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London Assembly Tackling FGM Conference (Education)


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Presentation from Louise Browning, Headteacher at Norbury School in Harrow.

Published in: Education
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London Assembly Tackling FGM Conference (Education)

  1. 1. BASICS  Attendance  Absences  Holiday Requests  Known family information  Trends in behaviour  Trends in achievement  Child Protection Policy
  2. 2. NORBURY – FGM AWARENESS  Child Protection Policy*  NSPCC – PANTS programme Nursery – year6  FGM Education programme Yr3 – 6  FGM Education focus group  FGM training for over 20 schools in Harrow, 45 heads in Ealing & Multi-agency in Newham  UNICEF Rights of the Child
  3. 3. PARENTS  No pupils excluded from FGM Awareness lessons  Parents supportive  Parents shocked FGM is happening…  Procedures transparent, not victimised  Unhappy, though accepting when challenged
  4. 4. “I wasn’t happy & questioned why this was happening to my family. But the school talked me through it, so did the Social worker & the police were great. I am just cross at being questioned; embarrassed…”
  5. 5. CHALLENGES  Tricky conversations  Do use scientific words for genitals  Make your policy & procedures known  Make your stance ‘non-judgemental’ yet strong  Schools can feel like the ‘poor relation’ to Children's’ services & the police…
  6. 6. MAKE THE CHANGE TODAY  All schools have PANTs or similar programme from Nursery*  Training part of annual plan  Know community which you serve  All schools to know their Link Officer  All schools ready for 'difficult conversations’  Ofsted more aware of the key trends in communities schools serve  Attendance & reasons monitored prior to/post holidays  Adverts key places in schools, libraries to keep raising awareness  WORKING with your community; support network
  7. 7. RESOURCES  Created our own with our multi-agency, community focus group  Created a film to empower other schools to be BRAVE  Local Woman’s centre  NHS Resource Directory  Barnado’s  Local Mosque  Working & training in others schools; improved our delivery  Professional, trusted relationships with police, childrens’ services
  8. 8. SUMMARY
  9. 9. SUCCESSES  Key team at the Core  Multi-agency Working Party  25/48 schools in London Borough of Harrow  Ealing, Brent, Newham,  Home Office Case Study  UCL Platinum Award for CPD  Working with Met Police: project Azure  Working with Bristol on primary school project
  10. 10. NEXT STEPS  Secondary School: Sisterhood project  Working across 10 boroughs bringing training (Barnardo's)  All schools in London run the PANTS programme  All schools in London have the designated FGM lessons  All schools to know & support UNICEF Rights of the Child