and resources?
  5. 5. Measure Everything! Don’t wait until after you’ve run your campaign to think about measurement. • Focus on your true business objectives Make sure your KPIs are in line with the real problems that you’re trying to solve. • Measure customers, not just transactions Measure long-term customer value instead of pure revenue, and look at which channels bring you your best customers. • Attribute value across the whole customer journey Understand what your customer journey looks like, and think holistically about your marketing. • Prove the incremental impact of your marketing spend Identify vital channels and new opportunities—then experiment to prove the value of your efforts (and stop what’s not working).
  6. 6. Our Services Local SEO We play in traffic so you don't have to! Your website needs local traffic, and we have the tactics and experience to help you find it. AdWords Is your PPC campaign working for you? Our PPC experts can maximize your ROI and drive more conversions on your website. Website Analytics What is your website telling you? Website analytics are not just about reporting but about actionable analysis of user behaviour and demographics. Website Audit Is your website achieving its potential? Our comprehensive audit can identify technical issues that may be interfering with your search engine rankings.
  7. 7. Our Services Consulting Is your website achieving its potential? We can provide you with the support and guidance to develop an effective online strategy to ensure the long term growth of your business Optimized Content Creation Does your content engage your customers? Our in-house content team creates unique, targeted content to improve both user engagement and search rankings. Social Media Are you connecting with your audience? Our in-house social media strategists can help you reach your audience across all channels. Technical Are you keeping up with the changing digital world?” We specialize in technical SEO and pride ourselves on being ahead of the always-changing world of search engine optimization and digital marketing.
  8. 8. We Are Local We are pleased to work with local businesses, organizations, and networking groups to help our community grow!!
  9. 9. KIM ATKINSON 519-601-OSEO @kimatoseo WAYNE ATKINSON 519-601-OSEO