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London Bridge Network - London Small Business Centre


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The presentation by Steve Pellarin from London Small Business Centre at the February 2016 London Bridge Network event.

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London Bridge Network - London Small Business Centre

  1. 1. Our Mission: "To stimulate, promote and support the entrepreneurial spirit, start-up and early growth of small business to actively contribute to the economic development of London."
  2. 2. Three Service Streams • Entrepreneurial Services • Entrepreneurial Programs • Community Engagement
  3. 3. Entrepreneurial Services Small Business Centres offer a full array of services designed to assist entrepreneurs in the planning, start up and early growth stages of business: • Free consultations • Seminars and workshops • Networking opportunities • Information Resources
  4. 4. Entrepreneurial Programs • Structured training and mentoring with a high level of accountability and possibility of financial support. • Individual must meet gov’t eligibility requirements to participate, often based on demographic criteria and unemployment status. • Individual must meet SBC criteria, based on suitability and business viability. • Collectively 125-150 businesses will launch each year, with the assistance of government sponsored programs. More than 400 will apply.
  5. 5. Community Engagement • Promote entrepreneurship within our schools and community organizations. >30 outreach presentations per year. • Actively engage the business community as mentors to new business owners. • We connect people! Each year we engage over 70 volunteers and leverage more than 800 volunteer hours!
  6. 6. Community Capacity Building • Entrepreneurial Climate Study – contacted 1500 random households to better understand people’s attitudes and propensity towards entrepreneurship; motivators and barriers. Led by SBC it included 8 regional partners. • Entrepreneur Insight Panel – A private sector partnership to create a “consumer panel” for ongoing research.
  7. 7. Our Clients • 33% are in the “investigation” stage • 54% are in the start-up stage • 12% are existing businesses • 31% are under the age of 30 • 51% are between the ages of 30-50 * Based on status at point of initial contact
  8. 8. By the numbers…annually • Conduct more than 2500 consultations • Facilitate over 800 hours of workshops • Assist in the development of 400 feasibility plans
  9. 9. Annual Economic Impact • Assist over 200 unemployed individuals to find work through self employment. • Actively contribute to the start-up or growth of 300 businesses. • Directly impact the creation of more than 380 jobs.